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  1. I bought my wife (Firekisses) a copy of the first album we listened to when we first met in person.
  2. Tres cool indeed!! B)
  3. 8 months down the line and I haven't seen a single horror movie that doesn't even deserve to lick the heels of A L'Interieur. I've seen the classic Ils some time ago. It's an awesome, awesome movie, but it's nothing compared to A L'Interieur, and that's saying a lot! I'm absolutely sure A L'Interieur is the single best horror movie of all time!!
  4. I'm glad that old grey mouse didn't win the election. That would've been 4 more years of Bush. Now it's time to clean up the mess left by an imbecile person.
  5. There's only one Perfect Rock Song... Frank Zappa - Yo Mama The rest keeps respectable distance, imho
  6. I see too many old names in this thread while it deals about today artists... Here are some that (I'm sure) are underrated on this board: The Sound (old band, always have been underrated) Feist TV On The Radio Iron & Wine Moke The Do My Morning Jacket
  7. I love Zep but hate Kingdom Come. Does that help?
  8. Classical case of the rich becoming richer, the poor becoming poorer.
  9. Album of 2008: Meshuggah - ObZen.
  10. Finally ordered this killer EP! Next month in Amsterdam I'll buy ObZen.