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  1. I agree that it's got to be difficult to record a show that has such long songs in it, but why leave out Black Dog? It's early in the show, well before any tape change would have been an issue, and it sits between SIBLY and Dazed, which were both recorded. There are also other soundboards from earlier in 1971 that include it (e.g. Orlando.) Based on that, leaving it out seems more like a money grab than the result of some technical problem.
  2. It is confusing. And how do they have SIBLY and Dazed but not Black Dog? I get the feeling all the missing stuff will show up on some future "The Complete How The East Was Won" release for the low price of one mortgage payment.
  3. Just in from Japan: Led Zeppelin - 9/29/71 Osaka, Japan - Previously Unreleased Soundboard - Empress Valley Label. The Soundboard Revolution Series proudly presents for the very First and Only time anywhere the Legendary, Authentic Perfect Stereo Soundboard from 9/29/71 Osaka! This show has previously only ever been available as a fake soundboard release!! The following editions of this Ultra Rare Set are due for release on or about the 47th Anniversary of the show;" Ultimate Royal “OH-SHOW” Promo Collector's Edition - (9/29/71 SB & AUD Source) - 100 Numbered Copies Only!! This 5 CD Mega Rare Box with Obi includes both the previously unreleased Authentic Perfect Stereo Soundboard source plus as a special bonus the original EVSD Audience source to provide two completely different listening perspectives for this awesome show! Each CD set is housed in special paper cases inside an exquisite Ultra Ltd Ed box. $300 With Shipping Extremely Ltd Ed Geisha Box Set - 200 Copies Only!! This 2 CD Exclusive Box with Obi features the previously unreleased Authentic Perfect Stereo Soundboard source with Ltd Ed Commemorative Japanese Woodblock Art Print Covers. The CD set is housed in special paper cases with obis. The set is enclosed in an exquisite Ltd Ed box. $220 + Ship How the East Was Won Ltd Ed Box Set - This 2 CD Exclusive Box with Obi features the previously unreleased Authentic Perfect Stereo Soundboard source. The CD set is housed in special paper cases with obis. The set is enclosed in an exquisite Ltd Ed box. $185 + Ship
  4. SteveZ98


    One of my favorite things to do is read reminiscences of Zep concerts by people who attended them. One in particular sticks out. The person saw one of the '77 shows. He said the transition from the end of Jimmy's solo to the beginning of Achilles was the most stunning thing he ever saw in the 100 or so concerts he attended. This version from 5/22/77 made me think of how great it must have been to see that; the laser pyramid spinning around Jimmy in his dragon suit, him playing some seemingly random notes, "what song is this?", and then the blinding white lights as they launch into Achilles. Man, how I wish I got to see them live.
  5. I am not sure why they do it. One possible explanation is that they bought into the "loudness wars" and believe that the louder something is, the better it sounds. Another is that they promised whoever they got the tape from that they would compress it heavily so it doesn't sound as good as the version the original person has. It would let that person make some money but still have bragging rights to a better version of the tape. Or they could be intentionally "damaging" this version so they can sell a future version of the show that sounds better (i.e. is not an overly compressed mess.) Because the soundboard is supposed to come out soon, and there are rumors of the band releasing a multi-track version, that seems unlikely. And the last one is that they just have no clue what they are doing. To me, that seems to be the least likely explanation. They've been at this a long time and using too much compression is a known issue that anyone who deals with audio on any sort of regular basis is aware of. It's too obvious of a mistake to make if you any clue what you're doing, which they should by now given how many shows they've released. I do have tools to uncompress songs. I've done that kind of thing for my own amusement in the past. However, I don't think it's worth the effort this time, even though it's a Mr. Peach recording. For one thing, it's incomplete. For another, there are plenty of other better versions of this show from different sources. But mainly because the soundboard seems like it will be the definitive statement on this show, at least until the band releases the multi-tracks officially. (Please, please let that dream come true )
  6. A song like SIBLY has parts that are loud and parts that are soft. Heavily compressing it like T2K did removes the differences between the soft and loud sounds by making everything loud. That robs the music of a much of its life. By way of contrast, here's what SIBLY from the official version of the O2 show looks like. As you can see on the right side of the image, there are still differences in volume during the finale, even though the instruments are all being played loudly. Even then, there are still contrasts that help lend interest to the music. In the T2K version, everything is essentially the same volume because the compression was cranked up so high, and although the T2K version may not sound distorted or otherwise "wrong", the lack of contrasts will make it a lot less interesting than it would otherwise have been. The good news is that it's possible to undo much of the damage. However, it's ridiculous that anyone has to do that because T2K shouldn't have compressed the songs so much to begin with, especially at the prices they charge.
  7. I downloaded SIBLY off Black Beauty and took a look at it in an audio editor. It is the most horribly compressed recording I have ever seen. Seriously, you would have to go out of your way to screw something up this badly. EV is not known for their terrific mastering, but this is just awful. I also took a look at Black Dog and it's just as bad, so it's not like they only did this to one song.
  8. Maybe someone asked a question Seriously though, I hope this isn't delayed. I've been looking forward to it since the announcement came out.
  9. SteveZ98

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    I don't know if it's the worst one ever, but the version of IMTOD from May 22, 1977 is very strange. About 30 seconds in, they just stop playing. I don't recall them ever doing that before. Robert blames "clouds on the stage". About 20 seconds later they start up again and everything goes well until just after Robert's "My Jesus" solo. As the band returns, Jimmy completely loses his way. It sounds like he's a teenager at a jam session whose never heard the song before and he's trying to play it while someone calls out the chords to him. Very, very weird. He continues on that way for about 30 seconds, then gets back in the groove and they finish up without further incident. I'd love to have a video of this show to see what caused the problems, particularly the stop at the beginning. Abandoning a performance mid-song is pretty much the cardinal sin of live music. And they all cease playing at the same time, so one of them must have given the "we're not gonna make it" sign. It didn't sound like a broken string or anything technical, so I can't imagine what made them decide to stop.
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  11. SteveZ98

    Deluxe Editions: CDs vs HD files

    HDTracks has a 15% off sale this weekend. Use code HDAUG31 at checkout. If it matters, I don't make any money if you use that code.
  12. Agreed. Assuming it's reasonably complete and the rest of it sounds like the samples we've heard so far, this bootleg looks like it's going to be the audio highlight of Zep's 50th anniversary. Hopefully I'm wrong about that, but with the conspicuous silence from the band about what shows they're planning to release I'm not holding out much hope that they'll top this, unless they put out a multi-track version of this show. That would be a fitting way to celebrate their 50th.
  13. SteveZ98

    1975 -1977 recordings,

    Here's a sample of the North_Bridge remaster of May 21, 1977. If you want the full show in lossless quality, send me a message.
  14. "Scheduled to be released on September 29 Do not ask a question. Thank you." From: http://www002.upp.so-net.ne.jp/airraid/availableev.html
  15. SteveZ98


    SIBLY from Seattle sounds pretty good to me (aside from a little too much bass on the remaster.)