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  1. SteveZ98


    SIBLY from Seattle sounds pretty good to me (aside from a little too much bass on the remaster.)
  2. SteveZ98

    How the East Was Won - My Japan 1971 Live Album

    Very cool. Thanks for doing this.
  3. SteveZ98

    Japan 1972

    The Overture: The Campaign:
  4. SteveZ98

    Why Did Gibson Do That?

    For you guitar players, here's an interesting article on some of the questionable additions Gibson made to their product line over the years: https://reverb.com/news/why-did-gibson-do-that-six-questionable-guitar-choices-from-the-brands-storied-past
  5. SteveZ98

    My personal source mix/compilation of Tokyo 9/23/71

    Very nice job. Thanks for doing this. It must have been a ton of work.
  6. SteveZ98

    Songs that Sample Led Zeppelin

    Agreed, it's a killer song. Zep and Sabbath should have figured out a way to release it officially.
  7. I got into Zep in 1978. I already had all of their albums by the time ITTOD came out, and while it's not my favorite album of theirs, it was the first one they released after they became my favorite band. I still remember buying it the day it came out and being amazed and perplexed by the intro to "In The Evening". What the hell was making that sound? Hearing that for the first time is still one of my favorite musical memories.
  8. SteveZ98

    Songs that Sample Led Zeppelin

    Wax Audio's "Whole Lotta Sabbath".
  9. SteveZ98

    Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    I got to see Maiden open for Priest a couple of times in the early '80s. I prefer Priest, but still love Di'Anno era Maiden.
  10. SteveZ98

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    "Mountain Path" by Badmarsh and Shri. One of my top ten favorite songs.
  11. SteveZ98

    Companion discs are rubbish

    I just had one of my most enjoyable Zep moments in recent memory listening to St. Tristan's Sword cranked up loud. I also listened to a bunch of the instrumental songs on the various discs, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I generally prefer instrumental music to songs with vocals (nothing against Robert, I just like instruments better than vocals), so they were definitely worth the price of admission for me and I'm glad I got to hear them.
  12. SteveZ98

    Seattle 1977

    Thanks. I don't work with video much, so I'm not sure what can be done to make it look better.
  13. SteveZ98

    Seattle 1977

    I don't have Sue's ability (or patience) to do a matrix, but here's a sample of the remaster I did of this show. I haven't released the full show because it still needs some work, but if anyone wants a copy of the audio, send me a message (I have not done the full video sync and won't have time to do that for a while, so the audio is the only thing I can share at this time.)
  14. For me, the April 27, 1969 show seems like the best candidate. The sound on the bootleg is already good, including full stereo separation of the instruments, and the performance is excellent. When I heard they were releasing a live show as a companion disc to the remaster of the first album, this is the show I expected they would use. Maybe Jimmy didn't want to pay royalties for ALAIHY, or he thought the show was too well known from the numerous bootleg releases. Either way, I'd love to see it released officially. The other thing I want to hear are a full Earl's Court show and a full Knebworth show. It was nice to see them on the DVD, but both were a tease of what could have been.
  15. Thanks for the correction. I confused the landing and the first step.