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  1. Particularly for non-UK based Zep fans, here is a video of Robert Plant and the late, great skin pounder Cozy Powell as they appeared on a British kids TV show, TISWAS. They sure don't make kids TV like this anymore!! Cheers, Indi
  2. Thanks Donald, I didn't think to look there; I just looked in the booklets! Cheers, Indi
  3. I've noticed that some of the companion disc tracks do not state specific writing credits which surprises me. 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod and St. Tristan's Sword being two cases in point. When this applies do the publishing royalty rights get split equally? Cheers, Indi
  4. Royal Orleans can't be Robert, unless Jimmy threw some extreme effects on his vocal. The nasal twang sounds like Jimmy when he was introducing Black Dog on the Over Europe 80 dates, but think his voice is higher in register than the person's vocals used in this Reference Mix. I don't know what Bonzo's "singing" voice is like, but listening to the timbre of Bonzoisms on bootlegs, I think it's Bonzo on this track. Cheers, Indi
  5. 10 Ribs, St. Tristan's Sword and La La are all revelatory and a pure unexpected joy to listen to. Cheers, Indi
  6. Robert Plant and Peter Grant were interviewed by the Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC music programme) team on a boat sailing down the River Thames in London in 1976. This interview video footage was included on The Song Remains The Same Remastered 2007 DVD. Robert Plant was interviewed on TOGWT by "Whispering" Bob Harris alone around the time of their UK/European tour to support Physical Graffiti, and this interview video footage was included on the Led Zeppelin DVD. This interview is also available on these TOGWT DVDs: The Old Grey Whistle Test -- Two Disc Set [DVD] [1971] - BBCDVD 1071 , VFC 25968. Old Grey Whistle Test - Volumes 1-3 Box Set [DVD] - If you love 1970s and early 1980s music in general these TOGWT DVDs are essential viewing. The band never performed on TOGWT. Cheers, Indi
  7. Killer version of WTLB, love the mood. Cheers, Indi
  8. What's the name of the retailer JTM? Thanks, Indi
  9. Watch this space (in the broadest sense of the word), for further developments; there are reasons for everything! Cheers, Indi
  10. Watch this space (in the broadest sense of the word), for further developments; there are reasons for everything! Cheers, Indi
  11. Steve, I doubt Sam would post this article if it was bogus and/or spurious. Cheers, Indi
  12. Jaw makes firm acquaintance with floor, what a glorious foray of tales from within the chambers of the Grand Counts. Cheers, Indi
  13. JTM, as other people have mentioned some of the other Companion Disc material was also bootlegged too, so this criteria applied by Jimmy is not a level playing field. Okay, perhaps the versions he has proffered are different takes or mixes but the core tracks are the same. AML is known to be a less favoured track in Jimmy's catalogue preferences, but then I'm sure even he could appreciate the magical atmosphere present in the outro, all it would have added is another 60 seconds to the track length. The main reason I would have liked this to have been included was to hear a cleaned up and no doubt fairy-dusted version with Jimmy at the helm. Cheers, Indi