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  1. Lovin' your profile pic :)

  2. I haven't been on in while and I'm still getting used to the new layout, so I'll apologize ahead of time for anything I screw up while posting this. But anyways, I'm wondering what kind of guitar Jimmy used for the actual recording of Stairway. I tried to search for it, but didn't have much luck... So, thanks ahead of time for the help!
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys. Sorry I've been gone so long!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you get this and are back posting soon:-)

  5. Happy Birthday !! Haven't seen you around much so I hope you get the message anyway.

  6. Imagine, by the one and only John Lennon
  7. Awesome! I love meeting other Zeppelin--influenced musicians :) I hope you're teaching your daughter well in the ways of Zeppelin!

  8. Hi, Ms_Zeppelin!!! Happy to hear from you!!!

    Well, I'm fine and having a great day too, thanks!

    I'd like to know some about you, what do you think? I guess I should star, don't you? I'm a rock n' roll singer and Zeppelin is always on my set list! I'm a mom of a beautiful little girl called Duddy who's 10 years old. I work at ...

  9. Hey! I'm actually having a great day, thank you. How are you? :)

  10. Ms Zeppelin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How are you today? Hope you're having a good day!!!

    By!!! A kiss!!

  11. I hadn't heard much about GTLO when I went to see them, and I was hoping they would be in costume. But sadly they dont do that... Are there many other tribute bands that dress the part? I think that just adds so much to the experience.
  12. I actually came very close to seeing Zoso a few years ago. I was in Wilmington for the weekend, and they were doing a gig in the area. But that night we had a huge storm...Im not sure if they performed or not, but I didn't even try to make the show.
  13. Yes, I used the "Search" button, and I couldn't find an old topic. So here it is. Your favorite tribute bands, worst tributes. Anything... I just saw Get The Led Out this weekend, first tribute band experience, and it was pretty awesome.