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    John Bonham is the Heart 'N' Soul of Led Zeppelin.

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    The Led Zeppelin tribute band from Norway . . . "NEW ZEPPELIN"
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  1. The former Zeppelin nemesis is being put up for sale. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/17/business/rolling-stone-magazine-sale.html
  2. Astronomy - Planets , Stars & Heavenly Bodies

    Spectacular Image of the Milky Way taken from the ISS "Feels pretty good up here . . ."
  3. I prefer TSRTS 1987 CD release

    That's true, but, I prefer, even with Robert's 1973 vocals, Jimmy's incendiary playing on the 1973 track to the 1972 track...
  4. I prefer TSRTS 1987 CD release

    On an epic piece like D&C, once you get that grooved in, then there's no room for "Improvement". Didn't Jimmy have to go by guidelines from the film maker, in order to get the permission to add segments not included previously, that stipulation being that all audio soundtracks "had to match" what was with the film parts used, or, something like that. Why a filmmaker is so pissy about it is beyond me. BTY, I hate all of the LSD special effects. Where is the Camera angle option of just the film without the effects??? Better yet, a camera angle option of just the whole stage view from the audience.... Ahhh, but it's way too late for that!
  5. I prefer TSRTS 1987 CD release

    I'd add OTHAFA to that list for Remaster listening.
  6. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Harvey

    They said it's a run on gas, and an artificial shortage. Either way, they said suplly lines should be back to normal in about a week to 10 days. I feel for those going out on the road, for the Labor Day Holiday, and hoping they can find gas for their return trip home...
  7. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Harvey

    I wasn't able to post the FB Video, but please link there to see a Houston resident recording someone in her block playing an inspired version of the Star Spangled Banner on their electric guitar. https://www.facebook.com/SharyeJane/videos/1333889056734067 https://www.facebook.com/SharyeJane/posts/1333889643400675
  8. I remember watching that on the 19" color TV in our living room. I thought that was fantastic, to expose the world to Live Led Zeppelin !! I think all they played was an excerpt from D&C. Anyone else remember more??
  9. So, what TV performances of Led Zeppelin were lip-synced, if any. I think I would refuse, as an Album ROCK band, to lip sync for any show. Zeppelin started out heavy, but bands like The Who, who were around longer, had their "Pop" stage to start with... so I understand that...
  10. 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun Across the USA

    During totality, at various locations, for whatever reason, most of the Network coverage showed either, their correspondent, or the people reacting to the eclipse, or a filtered scientific view of the sun's corona. But occasionally, for a a short time, they showed an unfiltered view of the totality, as you see it from the ground, and it was that view, that made me think of the title to the Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun", because, you could see a black hole surrounded by the outer light of the sun.
  11. The Rest in Peace Thread

    That fool was no dummy. Jerry Lewis was an undeniable genius an unfathomable blessing, comedy's absolute! I am because he was! — Jim Carrey https://t.co/3Zdq9xhXlE
  12. The Rest in Peace Thread

    This is how I want to remember Jerry, from Cannes in 2013:
  13. Ways to watch the Total Eclipse Live through NASA https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/eclipse-live-stream https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive/#NASA+TV+Public+Channel

  15. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Here's a great Interview with the Campbell family friend Alice Cooper: