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  1. This. To have all other instruments drop out was and still is genius. That and the layering of guitars on Achilles Last Stand. I would love a proper 5.1 mix of ALS to give the guitars a little more room just so I could appreciate each one a little more.
  2. tyler19

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    This. King Crimson has been doing amazing things with horrible recordings for years. A four track reel to reel to work from could deliver us something exceptional with the bonus (for me at least) is that it is going to sound raw.
  3. tyler19

    Empress Valley Warning

    I saw them when they came through town. I am sure they're doing okay. A 5,000 person venue, sold out at $125-$175 at ticket. Even after costs and split 8 ways they are doing okay.
  4. tyler19

    Empress Valley Warning

    That's just not true. You just can't make big money any more. My kid is in a band, can have a decent sized recording budget and pay for the recording costs and more from Spotify. Anything from Apple is pure profit and it all acts as advertising to play live, where the decent income is to be found. A decent band, working smart can make a living purely from being musicians but they have to run it a lot like a small business. My kid knows unless the band blows up big that the best paycheck is from licensing music to movies and commercials. Lots of luck involved there but same can be said for the music business in general. This all brings it back full circle to the early '60's. None of the bands then thought of music as a career or a way to get rich. It was something fun to do while young. I'm okay with that, so is my kid. He's following his passion in life and able to do it full time.
  5. tyler19

    The Trouble with Bonham. 1978-80

    This doesn't make sense to me given the inactivity between the 1977 tour and 1980. John just had a long run at home and would have been in his best mental health place in years if what you are saying is true.
  6. I am a little confused about why two of the three live releases are available in 5.1 but none of the studio stuff is. With the limited number of tracks available in a live recording, the 5.1 release doesn't add much to it. Whereas a 5.1 release of the studio albums have the tracks available to add lots of depth and make things interesting.
  7. tyler19

    What motivates you?

    I try and be motivated by "Will this add to my happiness?" If not, it seems pointless. My motivations primarily are; travel and the new experiences to be had, relationships both new ones and forging deeper relationships with existing ones, music - playing guitar and seeing live shows, and getting out in nature.
  8. Page was already known and would have made it to some level of fame regardless of Led Zeppelin. He was a premier songwriter and producer. JPJ was already having and would have continued to have a great career as a session musician and string arranger. John Bonham most likely would have made it but most likely as a replacement drummer in a band that had already made it to some extent. As the drummer, making it is almost entirely tied to what band and songwriter(s) you join up with. Robert probably had the least chance of making it outside of Led Zeppelin. He was the most unknown and not much of a songwriter in the early years.
  9. I am looking to get the Bleacher - Unplugged, David Bowie - Now, and hopefully Blue Oyster Cult - Rarities Vol 2.
  10. tyler19

    Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    I nicely done set with vinyl would make me happy. Then proceed with vinyl for the Page & Plant releases please.
  11. tyler19

    Elvis vs. Plant

    Elvis is in a league of his own. I think in rock music it has to be Freddie. Somebody To Love is beyond compare. My next tier would include Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, Steve Winwood, maybe Bono. My next tier would include people who had great character voices such as Roger Daltrey, Jim Morrison, Steven Tyler, Ronnie James Dio. Totally underrated are Billie Joe Armstrong (from Green Day) and Derek something (from Sum 41).
  12. I like the album more and more with every listen. It works better as an album than as singles. It's nice to see an artist take chances, venture into new territories while staying true to themselves.
  13. tyler19

    The Who Live

    Unfortunately not. Had a seat in a box for Zeppelin's Montreal who set for October 17, 1980 but we all know how that went.
  14. tyler19

    The Who Live

    I saw these tours. The 1979 show I saw was the single best show I've seen. The one song encore of The Real Me was everything I love about rock distilled into 4 minutes. A decade later, the 1989 farewell show was one of the worst shows I've ever seen.
  15. tyler19

    DVD or Blu-Ray

    That's the next go round I am sure. Followed a year or two after by 5.1 mixes on dvd/Blu-ray.