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  1. Daeron


    Ha ha of course 😅
  2. Daeron


    Slightly off topic but would it be reasonable to think an audience member in 1977 would have anything better to film these shows with besides an 8mm? I l really dig the 8mm footage on Youtube but as others have noted you can barely see the lasers.
  3. Daeron

    Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

    If they really are gonna stream live material I hope there's gonna be some sort of schedule/itinerary posted in advanced so we don't miss shows we might be particularly interested in.
  4. Daeron

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I've very much enjoyed reading this thread. Any chance you might do a best of New York when you have the time?
  5. Daeron

    Favorite/Best Achilles Last Stand?

    Seriously man. That version is hella tight. Even with the broken string/guitar swap. I love that ominous intro.. plus we got 8mm footage of it on Youtube.
  6. How do you think it should have been credited? "Trad. arr/adap. by Page and Plant" ? I was also curious about your opinion on IMTOD. I think when Page recorded it with the Black Crowes (correct me if I'm wrong) it got credited as "Trad. arr/adap. by Bonham, Jones, Page and Plant". Great post by the way. The Led Zeppelin 'stole' "everything they played" canard is absurd. Watch a Led Zeppelin video on Youtube and the comments are full of ridiculous accusations.
  7. Daeron

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I'm sure muscle memory had alot to do with his chording. It's a shame this New York run isn't as well recorded as the Inglewood shows. Considering it was also a six-day run in a major venue.
  8. Daeron

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    Thank you for mentioning Tampa and Oakland. I can't imagine any reason why they'd choose not to close circuit those shows. If you look at audience footage from Oakland, you can barely see the band from the nosebleeds.
  9. Daeron

    Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    So was 1/22 Southhampton the only show from this tour that was multi-tracked? Is that a definite?
  10. Daeron


    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks 6/23 is overrated. I feel as though if Keith Moon hadn't made a cameo and it wasn't a Millard recording people wouldn't give it as much attention as they do. Still has some great moments though.. I share your opinion on 6/26 as well. An overall solid show and I'd much rather hear "It'll Be Me" as an encore than that "Whole Lotta Love"/"Rock And Roll" medley they were doing.
  11. Daeron

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    According to Led Zeppelin Database the following shows have mellotron solos: 10/5/72 (Nagoya), 11/30/72 (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), 12/12/72 (Cardiff), 12/22/72 (London), 1/22/73 (Southhampton). It lists both the 6/3 and 7/29 versions of "Thank You" as having organ solos. I was just curious though. Being random.
  12. Daeron

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    I don't know why but that mellotron solo reminded me of the Beatles. Any idea why Jones starting playing mellotron solos instead of organ solos?
  13. Daeron

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    I believe gibsonfan159 makes it clear in the first post that he wanted to nitpick an off night from '73 for contrast. Or at least that's how I understood it. I'm not sure if there's a better example of a subpar show from this year.
  14. Daeron

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Man this makes me wish you would've nitpicked the acoustic sets and solos from the LA shows too 😅 ha ha just messing with you. I'm glad you went back to '77 though. Do you think it's fair to say that this show (while not great) gets a somewhat undeserved reputation for being worse than it actually was?
  15. Daeron

    What's the worst live performance of a song?

    Which one do you consider sub par? The 27th?