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  1. Hello!! Happy birthday. Best wishes:))

  2. Jimmy's Pants

    I'll give it a try. I'm not sure if I can get it to work with my stupid dial up.
  3. Which Jimmy Wardrobe Do You Prefer?

    I like his early look. I agree with Suz on that option! Jimmy in a bed sheet.
  4. Doctor Jimmy

    That hat is hilarious and it does look like he nicked it from some old grandma, the sort that walks down the street with the huge handbag. Although it does look better than the ones they make you wear Stateside, they look kind of like a board glued to a bathing cap.
  5. Jimmy and JPJ

    It's really nice they can get out together even though they don't have Percy with them. I love seeing those new pictures.
  6. Hey Ladies: It's the Led Zeppelin Fantasy Thread

    I have quite a few dreams where Jimmy shows up. The last one I had Jimmy showed up in one of my classes at university and takes a seat and starts listening the boring lecture. Later after class I follow him into the men's room and start kissing him.
  7. Jimmy's Pants

    Those are real pictures. I have them larger, but I can't post them here. Photobucket doesn't even let you have them in your album there.
  8. Hot pics of Jimmy

  9. Happy Birthday Evster!

    Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day. :beer:
  10. Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh wow, when I seen where his hand was I.......
  11. Hot pics of Jimmy

    To bad it isn't larger, it's so beautiful. A better look at those lovely eyes would be real nice.
  12. Random Facts About Yourself

    I might be back for awhile... maybe. Ricky wants me to come back.
  13. Jimmy's Pants

    Everything is fine thank you. It's just that I've grown a bit fed up with this place. I've been kind of taking some time away for awhile.