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  1. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    Thanks Strider.

    If there is a release wait for the hints out on the internet as they always happen with every release going back to the first box set in 1990. There were many with the album remasters in 2014-15. We shall see and being next year, they'll probably happen shortly, but just guessing and I have no information on this. Just only by what I've seen and heard and I'm sure many of you know which ones these were.
  3. Robert Plant to headline 2018 Byron Bay Bluesfest

    Probably after the New Year sometime and I'm guessing for 5-6 weeks before Australia festival.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    Didn't want to start another hurricane thread for Maria but pretty grave for PR. The entire island is out of power and that being 100% unless you have a generator. They don't have the power grids we have in the USA and not as good. Will take up to six months for some areas to have power restored. At least 90%of PR doesn't have water and this just the beginning reports. It will only get worse once things can be assessed and areas can be reached. The most beyond belief thing with this storm I saw on the Weather Channel a couple of hours ago and most may not believe it as having a hard time fathoming it. A river called Rio de Plata ( I think that's the full name) is SW of San Juan in probably the east central area of PR. Many areas in grave flood situations all over the island. One area of this river and is surrounded by mountains on both sides. Normal water levels are 11 feet and will flood at around 20 feet. The highest previous level they had and I forget when it happened was about 29 feet, which is quite extreme. This is the most extreme hurricane to hit PR since 1928 and 90 years so quite the event. Going on with the river level, the Weather Channel has reported that the current river level of the above is at 79 feet and you read that right! Never heard of something like that. Why the WC is probably questioning the accuracy of it. What's even scarier is PR is expecting much more rain from Maria and with so many mountains on the island it could become quite grave. I have friends on the island and hope they are ok. They live in the SW part of PR! They need our prayers and influence from a higher source with this catastrophic situation!
  5. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    I do look at them for bits of music news and movie reviews from Peter Travers and have enjoyed their recaps of "Twin Peaks" recently. Other than that, fuck them and just bottom ocean dwellers on their best days!
  6. Earthquakes

    I'm in CT and have experienced a few tremors over the years surprisingly. The one that hit the DC area about 10 years ago and did extensive damage to the Washington Monument and one back in the 80's which woke me up overnight. No damage in our area but enough to feel the shaking. There are plenty of fault lines outside of the western USA. One of the most temperamental may me the San Madras Fault in the Central USA in the St. Louis and Memphis regions. I hope they don't get a big one as it would be a loss of the some of the country's best BBQ cuisine! We can't lose Graceland or Sun Studios either as I've visited both twice!
  7. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    That's good thinking! I thought that was disgraceful in the way they portrayed the younger of the Boston Bombers like he was some sort of sex symbol. Probably, the worst taste a publication can partake in and no surprise with RS!
  8. Rolling Stone Magazine up for Sale

    I would hope you'd think more of a mule than this!
  9. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    Thanks Strider. I think $1 is an appropriate bid and far exceeds the value of this rag

    With the 50th anniversary not sure if they release Earls Court 75 to coincide with the anniversary. It would make sense to release something close to the beginning around 1969 or before (if it one exists) and one of those depending on the quality with an SB or multi track for a particular show or perhaps something more comprehensive with the live shows. Who knows and I'm sure we'll get hints with some teasers over the internet over the next year if a release is in the works as we always do!
  11. Hurricane Irma

    This is just insane. Maria is following the same path as Irma and when you don't have anything regarding the jet stream and upper level winds to tear it a part, these storms get too strong. They say global warming but not too sure. When Harvey hit Texas it was 12 years since a category 4 hit the USA mainland and we have two this year and Irma too. To me it's not global warming but an El Nino or La Nina interference. Must be a La Nina year. In general the hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are far more frequent and severe as the La Nina influence does not have the upper level winds to rip these storms apart as El Nino does but has the opposite effect in the Pacific. Not been that active over there this year and not surprised. Not a weather expert, but I research these things a lot. I heart goes out to those in Maria's path and hope for the best as especially looks like a direct hit coming for PR. I have some friends there and praying for them and have been in contact with them!
  12. This is certainly interesting and being better as posted on the official Led Zeppelin site considering the flack (I'm being mild) this so called mag or rag has put to Zeppelin over the years with horrible and unsupported reviews of their albums especially during their tenure! Not sure how to say this better. Although, various writers did try to correct the poor reviews they received earlier by those who had no conception what so ever what good music was or is and Led Zeppelin always exemplified that to such a high level than almost all artists. Only The Beatles are up there IMHO! Anyway, this crap rag is up for sale and anyone with the dough here can buy it as we would welcome it and give Zeppelin a much positive attitude in this rag with a hard core Led Zeppelin fan who is now hence it's owner and publisher and how can you beat that? We can only dream about this! So will Mike Taibbi be out of a job with his anti-Trump pieces each day. Don't want to go political but it's the same thing each day with him and Steven Colbert. Lot of wrong with the political situation, but tired of the bashing from both sides and all I will say! http://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stone-magazine-for-sale/?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=newsletter_4572276 So do we have any bids? Strider and Steve I expect you to be the first bidders? This may be interesting! Off to watch the eps of Twin Peaks I have missed!
  13. Hurricane Irma

    I like your thinking Strider! Nice move! Glad to hear you are safe Walter. Do you have power?
  14. Word association

    You're posting Paul so obviously you're ok and are safe from Irma! Where in Florida do you reside! Watching Weather Channel from Naples and pretty intense. Downtown Miami is getting it bad with several feet of sea water in that area.
  15. Hurricane Irma

    If your interested in seeing live reports outside the Weather Channel and the cable news networks their are some local live feeds available. Both of these stations are from the Fort Myers/Naples area, which will probably get the worst of Irma in Florida. Crazy scenes from San Marco Island as the northern eye wall was just entering nearby.