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  1. Robert Plant Interview with Dan Rather

    I can see this happening again as they seemed to have a good rapport.
  2. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Next time have some broccoli with a cheese sauce as you'll enjoy it much more!
  3. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    That's it Paul? Not much of a dinner nor one of my favorite veggies!
  4. Robert Plant Interview with Dan Rather

    Agreed and not the standard interview and rare with this from Robert, Jimmy or anyone else. The platform was there. Although, I could put the interview with Howard Stern up there as well as a good one too. Even though Howard was a bit much at times. Just interrupts too often, otherwise he'd be good if he got away from this. Howard has always been a big Led Zeppelin fan and appreciates there music so much.
  5. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Always love this song! Very bluesey and reminds me of some of Zep's first half of '69 shows and especially parts of "The Lemon Song" and the center section after the first solo by Jimmy. Most notably of the Fillmore on 4/27.
  6. I can't really imagine how different the new version can be with the remaster as the sound was good on the original. The sound will be improved I guess but there is nothing additional on it. It will be shorter with the removal of Ricky Nelson's "Hello, Mary Lou: from the WLL medley. Too bad as it's such a great version. Won't be getting this as I've gotten all the previous box sets. No reason to get it unfortunately.
  7. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Quite a few options in CT. I don't fish but do consume a lot of it. Not always available in the markets and you just have to shop around at times to find them. Probably not as much in demand as they always come whole and not filets. http://wtnh.com/2011/03/01/looking-for-great-places-to-catch-trout-in-connecticut/ My favorite may be the swordfish I cook that is so flavorful and it's not even grilled! Here you go! S/P both sides with one inch thick swordfish steak Cooked on stove top with medium/high heat in EVOO for three minutes until browning occurs on one side Turn over and into oven for ten minutes at 400. Use same pan as on stove and is oven safe. When done drain oil from pan and keep warm Transfer pan back to stove for sauce Low to medium heat to start and come up to temp Add a little EVOO and a TBSP or so of butter to your liking When butter stops bubbling add chopped or minced garlic and a bit of red pepper flakes. Depending how much heat you like Garlic browns add an ounce or two of white wine and raise temp to medium/high Let wine bubble for a couple of minutes and reduce Add a bit of herbes de Provence and stir to incorporate ingredients Add S/P to taste When sauce is reduced to thickness desired add a TBSP or bit more of fresh lemon juice to finish it off and stir. Usually about the last 30 seconds. Can do this when removing from stove as well but don't have to. Can also had a little lemon zest for more lemon flavor. Also ground parsley works to stir in for color, but Herbes de Provence I think is better with good flavor. Pour over fish and dive in! Comes out so tender and flavorful Don't forget the obligatory bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, which is perfect with sword fish. Especially from New Zealand as they are so crisp and balanced. Oyster Bay and Kim Crawford are good and reasonably priced choices. Just thought I'd share this as I know you enjoy cooking and fish.
  8. The Rest in Peace Thread

    That is odd and makes you think when three things are connected like that.
  9. Robert Plant Interview with Dan Rather

    I watched it last night on the AXS TV website. Very good and in agreement with what you said as felt the same. First time I've ever heard Robert talk in detail about the death of Karac. Usually, that's one of the subjects that's off limits in interviews. Dan Rather did a great job and a good interview. Seemed Robert was enjoying the interview and no sarcastic or off color remarks with his British humor.
  10. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    I'm quite fond of the tune as well Strider, so you're not alone!
  11. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    You're making me quite hungry so close to dinner. I grill it like you do and make a sauce adding a bit of EVOO, lemon juice and herbes de Provence. So good!
  12. I wonder if he visited the Edgewater Inn to relive many fond memories!
  13. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    This one's not exactly appropriate these days, but I like this one.
  14. No this won't be it. The 50th anniversary celebrations and releases will commence in September. This one is just for Record Store Day and not part of the 50th.
  15. What's the weather like where you are?

    Another Nor'easter coming our way tonight with probably a foot of snow! Can't wait until this crap is over with and the warm temps of Spring arrive! Here is a funny video regarding snowstorms and the way some deal with it. It's meant to be comical, but it is more like reality!