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  1. Explosive = How Many More Times - RAH. And we have it on glorious film.
  2. Unreal. What a GREAT post.
  3. That was fantastic. You could hear how tired he was. A real gem.
  4. Yeah, that's one of the biggest. There are many of those moments on Physical Graffiti. Ten Years Gone is full of them for me. IMTOD has a few including "That's gotta be the one out there!" Which was such a great thing to leave on the record. The intro drums to the rover, I have not heard better. Bonham deserves writing credits just for that intro! Many other moments on that album...
  5. It's a bit Jerry Lee Lewis. Just another magic jam taking a new turn.
  6. ok, a bit shit I cannot provide a source, but it sticks in my memory that in an interview Page (I think it's Page) says for the first break Jonesey had a crack at creating something and got 90% of the structure on the first or second attempt. It was that good, they did not have to change it at all and went with it as Page was really impressed with it. Maybe SAJ or someone might be able to back me up with the source, I honestly can't remember where I heard it (P&P tour Australian radio interview maybe???) - but I swear by it.
  7. Great little snippet interview from when they were in my country. Unfortunately, I was a toddler...
  8. I second BlindWillie's sentiments EXACTLY. Thanks so much Sam...
  9. Is there a pattern for releases? Sorry, I am not familiar with what EV historically does in terms of frequency and good/bad releases. What can we expect based on their track record? And what, if anything, is actually know about what SB's are on their shelf? Does anyone associated with whoever it is that hold the physical tapes on a shelf somewhere ever divulge any info?? I'd also be interested in an explanation of why they would hold onto a "Holy Grail" kind of tape if they do indeed have one or more. Surely the support base grows slimmer as time passes. If they had an LA '77 board for example, what would the logic be in not releasing it already??? I know this has been covered a lot in here, but it all seems speculative and opinions vary wildly. Is there anything concrete is what I'm getting at.
  10. An entire disk for 1958-1968???? Is this an unofficial documentary of sorts? What footage could possibly fill that disk?
  11. Only for those that will live to see it all. For that many releases, over how many decades will EV stretch it out over? cmon people, I'm gettin' older by the minute!
  12. SB releases will continue to be great. And I can't wait for more. What we really need, is official live releases. What will that take? What stars have to align? A documentary would be a great catalyst, but no talk of anything being considered. The other catalyst for a live release program may well be the 50th anniversary. Lets hope.....
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - Man, just about spat coffee out all over my screen and keyboard.
  14. In D&C when Bonzo yells "DO IT AGAIN!" "DO IT AGAIN!" "DO IT AGAIN!" at the drum and guitar "slam" part. Fucking gold.
  15. LOL..... It did actually take me years to appreciate this, and now I agree it is a brilliant track. I held it as "best Zep track" for a short period of time. I love it.