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  1. JOHN PAUL JONES - SNOWEYE, Varangerfestivalen Norway 2018

    it's got to be. I lol'd....
  2. Updated Soundboard Wish List

    funny how so many wishlist shows are the very early ones. Why aren't there more 70, 71, 72 soundboards? 75 is very well represented as is 77 and 80. Was the "liberation" of Jimmy's soundboards limited in what the "liberators" had access to??? Or did the band not record/keep the early stuff?
  3. What Made You Happy today?

    Went to DreamWorld and White Water World with the family. And even though its 31 today there was NO ONE at the parks and no lines at all for all rides and slides. Was brilliant fun as always. And took the bike this time so cruised down the motorway in style. Dinner tonight for my daughter's birthday at the local Pig n Whistle in a few hours. Just time enough to sink a couple of Carlsberg cans. What a frickin great life.....
  4. Random Thoughts v.3

    The changing landscape of content delivery is an interesting thought of the day Strider. I recently signed onto Netflix which is great. And the content they themselves create I think is miles in front of what traditional tv studios have been pushing on us ("reality tv" - can you beleive how embarrasingly bad it is). And it is made better due to free to air stations here being appalling. If it were not for sport and the very odd news shows (QandA, Four Corners, SBS World News) I'd literally unplug the thing and ditch it. saving money? ha! Netflix ain't free bro! But I see what you mean - just that I don't have cable (Foxtel). I think it will continue to evolve. I'm really not sure how though. And I do fear what Net Neutrality repeal legislation will do.
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    Exactly. This is why I no longer will vote for a major party. Even my local member in the recent state election agreed with me about both political parties being a shitshow desperately in need of reform and quietly confided her boss (the state premier) was more than a bit shit.
  6. Random Thoughts v.3

    Yeah, I was rambling so cut myself short. Corporate money Party political structures that produce clones (The Don being the obvious exception - which partly explains why he was voted in) Taxation - far too complex to even begin. And the obvious biggie - people are just not interested (or informed?) enough. If they were, democracy would work a LOT better. ie, who the hell votes these fools in?!?!?!?!
  7. Jeez Strider, I have no idea, but when I heard it I really did think "have I heard better?" - and that was overall. It is incredibly intense with so much emotion and lightning fast with great precision (it seems to me). It's just a beast of a solo. There is probably a top 10 JP solo's thread I need to look up at some point.....
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    This is my random though for the day after reading the recent entries above.... (it's more cultural and philosophical than political, I swear Sam!) For countries with extremely large populations, I wonder, is a one party or two party system better / just different / worse? (focusing on the two main political systems countries seem to adopt - and I'd class Russia as a one party system at present. One Party - not communism, just "one party") I find this a very interesting question. While democracy is "The least worst system we have so far come up with" (I think that was Churchill?) it is by no means perfect and indeed has some dangers a more centralised system does not have. While some of you who are well traveled and may have lived in different political systems for years - long enough to have really good insight, I can only speak as a white male from a fairly poor background who somehow made it to the middle class (all be it the lower end) in Australia (city, not country) with it's two party system. So a single party system is probably worse than multi party democracy for very fundamental reasons, but I think a two party only system does NOT fall under "multi party democracy" - but is a corruption of that idea. The 2 party system of late is a sham. (at least here) I'm beginning to think it detracts from serving first and foremost the interests of the nation for want of getting into office. It didn't always. Keating and Howard had real vision and put Australia first. Like them or hate them (FYI: Keating was a progressive and Howard a conservative, both pretty popular in their day). Not now. Seems those days are far behind us. And don't get me started on the rehashed drivel every bloody politician monotonously belch's up as "political discourse" - it is all inane bullshit. "We have all the answers, they will be (or are) the ultimate disaster!!!". this manufactured and completely nonsensical premise is patently ridiculous but adhered to with dogmatic conviction which all but KILLS actual discussion and debate on the problems we face and the reforms and changes we desperately need. There is NEVER an acceptance of another view. It is completely trashed and rubbished, not fought on merits. (that idea is good, but this idea is better, and here is why). It always devolves into that mind numbing 2 party sickening exchange. ("We have all the answers, they will be (or are) the ultimate disaster!!!") And thats just Australia. We are nowhere near as fractured and separated (politically) as the US. The tribal mentality is at fever pitch there. (as viewed from here) WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MIDDLE?????? There is no attempt to find moderation or move a millimeter toward the middle from those in either camp. Maybe President Obama was not the antichrist/worst President ever? Nah, its too hard to move an inch. Maybe some of Trumps ideas on free trade, immigration/crime, North Korea are NOT the uninformed ramblings of the ultimate man-child? - Nah, too hard. Got to hate everything about him. The one thing a two party system seems to do really well is bury any debate around things that really do matter but get no space. Climate change IS going to mean we hand over a shitshow to our kids, and their kids. The Industrial revolution was a great thing that benefited us more than any other period in history. Yay for it. High fives all round. But it DID have a cost. Carbon pollution, natural resource exploitation and unbridled consumerism is obviously not without cost. Science tells us there is a price to pay and the globe is changing, and not for the better. Our trajectory puts this planet at risk. It is after all, a spec of dust floating around a star. We don't have a plan b yet. Best we listen to science and at least accept if it might be real (and climate change IS real) - we cannot not risk it! Leaders need to act. And we are, but for fucks sake, the debate is just so often depressingly void of nuance and intellect. (Just interesting to listen to. Informative.) Wealth inequality in the developed world is getting ludicrous. If it end up that 0.1% of people own 95% of the entire wealth of the planet, is that right? Is that what we want? Maybe it is, I don't know, but doesn't feel right. Wage growth over the last decade or more has almost entirely gone to the very top. So the pie has grown, but only the top got more of the pie. This in and of itself is problematic only for the fact that as a species, we cannot advance at a pace we should be advancing at for the majority of humans that are just dirt poor. Big deal is some bugger was able to amass a trillion dollar fortune - as long as he did it above board and plays by the same rules as the rest of us, go hard son! But again, it's hard to realise any futuristic advancements for our species when the overwhelming majority of people have little opportunity. *Nearly 1/2 of the world's population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — less than $1.25 a day. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. Are we even discussing and trying to solve problems that would massively benefit mankind as well as all of us individually???? Doesn't seem like it. The current two party aberration coupled with a media that is profit driven with almost no journalistic integrity and no interest to serve the community (unless of course, it means MORE PROFITS!!) has divided us into camps. We are all in our "bubbles" as some pundits say. And they are right. I try to remain in the middle and temper my natural instinctual feelings of any given subject by hearing different view points. I might agree, might not, but it is always interesting to hear another point of view, at least to me. Civil political discourse is tough at the best of times even if you have really skilled intelligent and educated speakers with very different views. But it is not only possible, it is GREAT to see those debates. But alas, they don't seem to rate. People now want re-enforcement of their positions, not alternative viewpoints to consider. What a fucking shame. How are we all going to get back to the middle where we can all discuss things and respectfully disagree??? Our current (western advanced 2 party systems) don't seem to be able to. (from what i can see from Australia and the US mainly - fuck knows if the Europeans are better at the political arena) We don't all have to agree, bloody hell, that would be WORSE! - but where is the space to discuss and decide to move forward? Thank fuck for Led Zeppelin and the music that allows us to really appreciate just what gifted humans are capable of under the right circumstances. Lead the way Zeppelin!!!!! Peace.
  9. That Orlando Thank You- fucking hell..... Best solo from JP ever???
  10. Orlando 31/08/71 Good to hear hints of TSRTS and WMBMS in the outro in D&C. All round great show.
  11. Complete Seattle '77 Video

    Makes you wonder if in the decade to come anything is salvageable and release worthy from the vaults al-a '77. Of course, it would be the best kept secret in history if there was something unknown from '77 in Jimmys possession.
  12. Why Zep Were Never Truly Recreated

    The above few points all point to the conclusion it was the immense magic generated by the combination of the four incredible musicians along with the greatest manager ever - with that all important ingredient of luck (right place, right time). Jimmy had a vision, and a multi faceted talent that he drove to the limit - for better or worse. He truly left nothing in the sheds so to speak. Thing is, Zep would have been nothing like what it turned out to be without his muses. Without Bonham, he would not have rocked so hard. Without Jones, nowhere near the depth of ideas, riffs, and turning great things into next level songs. Without Plant, no playing off a singer that is so connected and in tune with all musicians. No ego's that destroyed the mix. All ideas entertained and expanded upon. And Grant. Without which equally would have rendered the band nowhere near what they are.
  13. It's the greatest thing ever recorded on film. I'm so hopeful that it will get it's own stand alone Super Deluxe box set treatment it's crazy. I might well be setting myself up for massive disappointment, but man, that release would be the absolute ultimate Led Zeppelin release in my view (aside from some all-encompassing anthology massive box set type release - which I highly doubt will ever happen).
  14. What Made You Happy today?

    its Friday arvo, home from work... Got a difficult task at work finally fully tested, boss happy. Weeknights with Alice Cooper has just started, already 4 cracking good songs out of the gate. (first was WLL) Wife pottering in the garden, dog chasing the birds... charging my little helper up for later.... Sunset looks magic.... Life is good.
  15. What's the weather like where you are?

    weird shit weather. Doesn't know if it wants summer gone or not. Like bloody Melbourne - hot,cold,rain,windy,dry,humid, all in the one day.