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  1. rm2551

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Can't wait.
  2. rm2551

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    I'll be the one with Page/Plant long sleeve collared shirt on with missus sporting a 1977 USA tour t-shirt. Getting there early to get stage position.
  3. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    The decline did not begin because of the kneeling protesters, it was in decline before them for what I understand is various reasons. The United States has a uniquely and severe issue with race. It is astounding how entrenched it is - perceived from many people here who have toured the US quite happily. It was the one thing people found that was off the hook bizarre.
  4. rm2551

    What Made You Happy today?

    4 day weekend has just begun. In front of fire as I type. Weeknights with Alice playing, and its another good playlist. Missus preparing a late dinner, vape on the charge, going to see JBLZE on Monday night. Life is GOOD.
  5. rm2551

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Enjoy Slave! Please post a little review, I am going on Monday night with the cheese and kisses to the Brissie gig. Can't WAIT.
  6. We have so many SB's from '75. WTF happened to '77???? (NY and LA specifically)
  7. rm2551

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    They are AWESOME. But that price.... SHEEEESH!!!!!!
  8. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    That is how I viewed this story from over here - but I will admit at a great distance with only one news report. There no doubt is more to it, but yeah, that's the underpinning question for sure.
  9. rm2551

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Beautiful sunny late autumn days here. No rain, just glorious warm sun to offset the now pretty cold nights. Perfect for a fire in the new Aldi's fire-pit out back tonight. Wood is chopped and ready. Stars will no doubt be a brilliant bright show as usual.
  10. I absolutely love the studio version. When that drum comes in, Plant's delivery, that great basic riff beginning to end, I absolutely rock out to that song every time.
  11. rm2551

    Underrated/overrated shows

    1980 requires sifting through pretty average and at times just plain bad songs - which is not necessarily limited to Jimmy having sticky fingers as you all say, or Jimmy/Bonzo just being too smashed, but also Bonham is a lot of the time very subdued, hardly contributing anything but the basics, and the tone of the SB's (and I think the AUD tapes are not much better) being the worst of any Zep tour to my ears. So tinny/dry - no bottom end or space at all for the most part. There are a few exceptions, Frankfurt and Zurich for example are better (but still....), but all in all it's not near '73, '75 (especially) or even '77 which was hit and miss as well for how the SB's present. BUT - if you dig, and give the better gigs a good run through, there are gems that are equal to their best from any year. It is well worth running through 1980 to dig out those gems, put them aside in a compilation, and you just may get a better appreciation for 1980. And I agree, 1980 can't be overrated because it gets hammered. I don't think it is underrated either as it deserves a lot of the flak. But it is still worth the effort. RAH is underrated. It is the best thing Led Zeppelin have recorded/filmed by a country mile. Perfectly illustrating what made early Zep such a powerhouse live band. HMMT is the greatest thing I have ever seen. We need a FULL stand alone RAH release. a RAH DVD SDBS release please Jimmy. I'd buy that no matter the price. Whatever "extra's" are included, don't care. Will love it.
  12. rm2551

    Marijuana legalization

    I agree it is devastating to many. Much more so than pot is - or would be on an even par. Stop marketing it - no advertising at all. Personal responsibility. I don't think you can punish the vast majority of responsible drinkers for the sins of the few. Even when the few are really devestating to themselves/family/community. Otherwise, I'd argue it is even more pertinent to ban guns on the "devastation" caused by those who misuse them.
  13. rm2551

    Favorite Song off of Physical Graffiti

    I walked into my Reception when I got married to Bron Y Aur. Was magic, and works brilliant. Ten Years Gone - but honestly, what a crime to be forced to pick only one song. You could roll a dice with your favourite 6 and be happy with whatever come up.
  14. rm2551

    Marijuana legalization

    Why? The vast majority of people can enjoy a beer or a wine with dinner, or a fine scotch or cognac or whatever. Why make it illegal for the (admittedly significant) few that have a problem with alcohol? Advertising and sponsorship should be 100% reined in. Just like cigarette advertising. There is no need. People who like a drink know what they like - advertising is nothing more than recruitment mostly aimed at very young impressionable males. Just like gambling ads (at least here). Alcohol and pot should be legal. Tax it, have businesses provide the products and services, and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for consumption. It really isn't that hard.
  15. 100% this. It is more dangerous than people realise. Fake moon landing and Flat Earth people I will never understand if I live to a thousand years old. Elvis lives can be thrown in there as well.
  16. Whole lotta Love (Live version). This was my introduction to Led Zeppelin soon after my introduction to pot. It completely changed me. I was mainstream classic rock/soft rock radio raised. Mum had great taste, but nothing outside of mainstream. But really good music (I think). She used to play LP's at high volume like...... Hot August Night (I still love that) Johnny Cash Boz Scaggs Wings Carly Simon Roy Orbison Michael Jackson Stuff like that. Pure mainstream. Radio also served up nice rock like ACDC, Van Halen, and typical mainstream rock. So I had never heard of a song that ran more than a few minutes. Driving around my mates Panel Van (Holden WB with a modest 253 small block) he played it while i was immensely stoned. I just couldn't believe it. Such a great song. And how long it went for! And the interlude and all the changes! WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?! He followed that up with In My Time of Dying. I was hook line and sinker an absolutely mad Zeppelin fan from that first moment. It has only grown more strong, but from the first, it really was life changing (as corny as that might sound). For YEARS I listened to stuff like SIBLY from TSRTS and felt like I could understand exactly what Jimmy Page was conveying through his guitar - that language of emotion that was so detailed and textured - like it was a secret language I fully understood somehow. It felt like that for YEARS. There was never anything else musically for me that came anywhere near it. I then had the absolute pleasure of discovering their catalogue. And only decades later, bootlegs. Oh my God, the bootlegs..... I couldn't have imagined back then how much more I'd get to enjoy. And to think the 50th means new releases. It is a great time to be alive!
  17. rm2551

    Random Facts About Yourself

    I could not throw a punch to save my life. Cannot fight for shit, never could. I used to be a really good peace maker at the pub with some of my "exuberant" mates. High school was a nightmare for me. But once (recent times, after marriage and kids) at night saw someone having a sneaky look around in my backyard (after hearing a noise) and naked (fresh out of bed), charged out the back to grab him and thump him in a rage I have not felt before (or since). He legged it in panic before i even got the back door open, and I just said loud enough for him to hear "Yeah, you BETTER run..." It was the only time I remember being so aggressively angry and really wanting to MAKE that kid understand the error of his ways. It was quite an interesting feeling. I surprised the shit out of myself.
  18. rm2551

    Favorite 2 Led Zeppelin songs off of each album?

    What a great thread..... LZ1 - BIGLY and HMMT LZ2 - The Lemon Song - Ramble On LZ3 - Friends - Celebration Day (From an 'album' perspective, the number 2 and 3 tracks are simply incredible following the killer opener.) LZ4 - The Battle of Evermore - When the Levee Breaks HotH - OTHAFA - The Crunge PG - Don't make me choose just 2. So almost at random: The Rover - IMTOD ITTOD - In The Evening - Fool in the Rain Presence - Achilles Last Stand - For Your Life Coda - ICQYB - Wearing and Tearing TSRTS - SIBLY - WLL Cheers all!
  19. I find the possibility there are artifacts on the moon and Mars intriguing. Also the very few UFO cases that remain credible and unexplained. I don't have conclusions (wow! it's real!!!/None of it is legit!!!), but I am damn sure when Astronauts encounter objects there are protocols put in place to switch to secure channels while the situation is investigated. ie, if there is the possibility of something unknown, it is hidden from the public while evaluated. I think this thinking is a relic from another age, but persists now in a more nefarious context. So there is space for actual conspiracy theories to exist given the nature of powerful Governments thinking they need to control what the population is "exposed to". I don't think that in and of itself is a conspiracy theory, just a likely way shit is. Likely, but who knows.
  20. New takes on classics. New groove - new interpretation. In the great tradition of Blues/rock.... Example...
  21. rm2551

    Zeppelin's most exotic song

    Carouselumbra would have to be a contender. No Quarter. The Crunge. In The Light maybe.
  22. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

  23. JBLZE - at the end of this month. Was supposed to be Feb but was "delayed". Can't freakin wait. Then Killer Queen in August which we have already seen twice. John Blunt, for all intent and purposes - is Freddy Mercury.
  24. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    same here. I go through unread and load up to a dozen threads. They all load with no issue. Always have. At least I'm aware now should I get the issue...