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  1. rm2551

    Today In Led Zeppelin History

    I'd bet it does, and in the possession of one James Patrick Page. And I doubt it will ever be made public within his lifetime.
  2. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    That's gold. It sounds exactly like something the late, great Groucho Marx would say.
  3. rm2551

    Phrases that make your blood boil.

    "our prayers are with (subject name)" Shove your prayers up your ass - they are useless. They may help you feel better about pretending you've done something, but is pointless to the targeted people. It is far better (and important) to state 'you stand with' people or sympathise with them. At least that's real.
  4. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin 50 Years Later - The Economist (Article)

    " They hardly make for easy listening, but the songs have retained their fame" says who? I don't know more easy to listen to music than theirs. Funny byline for an article.....
  5. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Such a I'd add, never grow up, just grow old. Be responsible, yeah. Be serious when required, but don't lose that cheeky smile, sense of humour, wonder at stuff like space, child like excitement at new adventures/travels/etc. Don't leave it all behind in memories of childhood, keep the best of it firmly in your psyche. Revert to it often. It will keep you young physically as well as balanced mentally.
  6. rm2551

    What's the weather like where you are?

    freezing in the early morning and gorgeous during the day. Heading for low of 3c and high of 29c next week. Quite a spread! cmon Spring......
  7. Ive recently been thinking about playlists. But a mix of official studio and live stuff and nice sounding boots. Stuff I could put together for the 1 1/2 hour drive to my parents house and back, much shorter ones for work, 2-3 hour ones for when I very rarely get 'me' time on the weekends to get nice and stoned and put on the headphones in my study in the dark and just get lost in the majesty, 30minute ones for when I take the car to work instead of the bike. I'll get around to it one of these days.....
  8. rm2551


    He thought he was using his inner voice, it's just a self-coaching thing.
  9. rm2551

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Eating healthy now. Apparently the "whatever I want, whenever I want in the quantity I want" is no longer sustainable. Whodathunkit?!?!? I'm now getting used to things like Low GI, heart friendly, low this, low that..... So far it's not too bad actually.
  10. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    I got to the checkout on this, converts to over a hungie with freight and GST. I backed out....
  11. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    Why doesn't Jimmy reproduce the more iconic and rare shirts? I'd be into them FOR SURE. I'm sure many, many others would as well.
  12. rm2551

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    OTHAFA - Bonham is owning that supreme.
  13. rm2551


    Boom!!!!! The principles we try to build into our democratic systems far exceed the intellectual capacities and the current intelligence levels of the general public. Bill Maher hits the nail on the head when he hammers the American public as being stupid - but he misses a key point. It is not just the American public. They are not unique. It is the middle and lower middle classes in all the modern developed countries. So easily lead into the bullshit political reality without any real push back or challenge for our leaders to be better leaders. to actually change/improve the political discourse. Either the best of us and our leaders are incapable of delivering real change, or they do not care to. While political change must be like turning around an Aircraft Carrier, (it takes a lot of time, planning and detailed execution, *not my best analogy, but the only one I can think of right now), you will find most leaders in a 3 to 5 year political cycle are unwilling to sacrifice their political ambition in favour of what they believe to truly be the best thing for their country. It's not a "conspiracy" so much as just human nature and the way the modern free market capitalist 2 party system is structured. The relatively few humans that do possess a far greater intellect and disposition are far too up against it to effect fundamental shifts. It is generational. The best we can do is target our educational systems to churn out students of a generally higher caliber. How we do that is where one of the most crucial debate lies (IMHO). Jettisoning organised religion - when it finally happens, will detach a massive anchor and humanity will start to move forward unlike we have so far. A different focus. Spirituality. Exploration. Ambition. These may come back to the fore. But for now, we wallow in the first half of the 21st century. Not even as "great" as the early second half of the last century. At least then we put almost a dozen humans on the moon! We all knew who the enemy was (totalitarian systems of government). And had the greatest decade in music in human history.
  14. hahahahaaaaaaa. Money is the motivation? NOPE. Great management!!!!
  15. rm2551


    Boom! I have been saying this for a few years now. It is a false paradigm that serves powerful entities, NOT the electorate. Democracy should work much better, but is at the mercy of elected officials who wholly and solely buy into the current framework of political discourse. This is a complete corruption of what a democracy and political dialogue should be. Like how organised religion is a complete corruption of real spirituality. Until we have a smarter electorate and a candidate who is universally recognised as (and actually is) being genuinely driven by a agenda to advance the country (whatever modern western country that happens to be), and who has a very astute political brain as well as an agenda supported by his/her parliament/congress/house of reps - we aren't going to make much headway. A lot of the current disillusion also falls on the MSM for no longer being about a service industry. It is now just another arm of a media entity that also needs to maximise profits. This alone renders MSM unworkable (a profit driven model) in my view.
  16. It's very worrying there is no hype of something coming up. Maybe instead of another drawn out press junket which must not be appealing to Page he is going to shock us all and engage instant super-hype by appearing and playing live without notice. Instantly galvanizing us lot as well as conjuring up a much wider ground swell of interest and excitement??? Probably not, I admit. But that would be a serious BOSS move by the man. If he does finally bite the bullet and get the F out there and play, that'd be the way to do it. Don't announce, just appear at a modest, nice venue under a pseudonym. I should be his manager.....
  17. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I know Hitchens used to say Kissinger was a war criminal. Whats the brief gist of that?
  18. rm2551


    BBC is my primary source. While some see it as left leaning, I more tend to think it is as neutral as your likely to find. They present news in a way that clearly seperates when they are giving facts, and when they are offering an opinion or a viewpoint. It's just a lot cleaner presentation in my view. Al Jazeera is good to view world events from a different voice as well. Get another perspective on a story that may be different to BBC/others, but valid in they also clearly present stories.
  19. rm2551

    Led Zeppelin Live book with unseen photos

    Wow, that stage with the stonehenge stage decore and the Zeppelin above, was that common?
  20. Thanks maaaaate!
  21. rm2551

    Performers With 9 Lives

    ^Yeah, actually, Jimmy is out, Ozzy is in.
  22. rm2551

    Performers With 9 Lives

    Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Steve Tyler (or Joe Perry, not sure who was more out there).
  23. rm2551

    Sock in Plant's pants during TSRTS

    Plant was fucking groupies by the dozens. Even back in the mid '80's that was known (when I first started listening). Whatever he was doing, it was working for him. I don't recall anything every being suggested where he may have been bi. while I saw he dressed in blouses, I never assumed it had anything to do with sexuality as he seemed to me he was just be a Rock God kinda figure. Interesting how you thought that translated into a sexual context like that. Never occurred to me.
  24. Are you sure? Because the effect itself I wouldn't mind except it completely distorts the drums. Seems like that is a really lame effect when it fucks one thing up to change another. I thought it was post processing as they thought that specific note needed an assist from post-processing and they were happy to live with a drum distortion. I never understood it since the first time I heard it. It just detracts.
  25. rm2551

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Yes indeed Strider. LEGENDS one and all. Give them fellas a medal and a damn hearty hand shake, congratulations, and well done sirs! They truly are heroes.