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  1. Finland 100 years

    Tomorrow, December 6, will be the centenary of Finland's independence. Finland became an independent state in 1917. Today Finland is one of the most technologically advanced, equal, safest, cleanest and overall best countries in the world. So congratulations to Finland and all of my fellow Finns! Let's make the next 100 years even better!
  2. Photography

    Yesterday in Imatra:
  3. Finland 100 years

    Many countries around the world are honoring Finland's centenary. Here's some pictures. Colosseum in Finnish colours: Tel Aviv city hall:
  4. Finland 100 years

    Believe it or not but in Finland most of us don't see it as a mistake at all. Without that alliance we wouldn't be celebrating our centenary right now. Necessary evil to fight another evil. In 1944 -1945 Finland was actually fighting against them.
  5. Finland 100 years

    Jean Sibelius is our most famous composer. Finlandia is like a second national anthem for us.
  6. Photography

  7. Photography

    Here's the church of Kajaani, a beautiful example of wood architecture:
  8. Photography

    Over 10 million visitors, wow! There's only 5,5 million people in Finland!
  9. Photography

    We were walking through an old orthodox cemetery the other day and I took this with my phone. I think it has an interesting atmosphere
  10. Photography

    Oulu, Finland, July 2017
  11. The Racing Thread

    In last weekends race in Singapore Vettel's agressive move at the start might have cost him the championship. Hamilton is now 28 points ahead. Poor Kimi, once again the mistakes of others ruined his race. He probably would have been leading after the first corner.
  12. Photography

    More Lapland photos: reindeers, reindeers everywhere!
  13. Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    10 years ago:
  14. Photography

    We visited Lapland a month ago. These pictures are from the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park and the area nearby.
  15. Photography

    I saw Guns N' Roses live last week in Hämeenlinna, Finland. 55 000 people were there. Here's some cell phone photos:
  16. The Racing Thread

    Lot has happened since I posted here last time. Bottas took his first victory in Russia and another one today in Austria. He has shown that he is a worthy driver. In Azerbaijan Vettel lost it completely and hit Hamilton on purpose behind the safety car. Bottas overtook Stroll right before the finish line, finishing second despite being a lap behind at one point. And Kimi... well, even when things go badly he still manages to entertain the people
  17. The Racing Thread

    YES! Bottas takes his first pole 0,023 seconds ahead of Hamilton!
  18. The Racing Thread

    Qualifying in Bahrain will begin in about half hour. Ferrari and Mercedes seem to be very close to each other and Red Bull is not far behind. Fernando Alonso will drive Indy 500 instead of the Monaco GP this year. Who would have thought?
  19. the Star Wars thread...

    Teaser trailer for The Last Jedi:
  20. Photography

    These are from Suomenlinna sea fortress, an UNESCO world heritage site in Helsinki: There's dozens of these tunnels in the area: s: The grave of Augustin Ehrensvärd, the founder of the fortress:
  21. Photography

    From Helsinki this week:
  22. John Paul Jones - Tres Coyotes

    They used bass, mandolin, cello and piano (JPJ played bass, mandolin and piano). The whole concert was improvisation, really difficult to describe. Some parts felt like classical music, some remotely reminded me of Jimmy Pages bow solos, probably because of the high cello sounds. And then there were the parts with mandolin... let's just say that the concert was different
  23. The Racing Thread

    F1 season continues this weekend in China. Ferrari was strong in the first race, interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum.
  24. John Paul Jones - Tres Coyotes

    Unfortunately there wasn't much time to speak with him. Just got autograph, thanked him and shook hands. But still, like you said, awesome experience!
  25. John Paul Jones - Tres Coyotes

    Here's couple of pics I took with my phone yesterday. JPJ's equipment: I got an autograph from John and shook hands with him: