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  1. FACT= Page was actually on the stones payroll for quite someX , page played what kieth could NOT on MANY more songs than anyone would begin to know! i dont think he can even play anymore LOOK @ his hands!! thats my input! feel free to correct me if im wrong!
  2. how can i hear the rehearsal kashmir ????
  3. any one want to try playing it themselves ? post it here all for fun.... lets see how close you can get
  4. once in this FORUM there was a link to a lady from russia? who had like OVER 5000 of CRAZY daily pictures of them even at home on pourches or drinking coffie or ? just the most rarest pictures NO ONE HAD EVER SEEN! there were sO many i fell asleep at the computer at like 300 with my head spinning ! WHERE are they now? HOW DO I FIND THEM again?
  5. and for now lets NOT get him excited about that kind of work ,hes got other BETTER things hes promiced to us!
  6. well......he HAS to have plenty , just for example : the bonzo solo footage that was cutout of TSRS while they played his drag racing ! rite ? that alone is something he likely has that we would love to see!
  7. thanks for your view ,& i just checked out that FOR YOUR LIFE solo , you can hear those springs for sure ,interesting! its def a different kind of solo, likely if its also on the original version also is how IN THE EVENINGS "bladstoff" came about, maybe!
  8. hey thanks mith & everyone else ! im going to order it asap then! so what other books do u recommend ?40? woe!
  9. BUT HOW was the rest of the book? any good insight on grants view of the band , or songs ? or any fun stories? his perspective must of been one of amazement & a hellofa ride too!
  10. HERE IT IS AGAIN OMG CHECK THIS OUT !!! listen BEFORE the camara turns to page ,because he alteady started while the camara is on a violin? or ? AND ITS REALLY GOOD
  11. how will i find it again, im sure i posted it here,everyones got to see it!
  12. what happend to the live footage i posted here of pagey doing the blast off ??? it was a very important video for this topic, a REALLY GREAT version
  13. i your reply , it put me to back then , a glimps of what was in the air
  14. i wish i was catching the chatter about back then, there HAD TO have been ALOT of it! wish some players would attempt it & post it here for us to see!