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  1. Funny that i just noticed ive reponded to this topic & or thread several X's over the yrs lmao ! Please excuse me! Evedently i got nothing NEW to add
  2. THIS IS THE ANSWER U ARE LOOKING FOR: Plant DOES slip in lil Morrison lines QUITE OFTEN. Even during his solo concerts . Example: In Columbus Ohio during the Band of Joy tour , about 1/2 into the show he slipped in the phrase "is everybody in" (= direct Morrison quote). He sneaks in different Morrison phrases it seems as a treat for those of us are aware he has been doing this for a long time. So much in fact that we were anticipating it watching the 02 arena show in 2007 but sadly they chopped it out of the Celebration Day CD, however its on a Utube bootleg video & it was WONDERFUL ! On a side note: look through older pics of plant dated shortly after Jims passing ( i believe ) & youll notice Plant is wearing the exact SAME red & white neckalace as Morrison wears in that iconic album sleeve picture of him shirtless with his arms stretched out towards the camera. Not so much as in a way he looked up to Jim like an idol as fans do musicians etc. Sometimes do but as a I heard Plant mention things over the years that give me the absolute impression that he looked to Jim as another member that was a part of the same musical movement at a special "space time" in history ! I hope this helped you visualize the real vibe of where plant is coming from, as u become aware of these special lil "inside" type gifts or nods he gives to the ones who are catching on to him. Not sure if he uses anyone elses terms or quotes but he DOES utilize Jim Morrison verbage! ! (Pls excuse my hasty spelling) ALSO: to who ever that was that said Plant said some negetive things re' Morrison 》U may have miss interpeted & please elaborate !
  3. z1inspector

    What did they think of other bands

    can u post that picture?
  4. z1inspector

    Greta Van Fleet

    BECAUSE they are LIARS! I seen that interview & u could see right through him. SHAME ON THE KID! Yea I got syked hearing the first song then as SOON as you hear their next song (Any) u catch on that these are all songs with mixed up Zep arangements ,intros ,lyrics ! More than using the same themes to a Zep song 》 u can literally call off different Zep songs by name that they are copying off of! Yes he sounds like the young "on the road singing live Robert" but singing to jumbled up Actual Zep songs music ! By the third song you are really ANNOYED that they think by calling off Zeps influences (Led Belly ,Howlin Wolf etc...) makes them legit! SINCE THEY MADE A POINT TO NOT mention the Almighty Zep as an influence 》 They lost their chance of any legit street cred when it comes down to it! Kingdom Come yrs ago blew it by pretending they never heard of Jimmy Page! "Get it On's" (btw a wonderful,powerful & fun song WHAT A RIFF! Vocals,lyrics ,drums all of it! Was just such an experience for the Zep thirsty teenager I was in the 80's. I would just close my eyes & pretend it WAS "our boys" who were "pushing hard to play their best" it made me Love Zep even more somehow!) .....Riff Might actually been lifted right from Jimmys stolen jam tapes yrs ago! who knows. I even question Claptons "Layla" riff ! Thats a Jimmy Page riff if i ever heard one! as Jimmy was just working with Clapton daily for months ! Next thing u know Claptons with Duane Alman (r.i.p.) across the ocean & idk whos claiming credit for the riff ! Pagey could have just been messin around jamming as he came up with his pet name for Eric "slowhand" ! Isnt Pagey who 1st called Clapton that?? Anyway Pagey & Jonesy got no reason to be impressed enough to mention Gretta Van Fleese because its their own chopped up sound. As far as Percy goes....he could probly care les the kid sounds alot like ANOTHER clone of him.
  5. z1inspector

    Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    FACT= Page was actually on the stones payroll for quite someX , page played what kieth could NOT on MANY more songs than anyone would begin to know! i dont think he can even play anymore LOOK @ his hands!! thats my input! feel free to correct me if im wrong!
  6. how can i hear the rehearsal kashmir ????
  7. z1inspector

    the "BLAST OFF" solo in "IN THE EVENING"

    any one want to try playing it themselves ? post it here all for fun.... lets see how close you can get
  8. once in this FORUM there was a link to a lady from russia? who had like OVER 5000 of CRAZY daily pictures of them even at home on pourches or drinking coffie or ? just the most rarest pictures NO ONE HAD EVER SEEN! there were sO many i fell asleep at the computer at like 300 with my head spinning ! WHERE are they now? HOW DO I FIND THEM again?
  9. z1inspector

    Jimmy Page's Vault

    and for now lets NOT get him excited about that kind of work ,hes got other BETTER things hes promiced to us!
  10. z1inspector

    Jimmy Page's Vault

    well......he HAS to have plenty , just for example : the bonzo solo footage that was cutout of TSRS while they played his drag racing etc..video ! rite ? that alone is something he likely has that we would love to see!
  11. z1inspector

    the "BLAST OFF" solo in "IN THE EVENING"

    thanks for your view ,& i just checked out that FOR YOUR LIFE solo , you can hear those springs for sure ,interesting! its def a different kind of solo, likely if its also on the original version also is how IN THE EVENINGS "bladstoff" came about, maybe!
  12. z1inspector

    Peter Grant book

    hey thanks mith & everyone else ! im going to order it asap then! so what other books do u recommend ?40? woe!
  13. z1inspector

    Peter Grant book

    BUT HOW was the rest of the book? any good insight on grants view of the band , or songs ? or any fun stories? his perspective must of been one of amazement & a hellofa ride too!
  14. z1inspector

    the "BLAST OFF" solo in "IN THE EVENING"

    HERE IT IS AGAIN OMG CHECK THIS OUT !!! listen BEFORE the camara turns to page ,because he alteady started while the camara is on a violin? or ? AND ITS REALLY GOOD