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  1. No, not high - and I don't do drugs buddy. You DO realize how the mellotron gets those sounds? Where they come from? Hummmm? Someone playing a recorder.
  2. Plenty live on 6Music today

    It irks me when Plant performs the Zeppelin songs because he says is no longer a "rock and roll singer" and doesn't want to be a "stadium act" anymore. He has an extensive solo catalog to chose from and I wished he had the same attitude he had back when he started a solo career.
  3. Tom Petty

    RIP Tom. Thanks for the music.
  4. I never claimed it was gospel. unfortunately, it is the only publication out there with documentation. ( Welsh actually talks to Dave Peg (bass player from A Way of Life) Bonzo's Drum tech etc including specifics as to how many springs were on the snare and at what time) (Dave Peg states that Bonzo was using a green sparkle Ludwig in the Band) It is your opinion about it being "clear" that the Marquee gig is a Slingerland. I don't share that opinion. The lugs size alone doesn't match the Slingerland. The book doesn't mention anywhere Bonzo owning a Slingerland. It does mention him owning s few Gretsch kits. I believe one can be seen in the recently uncovered 1968 promo for Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. Not the John Bonham bible or encyclopedia but a fair representation of Bonzo's equipment. The bottom line to the book was Bonzo was a Ludwig player all the way.
  5. Tried to find another larger scan of the Marquee photo. Best one I could find was from Led Zeppelin: The Concert File by Dave Lewis. I scanned the image. Then took the image and removed the red/orange to take a closer look at the logo behind Jimmy's knee. I zoomed in on the image to see the black shadow (which is the logo) and it does't appear to be a "d". The upper stem of the letter is not showing as black there. (Lead me to believe it is a "g".)
  6. We agree to disagree. Note that in the A Thunder of Drums book, the other kits that Bonham owned nowhere is a Slingerland kit listed. I believe the kit was rented for the first tour before recording LZ I. Given that the Marquee gig is local (within England) Bonzo probably used his own kit.
  7. Looks like a Ludwig to me. (It is subjective and difficult) But compare the metal lugs on the Tom-Tom. The Ludwig looks larger.
  8. Documented in John Bonham A Thunder of Drums Bonzo had used a Ludwig Kit as far back as the Band of Joy days. (He was using one when with Tim Rose in summer of 1968)
  9. From what I read a few months ago, Robert Plant owned the kit and was possibly going to auction off for charity. By the way, the drum kit that Bonzo used for When the Levee Breaks was a green sparkle kit that was just purchased around late 1970 early 1971. I believe this kit is the one Bonham used for Led Zeppelin I.
  10. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    Not the biggest fan on the drum sounds on this recording nor is it anyhere near their best performance. Zeppelin's Germany 73 or Copenhagen 1979 shows are their pinnacle. (IMHO)
  11. Greta Van Fleet

    More Humble Pie than Led Zeppelin.
  12. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Second verse is pretty close to the Zeppelin III version.
  13. Led Zeppelin's most beautiful song?

    The Rain Song. There is an acoustic instrumental from the Death Wish II soundtrack called Carole's Theme which could have been a cool Zeppelin track if tragedy hadn't happened.
  14. I though the band was loose and enjoyed playing. Overall great performance from the band for both Seattle shows. The issue I had was that Trampled Under Foot went off the ledge. The band wasn't in sync. The reason could be because Plant had added Since I've Been Loving You just before they were to play TUF.
  15. Guitar used on I'm Gonna Crawl?

    Les Paul (Both Pickups on) for solo, for verses Les Paul treble pickup with small amp and vibrato (from amp), for louder sections Les Paul both pickups.