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  1. sixpense

    Potential Zep Reunion? Probably not.... but Maybe...

    "Fake News"........again
  2. And she did it with one foot Jason! :-)
  3. sixpense

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Video looks like from a restaurant not his home.
  4. Uh........... Jimmy.................., remember the film "It Might Get Loud" ?
  5. Observations of the RSD single release: Rock and Roll sounded a little brighter. Jimmy's lead overdubs at the beginning are slightly different from the original and the end of the solo is different. Odds are the original had an edit at that section. Drum solo at the end has added reverb. Friends: No orchestra, Bongos more prominent in the mix and a different harmony line offered by Plant in the second verse. Glad I picked up a copy.
  6. sixpense

    Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    Page just attended the Jeff Beck documentary premiere and was asked what his next project was. He "reportedly" said, ' wake up in the morning!" Given that he was quoted back in 2014 that he was working on a solo project and it is now 2018...................Put a fork in him; He's done!
  7. Listened to the vinyl and was pleased it was available and the remastering improved the sounds from the original. The bass is clearer (not as booming as the original was) and the drums are warmer sounding. Overall production of the Super Deluxe set was well done.
  8. sixpense

    Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

    I recall Jimmy saying that he was not happy that no Black Crowes songs they performed live tracks were allowed to be released because of their record company.
  9. The band provided a book filled with photos from the two recorded shows in the Super Deluxe version. That is enough for me.
  10. Compared it to my DVD from 2003; not a great difference. Ever so sightly more bass and the drums sound a little fuller. (probably equalized during mastering)
  11. Memories, Like the corners of my mind.....................
  12. sixpense

    Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    Does Jimmy intend to tour under the name "Led Zeppelin Experience" ? Yea...................I know, What was I thinking!
  13. sixpense

    Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    Sounds like he is following what Grateful Dead has been doing. I look forward to the releases.