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  1. Robert and Shirley. Naughty Robert
  2. Jojesy also,wrote the epic "ascending" riff at end of Kashmir. It's complicated but it's part of the arrangement, not the song itself. But yeah, Jonesy did all that
  3. Well gee whiz I've been playing it wrong all these years I always played a Cdim9 chord sounded good to me !
  4. Man, Zep was obsessed with Trannies lol
  5. It's as if you haven't paid attention to anything Robert has said for past 1000 years. Remarkable level of disconnect.
  6. The only thing Presence lacks is low end. Its a fantastic sounding record with Bonzos drums captured super crisply and shimmering guitars everywhere
  7. It's not just Frankfurt. Some shows, like Munich and Mannheim, his tone is clearer and snappier, but then like you say it gets fuzzed out more in Frankfurt, and Rotterdam for example. I think Jimmy was experimenting with settings, this was a warm up tour after all. So some nights, he probably turned up the gain or Presence, fiddled with tone knobs etc. every venue sounds different, too. You gotta tweak things to work for you.
  8. This show literally drove them to Bron Y Aur. Fed up with the insanity of touring the South, death threats, etc, they headed for the woods to chill out.
  9. I don't fault Jimmy either the man spent way more time than the others working on their music he earned those extra bucks
  10. Great pics wow thx for sharing !
  11. By my count, Robert has released 4 albums since 2000, this will make 5 Jimmy has been promising a new album since 2000, we've gotten zero so far seems to me Robert has a bit more credibility eh?
  12. In My Time of Dying Fool in the Rain Achilles Last Stand When the Levee Breaks
  13. Presence rocks hard, the songs themselves may not be their best, but damn, Bonzo and Jimmy sound incredible so it's a winner. ITTOD I don't have a problem with. I think it was a bit of a "Zep 3" a transitional album. I do not believe Zep would've morphed into a cheesy 80s synth act. Listen to the Firm and Outrider, those are guitar heavy projects, Jimmy had regained control of the band by the 80 Tour. Robert may well have left temporarily to do a solo project to scratch whatever itch he had, but had Bonzo lived, he NEVER would've escaped Zep shadow, not by a billion miles. Ask Mick Jagger how his solo career turned out.
  14. It's easier than you think to fix Bonhams missing kick drum. 1. Firstly there is leakage. His kick drum was picked up by other Mics, so it's there, just not LOUD enough. 2. Sample let's say, 5 different kick drum hits from Bonzo from another night. 3. Go through concert at just paste paste paste paste paste it would take a little while, not as long as you think. A song a day is doable I'd say. The general public, and I dare say most of us would never know the difference.