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  1. bluecongo

    Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Here's my version of Ramble On played on my trusty Irish Bouzouki enjoy!
  2. bluecongo

    Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    He’s such a great acoustic player, I’d go insane for an album of acoustic instrumentals.
  3. bluecongo

    ARMS Benefit Concerts in NYC Dec 1983

    To clarify the Michael Palin quote is referring to shows at Royal Albert Hall not MSG
  4. bluecongo

    ARMS Benefit Concerts in NYC Dec 1983

    Page is on the record saying MSG was great, but he wished he wasn’t so rusty.
  5. bluecongo


    Im a big LA77 fan. Big 77 fan in general ! I wish MSG 77 was better represented sonically. I’ve never been able to get deep into those shows for that reason. my random 77 thoughts 6/7 I’m not a fan of because Jimmy is just too rough. Energetic, but rough. 5/22 I think one of best energetic shows of tour. 5/30 Bonzo sounds asleep 5/26 one of my personal faves very relaxed dynamic show with some nice fluid playing from Jimmy 6/23 my fave Zep show ever Jimmys best night of tour imho 5/21 I think is decent esp end of show 4/27 Jimmy is weak 7/17 ok in some parts when Jimmy wakes up later on and Roberts voice warms up. Strong Bonzo show 6/21 legendary show super energy but again, IMHO Jimmy a little too coked up and frantic in parts, still epic possible best Bonzo performance ever 6/25 solid show Jimmy very inspired in parts Robert very strong but Bonzo has downshifted 7/20 😂😂😂😂
  6. bluecongo

    Potential Zep Reunion? Probably not.... but Maybe...

    It’s the Sun, move along.......
  7. bluecongo

    The Trouble with Bonham. 1978-80

    Alcoholism made him a Jekyll/Hyde kinda person, very tragic. Alcohol is a depressant, I’m sure that didn’t help his confidence either.
  8. bluecongo

    Robert Plant: Full Interview | House Of Strombo

    Those fist pumping males are your FANS. They made you rich.
  9. bluecongo

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    I disagree with premise of this thread. Other years I understand but....... It should be titled “Appreciating Page 1973”
  10. bluecongo

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I request Ft Worth 77 review
  11. 29 Palms is a shit song pop crap
  12. bluecongo

    Jimmy doesn't play electric at London home?

    I thought the scenes in Jimmys basement from IMGL were filmed at Tower House?
  13. bluecongo

    Redditch to erect a statue of John Bonham in his honour

    Great to see it’s finally there! Cheers to the folks that made it happen.
  14. Re: Tuning Back in the day, shit just didn’t stay in tune. The technology of the time just wasn’t as good. Add the fact Jimmy used ultra light strings, and the fact that Les Pauls are notorious for not staying in tune, well there’s your recipe. i mean, don’t even get me started on poor Jimmys Strat in 79-80, but again, these were the days before locking nut tuners, etc etc its of its time