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  1. Tokyo 10-3-72 8mm Rare Footage

    Awesome !
  2. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    I saw Jimmy several times live, he's been fantastic. 88 & 98 especially. I understand your disagreements. Im a serious guitar player, I listen really closely, and have dissected Jimmys work. but I don't know if he was ever as fluid like he was that night in Copenhagen.
  3. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    As the years go by, Copenhagen 7.24 really is my favorite. Magic nite for Jimmy, he never played that well ever again in his life. Crazy right?
  4. Black Dog 2007

    The real answer since no one here has a clue is that they constructed a NEW intro. listen to the end of Ramble On. They pasted the end of What is and What Should Never Be to it then ended it on the first chord of Black Dog. Pretty darn clever and well thought out I'd say.
  5. Best matrices aside from Four Blocks in the Snow?

    I also did a matrix for Zurich 1980 and Mannheim 7/3/80 i think they're worth checking out if you like my other work
  6. Best Kashmir live version

    The version on new Seattle 3.21.75 is incredible. It's in my top 5 for sure
  7. Guitar used on I'm Gonna Crawl?

    Les Paul but don't know for sure guitar solo HAS to be a Les Paul
  8. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    I just realized that TYG is my work too. That YouTube user has a few of my videos up they're about 12 years old I'd say Here's Sick Again 75 style audio is from my 2.12.75 matrix
  9. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Here ya go !
  10. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    Believe it or not, I did this with Black Dog, and it kept kicks ass like you wouldn't believe. I may post !
  11. Would Only One Knebworth Show Have Been Better?

    The 11th is a debacle and one of Jimmys worst ever performances. It's sad because it should've been the better show, more relaxed, etc, but Jimmy , who has said himself he "wasn't well" n the 11th, just gagged it. I listened to Copenhagen 7.24 yesterday, can't believe it's the same guitarist sometimes. Addiction is a bitch
  12. Well, the song sonically maybe sounds interesting sorta, but there's no substance to it. Like most of it is just one chord and lots of "ahhhhs" It's ok nothing special his voice sounds good
  13. Robert Plant's Wedding Gift to Phil Collins Up for Auction

    Robert and Shirley. Naughty Robert
  14. Jojesy also,wrote the epic "ascending" riff at end of Kashmir. It's complicated but it's part of the arrangement, not the song itself. But yeah, Jonesy did all that
  15. Immigrant Song Ending Chord

    Well gee whiz I've been playing it wrong all these years I always played a Cdim9 chord sounded good to me !
  16. Germaine Greer's LZ Experience

    Man, Zep was obsessed with Trannies lol
  17. It's as if you haven't paid attention to anything Robert has said for past 1000 years. Remarkable level of disconnect.
  18. Did Presence have a bad mix?

    The only thing Presence lacks is low end. Its a fantastic sounding record with Bonzos drums captured super crisply and shimmering guitars everywhere
  19. 1980 Jimmy Page tone

    It's not just Frankfurt. Some shows, like Munich and Mannheim, his tone is clearer and snappier, but then like you say it gets fuzzed out more in Frankfurt, and Rotterdam for example. I think Jimmy was experimenting with settings, this was a warm up tour after all. So some nights, he probably turned up the gain or Presence, fiddled with tone knobs etc. every venue sounds different, too. You gotta tweak things to work for you.
  20. This show literally drove them to Bron Y Aur. Fed up with the insanity of touring the South, death threats, etc, they headed for the woods to chill out.
  21. Bill Curbishley: Fired by Page, later let Plant go...

    I don't fault Jimmy either the man spent way more time than the others working on their music he earned those extra bucks
  22. It's common knowledge Carouselambra is Plant writing about Zep towards the end. the key line of the song is "Take of the fruit but guard the seed " what is your interpretation of that lyric?
  23. Great pics wow thx for sharing !