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    Livin' long enough to see Pontiac Silverdome 1977 released on DVD. 1970 Bath, 1971 Japan soundboards, 1968 Europe and UK tours are also ones I hope to live long enough to see.

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  1. Strider

    Beautiful Women

  2. Strider

    Golf Talk

    The USGA won (or lost, depending on your point of view) the U.S. Open. Sun-baked greens from hell with impossible pin positions. I don't blame Mickelson for what he did. All that was missing from the course was a giant clown mouth to putt the ball through. People want the best golfers in the world tested, sure, but not torture-tested. The way the USGA let the course get away from them the element of skill was replaced by sheer luck as the determining factor of the winner. That's not golf...that's not sport...that's a coin-flip.
  3. Strider

    James Bond Movies

    Going to see "From Russia With Love" and "Goldfinger" tonight. Happy Father's Day! http://www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/content/from-russia-with-love-goldfinger
  4. Strider

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    A friend just brought me home-made baklavas. Yummm.
  5. Strider

    2018 MLB season thread

    Half the Halos are going to be on the DL by the All-Star break. Another season of promise soured. If the GM doesn't get his act together Trout will be gone as soon as he can be a free agent.
  6. Strider


    Die Mannschaft did not look ready to defend their World Cup title. Mexico should have been up 3-0 early if they had pulled the trigger instead of dithering around the goal box. Kick the damn ball!
  7. Strider


    Got up at 5 am to watch a friggin' tie. Although it shouldn't have been a tie...Messi blew it. I have long said Ronaldo was #1 over Messi and today proved that once again. Ronaldo shows up on the biggest stages. Messi doesn't. Iceland was lucky to get that point in their WC debut. I'm happy for them and happy it came at Argentina's expense. Now I have to wait until next Friday for Iceland's next match against Nigeria. Until then, the only match I'll see will probably be Germany vs. Mexico.
  8. Strider


    FFS, settle down Hoss. "Rebelling"? I'm not rebelling against anything. I simply don't choose to play. It's nothing personal. It's very simple, Rick. If it is not something I have the confidence in betting my own money then I don't play. American football, basketball, baseball...these are sports I know inside and out and will put money down in Las Vegas. And I will play the pools and pick-em contests. But soccer, especially World Cup? I have neither the expertise nor the passion to go through all the brackets and decipher one team's chances over another. I couldn't tell you the difference between Ghana and Russia and Iran, other than their team colours, if I tried. Iceland and Germany have my support but I'll see only 10% of the matches during the World Cup, at best. If soccer truly is the world's game, you don't need me in your WC contest. There are thousands of people on this forum that are not from the U.S. So I would think that the WC contest draws better than our NFL and MLB contests.
  9. Strider


    Hú! Hú! Hú!
  10. Strider

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Jules, can you do me a favour? PM me your snail mail address.
  11. Strider

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    Slumming it for lunch. Avert your eyes chillumpuffer.
  12. Strider


    Sunset hike with a friend.
  13. Strider


    Erdinger Weissbier is in my Top 10 of beers. Prost!
  14. Strider


    No I am not forgetting. But the EPL has great players from all over the world, too. My antipathy towards the World Cup stems from several things. 1. The politics and corruption of FIFA. Yes, Sepp Blatter is finally gone. But the stain and stench of his reign will linger on. 2. The incompetence of the referees. Because goal scoring is at a premium, the effect of a bad call is even more outsized than in other low-scoring sports such as hockey and baseball. I have seen more bad calls in World Cup matches than in all the Super Bowls, World Series and NBA Finals combined. It is maddening. 3. The sheer boredom of teams who "play not to lose" instead of "playing to win". Italy is the bane of World Cup and the root of this evil. Unfortunately, very few teams play like Germany, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Also, because of the nature of the WC draw you are not guaranteed a match of historic rivals like England vs. Germany or Argentina or Brazil vs. Argentina. Frequently, you get two countries with no history with each other at all. Whereas every week in EPL there are blood-feuds with intensity. I will still watch the World Cup this year, primarily because of the historic appearance of Iceland. My World Cup allegiances break down as follows. First, I root for the teams of my family roots...Ireland and Iceland. Ireland did not make it this time. Second, I root for Germany, the country I fell in love and bonded with during my years there in the Army. Third, I cheer for any of the British Empire teams that make it...England, Wales, New Zealand, Australia. If none of the above teams make it thru, then it comes down to either Brazil or the Netherlands if they are still alive. Teams I HATE and will never cheer for, not even if you paid me: Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Russia.