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  1. What a great show Alice Cooper and his band put on last night! All his theatrics are great and his band was hot. Nita Straus, his lead guitarist was excellent! During Billion Dollar Babies he had a real samurai sword he was wielding that had Alice Cooper money on it, he swooshed the sword and the money fell into the audience, and I got one! Also saved some streamers as a keepsake.
  2. Well, 48 hours have passed and I still have my email account. I almost replied to it at first, but backed down, and I'm glad I backed down. That was one of the most pointed, nerve racking phishing scams I have ever encountered.
  3. Got a suspicious email today that was supposedly from my email provider, saying they have noticed different computers from different locations logging into my account. It said I have 48 hours to reply directly to the email and asked for my name, user name, password, birthday and country to keep my account, or I will get locked out within 48 hours. I looked at the heading to see the email address that sent it, and it did not have my email provider's name in it. I think it's a phishing scam, usually your email provider will never ask you to send your password information in an email, it is done much more secure than that, so I haven't replied to it. They didn't know or have my name either in the email. Like I said, it may just be a phishing scam, but I will know for sure within 48 hours. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not legit. If it is, it will screw me up.
  4. Alice Cooper's opening song in Vegas last night, the first date of his tour with Deep Purple and Edgar Winter.
  5. Seen on the news the other day that there are two huge Powerballs to be won.
  6. I binged watched Kung Fu the other weekend.
  7. I agree with what Mecurious said too, except there is so much material on this thread now...
  8. I third it! Happy Birthday Debbie!
  10. This is a pretty cool song, I haven't heard this song in a while.
  11. Jason Bonham brought out Kaleb Johnson from America's Got Talent for vocals on Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville Jully 28, 2017.