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  1. luvlz2

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy belated birthdays to kingzoso and Stormbringer!
  2. luvlz2

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Strange, I thought Roy Clark passed away many years ago. Definitely dug his guitar playing.
  3. luvlz2

    Random Thoughts v.3

    😀 Definitely! I've seen their commercials on different channels all times of the day/night, but I think I see them the most on rerun channels. They keep coming up with new stuff too it cracks me up. They have the tac lighter, the tac light, the tac zoom and more, all boasting military grade/tough type of stuff. It is kind of cheesy! 😀 I definitely believe that! Although I know your statement is definitely serious you made me laugh with it and thanks I needed the laugh!. 😀
  4. luvlz2

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Just saw for the first time the as seen on tv commercial for the "tac camera". I guess it's practical but it just seems like paranoid devices made for a paranoid world. It makes me paranoid. What a paranoid world we live in nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzHxD1x1ftE
  5. luvlz2

    Christmas Songs

  6. luvlz2

    Christmas Songs

    You know I know it's early but there are a lot of Christmas albums/songs in the last month or two that have come out. Here's one from William Shatner's recently released "Shatner Claus". http://ultimateclassicrock.com/william-shatner-shatner-claus/
  7. luvlz2

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    This man's comics had a big affect on me growing up. R.I.P.
  8. luvlz2

    The "Walking Dead"

    A friend at work has been telling me the last two seasons sucked, but right now it's better than ever. He says it's like it used to be again.
  9. luvlz2

    Make me laugh!

  10. The Song Remains The Same - Re-edited
  11. luvlz2

    The Black Sabbath Thread

    Wow, cool story!
  12. luvlz2

    The Black Sabbath Thread

  13. luvlz2

    Christmas Songs