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  1. The whole band was stellar when I saw them. Dave Kilminster sounded sounded so fucking good IMO on the new song Picture That. Dogs and Pigs (Three Different Ones) was worth the price of admission itself!
  2. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    It escapes me now how many times he's been here in concert in the Phoenix area. I think this could very well be the last time he ever comes to Phoenix, but as you said who knows how long he will go...looking forward to seeing him again this coming Monday! Strictly speaking as a solo artist I've caught all his Phoenix concerts except 1990, and caught him in Vegas for the Dreamland tour.
  3. Maybe one of the best shows I have seen from him, but he always puts on a good show though!
  4. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    Starting to really sink in the concert is only a week away!
  5. Roger Waters

    Anyone recently catch Roger Waters?
  6. Zebra 35th Anniversary gig

    Interesting now 8 years later they are doing a 35th anniversary tour in the west coast, but it's the 35th anniversary of the debut album. Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA. 2/8/18
  7. Star Trek

  8. Robert Plant Live: Phoenix


    Looking forward to it!
  9. The Southern/Lynyrd Skynyrd Thread

    We are getting a triple bill this May with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws and Bad Company. The main draw for me going is Bad Company, though I like Skynyrd and The Outlaws, it's actually a good lineup. I can dig a concert like this. It's weird, as I was looking at ticket prices on the seating map, in the past I have always seen it indicated when a ticket is from a reseller, but with this show, it doesn't indicate, though I can tell which ones are reseller tickets by looking at the prices. I think it's kind of uncool that they don't indicate reseller tickets anymore. But yeah I should be going to this.
  10. A recent interview with New York City classic rock radio station Q104.3.
  11. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    My friend is a floyd fanatic, he just sent me some pictures of a division bell mailbox that he made, with help, pretty cool!
  12. Meeting forum members in the flesh

    His home stereo is quadraphonic, but his home theater system is 5.1.