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  1. luvlz2

    Random Thoughts v.3

  2. luvlz2

    Random Thoughts v.3

    This board is like a tight knit family.
  3. So nothing Led Zeppelin or related announcements for this upcoming Record Store Day?
  4. luvlz2

    The Retro Thread

    Yeah, used to do the same thing to my toys with those M-80s. I remember eating the filling of my Stretch Armstrong because it tasted like strawberry jam, found out after accidentally puncturing it.
  5. luvlz2

    The LP corner

    My local record store (The In Groove) had a promotional copy of TSRTS sitting on the shelf last night. Though the binding is worn on the end of the album cover the price was reasonable for $30 so I got it Really a very cool piece of Led Zeppelin memorabilia.
  6. luvlz2

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Been thinking about what a great band Genesis was and am listening to them.
  7. 20th anniversary this year of Walking Into Clarksdale, how lucky we were for this collaboration. What a treat it was.
  8. luvlz2

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    Coda was an exciting release for me. I listened to it quite a lot. Would absolutely include it.
  9. luvlz2

    Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary

    Wonder if they are going to do much with these digital download and streaming platforms. Been kind of quiet since the interview clips that were posted a couple of weeks ago.
  10. luvlz2

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Just watched on the news Hurricane Michael footage saying at one point it was a category 4, wow! You guys stay safe who are in it's path.
  11. luvlz2

    The Retro Thread

    Do post.
  12. luvlz2

    Headlines We'd Like To See

    The Firm reunite just to do a half hour version of "Full Circle" and throw in a half hour version of "Cadillac". 🤣
  13. luvlz2

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    never mind
  14. luvlz2

    Halloween Music

  15. luvlz2

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Coolest day we have had today since the past winter.
  16. luvlz2


    ^^Trying to tune into that is the last thing that's on my mind Monday morning as I'm getting ready for work but I'm sure I'll be able to youtube it when I get home.
  17. luvlz2

    Make me laugh!

  18. luvlz2

    Phil Collins officially quits music business

  19. luvlz2

    The Rest in Peace Thread

  20. Since I was born the year Zeppelin came to be in 1968 makes it pretty easy to count, I'll be 100 years old for Zeppelins 100th anniversary.
  21. luvlz2

    Make me laugh!