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  1. I'm heading to barnes and nobles in a sec and I wanna know what some good choices are
  2. Yeah, vanderbilly, he's really good. I'm using his site to learn the NQ live solo, but I can't really learn it note for note, so I thought I'd just use some of the main licks and improvise to fill in the gaps.
  3. JPJ is playing over the NQ live solo on TSRTS? I'm trying to record a backing track for the solo for fun.
  4. "Oh what misery without quarter"
  5. I was lucky enough to see the Love show in Vegas. It was great, but I don't really see it happening with LZ songs.
  6. I'm guessing something from the 77 tour.
  7. It almost sounded like he over-bent the first note, like he was still trying to reach the E. Thought that was kinda funny.
  8. I always thought it sounded more like Jimmy..
  9. Studio: Over the Hills and Far Away Live: No Quarter
  10. Yes, there is such a thing as a whammy pedal... it alters the pitch
  11. Sounds like he's using a whammy bar in it, so is it the Strat? Doesn't really sound like a strat though..