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  1. Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    my copy is underway ...You might want to check the two tracks (Heartbreaker and Thank You) from the new stereo AUD source in the 'Best 71 and 72 Japan boots' thread on this website. I liked them, so I made the jump. The sound resembles the Front Row recording from the previous night quite a bit: The bass still a bit on the hot side but not overbearing and also less prone to flutter. Not in the same league as the first 50 minutes from 923 released on Timeless Rock (WT), but very enjoyable.Judge yourself
  2. Best 71' & 72 Japanese Tours bootlegs

    Great, thanks for sharing. Most definetly better than the TDOLZ source. Nice atmosphere
  3. Master List of All Soundboard recordings

    Pretty sure there must be some boards from 72, they're just lining somewhere in a different vault. Can't believe why they would have thought, ; "Oh let's leave the Revox at Home, we're gonna play shitty in Australia, Europe, America and Japan this year. Maybe we'll take it back on the road in 1973 " Zeppelin introduced quite a few songs from Houses on the setlist as 72 progressed and they surely would love to assess them. Nope, the fact Jimmy wheeled out a mobile unit for California proved they were very very confident. The reason 69 is well represented is the fact that they could use the extra airplay (most of them are Broadcast recordings; The Fillmore shows for KSAN, the Beeb sessions, Scandinavia, Paris ,...)
  4. Spot on, Mook! Jimmy sounds like the Shadows : twangy, clean... OK with Bonzo they sound like the Heavy Shadows
  5. Favorite HMMT performance?

    and Jimmy' s favorite version as well. While discussing his plans for a chronological live album in the mid seventies he specifically mentioned this winning version. I prefer the one's where he uses the bow, such as the april 27 1969 Fillmore W version. Naughty version
  6. 1/22/73 Southampton multitrack

    Seems like he changes bass guitar because of these problems...First Jazz, than the infamous V and the precision is next
  7. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Yes and 'the different perspective' gives us a lot of room for interpretation -'How the West Was Won' versus 'How the East Was Won' is one way to shed a different perspective -Assembling a Chronological live album (68, 70, 71, 73, 75, 78 )is another approach. -combining an early 68 club date with Earl's Court would yield a third possibility. I would take the first option, but wouldn't mind the two others
  8. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Man, I would love a complete show in this quality, but I doubt it. The Grateful Dead employed a dedicated roadie for recording the famous Betty boards...With two Nagra open reel decks, Betty captured a lot of their shows in terrific fidelity (check out the 77 Cornell University 2CD set from last year!). Obviously Zeppelin was a little less concerned about their live legacy and the existing tapes always seemed to me more for evaluation purposes than for enjoyment. I could be wrong however and maybe these North American SB recordings were just a warming up for the sound tech at the mixing desk, and maybe he got better and better in changing tape reels between the songs, ...I really do hope so. On the other hand the quality of the Summer SB recordings get worse as the tour progresses: Orlando is nice, Toronto sounds OK but dull and Hampton is clipped. As I mentioned before 1/4" tapes were not cheap, but not overly expensive either in the early seventies And for a successful band, reserving a set of four reels per show would not be the end of the world. Let's wait and see.
  9. Moby Dick from Long Beach Arena was released on One More Daze(Dynamite Studio) in 1992. It was not complete, clocking in at 18 minutes, it cut out a bit before the outro. The same great quality as the other two LB tracks on Studio Daze.
  10. top 5 favorite No Quarters

    5-23-75 soundboard?
  11. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Yes it is a dub from the multitrack. The stereo separation is a dead giveaway. No 'stage' recording could capture this kind of detail. And yes it was rumored to be wiped after their return to the UK. But it was reviewed in 2003 as a companion release for DVD/HTWWW. And it's back on the desk... But Jimmy told the Dutch magazine 'Gitarist' that he is not willing to fork out royalty's for all this covers in the medley .
  12. Next Soundboard Release

    that's not correct. Don't get me wrong I loathe Moonchild's abuse of Winstons name, but the most recent 5O+ Moonchild titles are cheap re-releases of Beatles, Clapton, U2, Prince, Guns'n Roses, Zeppelin (the 75 US Soundboards, BBC 71, LA Forum 72 ), Jackson Browne, Boz Scags and Paul Weller stuff.

    Don't know where the original interview with Jimmy was published, but there's a lengthy quote on the live anthology in the "Led Zeppelin the Concert File" 5Lewis/pallet). Jimmy says there is a winning version of No Quarter from EC.
  14. Next Soundboard Release

    Me neither. I don't have the statistics but Seattle 21 is by all accounts a pretty hot seller ...albeit in a disasterously declining silver market. So it would be unfair to compare it's succes to a hot show released in the nineties where this kind of release would have sold thousands (re-issues included) That's why Tarantura, Antrabata or sanctuary never bothered If their first run sold out in the early nineties, they just concentrated on their next release . The initial Empress Seattle boxed sets have a limited run of less than 100 to 300 copies. But EV pressed a lot more Seattle CD's!. These silvers being distributed either as the plain Jane jewell case edition or the recent 10 CD Vancouver/Seattle 75 boxed set. That makes Empress current businessplan being drasticaly different compared to the previous generation of suprême boot labels. EV manages to cover a broad market, from the affluent middle aged collector who is willing to fork out 350 $, to a younger audience, who buys popular shows like Texas pop, fillmore, Eddie, or BB Hill on silver 2 or 3 CD sets for 20 to 50 $ . See what Moonchild is doing nowadays. They are reIssuing that old stuff at Lightning speed.... at even cheaper prices
  15. best version of earls court 25.5.75

    IMTOD is the only tracks on the official DVD that was culled of the 24th. For the other Earl's Court tracks, the last night was used. The EC video on DVD was synched with audio from the multitrack mixdown. This YT clip is a direct rip from DVD with superior audio. All other boot DVD's from EC May 24 & 25 only feature a monaural soundtrack from the video line feed.