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  1. 1975/1977 - All About The USA?

    Important to note, by 1975 Great Britain was under Labor Party government and Zep opted to become tax exiles (like the Stones). Working and living in the U.K would have cost them a small fortune. Dennis Heally imposed a tax rate as high as 90% for the big earners....Percy is constantly referring to this cut throat situation during the Earl's Court Shows. This era would end in 1979 when Maggie and the Tories took over.
  2. The same occurred after the purchase of PG in March 2015 They asked me to send a photograph of the download card...seemingly my personal code was already used (hacked???), which was strange since I bought it brand new sealed from Amazon. I got a new code from Warner, the same day
  3. best album?

    I have to admit, choosing my fave Zep albums has always been prone to slight changes. Zep III was in pole position during several years, loved the sequencing, the glossy gatefold (which for one reason or another, smelled a bit like turpentine). Physical Graffiti followed, since it has even more of the Zep III goodness, plus more (Kashmir and Trampled for instance and featured an even more elaborate die cut cover). The last years I returned to my first Zep acquaintance (Zep II, bought it early 1974). Since it was so loud, I had to listen to it through headphones all the time, studying the album's gatefold cover. So that one holds a special place. ....However, if I had to go to the desert island, I wouldn't leave unless I, II, III, IV and graffiti were in my trolley (together with 929, Texas Pop, Fillmore W. April 27, Vienna 73 and Eddie.)

    They first recorded May 23 and that recording sufferd from the same syndrome as The Who's Live at Hull. This time the kick drum was not recorded properly. Considering the additional dates were added later on, one might think the mobile unit was already reserved or it became too expensive.

    I'm afraid the multitrack mobile studio was only wheeled out for the initial EC dates (May 23, 24 & 25). When they added 17 and 18 to the itinerary "due to unprecedented demand", no multi track recordings were planned. As for possible soundboard recordings that's anybody's guess if Jimmy has these. The popular mono 'stage' recordings that became available since the late 80's (Toasted Condor), 90's (SIRA, Dynamite Studio's, Tarantura,...) and later on with Watchtower and Empress, are in fact sourced from the video reels. Sorry to spoil the party
  6. It's true the Japan 1971 multi's were vetoed as a companion release to HTWWW. Balance issues, surely... Pending Royalty checks, definetly ...in the end I believe it was just too much work at the time. Remember the primary goal was to release DVD. HTWWW was a nice by product. Compared to the herculian work on the footage restoration, the synching of multi track recordings to the film and video reels, preparing the west coast shows was a piece of cake. Some editing, splicing together the best tracks from Long Beach and L.A and there you go. In a sense it was almost as easy as the Beeb sessions, since the multi's were pristinely recorded by Eddie Kramer. From it's day of release, the bland artwork of HTWWW Displayed a huge contrast to the DVD. The BBC sessions or Early Days/latter days could hardly be qualified as pure Zep artwork, but the 3cd design was downright substandard The Japan tour had them in such fine shape, Jimmy acknoledges the importance of these performances. What choices he will make is anybody's guess.... But I'm afraid WLL from the last Osaka show is a big No No for copyright reasons, obviously. Jimmy already mentioned he is not going to pay hefty soms of royalties 'for completeness sake'. The first Budokan show on the other hand is vintage 1st album jukebox....so that version gets my votes. How much I love the 929 set, I guess most of that particular medley would end up the on the splicing block. Bottom line: I believe a Japan compilation of sorts, coupled with a best of Earl's Court and maybe some other goodies will see the light of day in 2018. Most likely in seperate boxed sets.
  7. Suspicions

    The late Bill Graham (Winterland and Fillmore East and West) was wan ardent taper (just like 'funky' Claude Nobs). Thanks to him we can enjoy Zep's 1969 January 11 and two April (24 and 27) recordings. His 'Wolfgang's Vault' is a true treasure trove. Maybe Claude taped the 71 show and maybe other shows at Winterland or the Fillmores have been recorded as well...yes we can dream
  8. Suspicions

    The fact we have a near pro grade audio fragment doesn't mean it is sourced from a multi track. For live recordings European broadcasting companies used one or two 1/4" reel to reel machines with a separate mixing console and a set of microphones. Most likely Claude Nobs had a similar set up at the casino. You can achieve professional results this way. Under condition the mix is spot on. Making adjustments afterwards is limited to EQ'ing and balancing the left/right signal.
  9. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    I agree with Sensei Pluribus, Jones's low bass signal is a giveaway. Jimmy's Marshall stacks also sound quite subdued. And yes, the oomph of Bonzo's kit on the Stoke SB is stunning, but:fast forward to the U.S 73 soundboards and you'll find amongst the Buffalo's, Ft Worths, Dallas etc...the Mobile SB . IMHO again one of the pleasant surprises drum wise. Every boards sounds different, but nevertheless you can distinguish pretty easy which tour these boards come from. The Winter UK tour has that hissy and compressed 'blanket' sound. Vienna/Germany fragments sound more trebbley and aggressive. The US 73 boards have a nice balance but sound a bit duller. OK I'll have a shot of 75 SB now :-)
  10. Black Dog in film TSRTS

    Don't you think a lot of the splicing had to do with the horror of programming a live Zep performance to a double vinyl album? I can imagine the pressing plant engineer raised his eyebrows when a 26' (edited) version of Dazed and Confused had to be squeezed on side 2. As for Dancing Days removal of the set list, you'll have to check the Detroit SB version...not particularly inspired if you ask me. Certainly compared to the 72 and Winter/spring 73 versions. Jimmy as a producer was never an advocate of a warts and all experience, I think.
  11. The full taper's story from the March 21 1975 show was featured in Proximity (April 1995). I recall Hugh interviewed the chap responsible for the very good/exc. AUD tape from first 2/3 of the show. The taper is referred to as 'Mr.Supersonic'. He used a Tandberg mono reel to reel deck with an external mic. After he got in, he installed his gear on a pile of chairs -not in the back of the arena, but rather on the balcony, - and enjoyed the show. Sadly, except for the 17th no mentions on any of the other legendary Seattle shows from 72 and 73 however.
  12. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    I think he just hated the compact Farfisa organ. He used the Hammond organ on the previous tours and clearly enjoys improvising on the big Hammond. Was he forced to travel light during the summer 70 US jaunt and leave the Hammond in the UK ? I dunno. But his 'organ improvisation' on BBHill is a joke. Personally I feel the Farfisa sounded right for Elvis Costello and the Attractions or other new wave bands, but not for the mighty Zeppelin.
  13. New 10/9/72 upgrade

    The source tape is bright and clear. The H-Bomb silvers (there are two incarnations) are probably sourced from a 2nd or 3rd gen. Levels are very low and if you crank up the volume, there's a significant increase of hiss. The current vinyl rip sounds fresher and more dynamic.
  14. '75 soundboards vs '77

    Don't think the Revox was used for MSG. I think the band's roadies took care of the MSG recording(s)
  15. '75 soundboards vs '77

    I know it's apples and pears. But a professional and expensive deck like the Nakamichi should yield excellent audio fidelity any time. I heard demo's from bands recorded on a prosumer cassette deck and the results sounded vastly superior compared to the majority of the 77 Zep SBs. Until a few years ago I was convinced all the 77 boards were line feeds from the video camera's. Obviously my assumption was wrong.