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  1. duckman

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    A pair of swimming trousers like these, will turn a few heads on the beach: "Hey Mister, I think you accidently sat on your son's vanilla chocolate ice-cream". 😎
  2. Steve's comments are spot on. But what would like to ad is the fact that the Stones owned their own mobile studio, whereas Jimmy had to rent either Wally Heider's in the US. Or Ronnie Lanes, Stones or the Pye mobile for live recording. Which is expensive.
  3. duckman

    Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    Didn't they announce 3/12 Long Beach SB last year ? Supposedly to be released after Seattle 3/21 and (yet another) BBHill source. Of course everyone goes bonkers on 929 right now (myself included)
  4. duckman

    Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    I know the famous 50 ' soundcheck featuring the Graffiti previews and the Rock 'n Roll covers is commonly attributed to May 1973, but in Dave Lewis' concert File' - LA forum 72, Percy is quoted " When we did the LA Forum we made some recordings of the rehearsal and we did about an hour's run through which ended up getting an echo set going. I think we played every number on Elvis' golden disc volume one...." Compare Percy's vox from HTWWW with this and I feel the little cracks in his voice do sound very similar. Spring 73 is possible, but the party atmosphere on the rehearsal makes LA 72 more likely.
  5. duckman

    VInyl Bootleg questions!

    With my modest adolescent pocket money I could not afford these exotic TMOQ double albums. In the Dutch record store I sometimes asked to listen to some of them and then buy something cheaper... But could you enlighten us on the inclusion of the Californian radio ad on BBirthday or 3 days after ? ( I have faint memories of hearing a commercial on one of the two the vinyl albums)
  6. duckman

    The Best LED ZEPPELIN Photo Ever? Please Post Here:

    Probably by Jeffrey Mayer ( he shot most of his forum 73 pics from this angle) but not in his rock music archive, so I can't be sure
  7. duckman

    The Best LED ZEPPELIN Photo Ever? Please Post Here:

    One of my faves, too. I also dig the color pic from Robert from this march LA 1970 show used as the cover for the Japan single release of Immigrant Song/out on the tiles but the Zep photo I think captured them best, is this one I first saw in a magazine....would love to have it in better resolution
  8. Thanks for this...I read James Brown's story several times, so I thought this was the exception to the rule. Especially since Warner Pioneer insisted on recording Zep's Japan 71 tour (repeated when Purple did Japan in 1972). Interesting to learn several live albums failed to sell when they were released. Can you name some?
  9. Love the blu-ray too! no need to change discs anymore. Hope "How the East was Won" will get this treatment too in september
  10. duckman

    Next Soundboard Release

    According to Plant, ' to take a bath with Geisha ' but most likely he just suffered from stomach cramps and diarrhea "my limbs are like jelly". In other words ...the men's room
  11. Sure, renting a mobile costs big bucks. But in the majority of cases, the label pays for it, no?...A few exceptions aside where it was the artist who payed the bill (James Brown Live at the Apollo, for instance), any of the majors would carefully consider the benefits. Most seventies live albums were big sellers, at a fraction of the budget for several weeks worth of studio recordings. And Zeppelin was the biggest act in the world in those days.
  12. duckman

    Next Soundboard Release

    Both are great in their own sense. Tokyo is the better balanced performance, but the last Osaka night plays like a movie. I can see the stress on Percy's face when Bonzo has disappeared, the relief when he returns. Bonzo on his way to stage, cursing his roadies...wonderful stuff. Teamed together Tokyo and Osaka would make the perfect "How the East was Won , Live in Japan -complete edition".
  13. duckman

    Next Soundboard Release

    It is coming and apparently Friends from 929 too. https://twitter.com/llx2774
  14. duckman

    Best 71' & 72 Japanese Tours bootlegs

    Yep! Most likely from the taper who recorded front row, the night before. The mono stuff I wouldn't place my bets on, but it sounds very similar to TDOLZ light and shade. Can't compare anymore because I sold that one fifteen years ago
  15. duckman

    Super stars - Graf Zeppelin

    I was happy to share Immigrant Song from the 929 board with some fellows here on the forum, but I'm not that kind of a computer wiz (and also I just don't have the time) to convert three hours worth of sound files to WAV, FLAC and then get them in the air. Don't dispair my friends, some of the other more computer proficient forum members will be glad to share this magnificent find in a couple of days