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  1. Denmark 1969

    it's on the official DVD (disc 1, bonus). How Many More Times cuts out early however. But still the best way to get this early footage. I think BBC (or was it MTV?) aired a more complete version, in 1990. Maybe someone has it on VHS.
  2. New Bath '70 Video?

    In plain English, the Bath footage was severely underexposed; Cameramen used the wrong filmstock. ASA stands for American Standard Association -the American counterpart of the German/European DIN/ISO scale. If you look closely at a roll or canister of analog photographic/cinematographic film (Eastman KODAK or FUJIFilm, for instance) you will notice a set of numbers. One is typically preceded by ASO (or ISO) and that one indicates the sensitivity or speed of the filmstock. 25, 50, 64, 100, 125, 200 and 400 being the more common ones used. ASA 25, 50, 64 up to 200 you need plenty to normal levels of daylight or tungsten( artificial) light. ASA 400 (often cranked up to 800 or 1600) would be the type of filmspeed you need for concerts or festivals. The Albert Hall footage suffered from the same problem, inapt choice of film sensibility. That's why it was deemed useless for three decades. Only in the digital age, this underexposed footage -within reasonable margins- could be processed/enhanced so we can enjoy this material. Off the record, even today's consumer or pro digital SLR or point and shoot camera still uses this ASA (100, 200 or 400 framework) to help you in lower light situations, although camera's uses a digital sensor and no analog film. The box shown here includes 100FT/30m of negative color emulsion with a film speed of 50, daylight... something you would use on a sunny day outside, but not to capture Zep's evening show at Bath
  3. Explosive Live Tracks

    I'm pretty sure Xolo is refering to the Orlando show from August 31, 1971

    For every mood there's a suitable No Quarter. But since I grew up with the May 24 version on the 1975 Earl's Court boot lp on LZ Europe followed by TSRTS a few months later, both these versions will stay my desert isle versions. And if Jimmy gets a go from Percy and Jonesy to produce the live anthology, I will be a very, very lucky bugger. . For the time being I enjoy plenty of live No Quarters from 73, 75, 77 and 79.
  5. Me too! I've downloaded the whole SB file, listened to it and by the end of the day I ordered my copy from Japan. At 350 bucks my friends and family call me nuts, but hey ...during my teens I could only afford one LP in two months, let alone a double bootleg LP. you only live once.

    In the same interview Jimmy says How many more times from RAH is a clear winning version and he was considering the stuff from Southampton University refectory. We shouldn't forget that his framework of reference is the multi tracks he had at his disposition to compile a chronological live album. Soundboards (Seattle, Long Beach, Vancouver) or great audience tapes (Earl's Court 5/18 or Maryland, L.A 77) are excluded ...alas

    He was referring to the 24th of May rendition of No Quarter.
  8. New Mystery Soundboard?

    You're right on the botch strategy...only this time, I think it's the Showco's sound tech's fault. The settings are a bit too low for Jimmy's lead guitar. Even Kevin Shirley could not remedy this because the signal on a 1/4" tape is what it is, you can EQ/brick wall/pitch/compress the Sh*t out of the source tape, but you not correct the balance between instruments on a reel to reel or SB cassette. For this particular title the Empress chaps could not do a 'OK Let's put Page's guitar under a blanket for the initial release and get it cleared up for the remastered Christmas re-issue'.
  9. 1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    Bootledz'Brannon says the Moonchild California's are the same as Godfather. So I guess they knocked them off from GF.
  10. 1977 North American Tour - 40th Anniversary

    Going to California and the Yardbirds one...'from the Xanadu Archives'. Going to California is great. Much better than my old nineties 2CD with the GTCA-7194 label and single pocket sleeve/slick.
  11. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    count me in on that one...high time for a corking Japan 71 SB. 1975 was a good year, but 71 is superior
  12. After 3/21/75. . Whats next??

    It was the after party jam of the famous sept. 1970 BB Hill show and the other band involved was Fairport Convention -captured on multi track
  13. New Mystery Soundboard?

    Jaco did not play Alembic, Stanley Clarke did (THE other great 70's fusion prodigy). Jaco was hooked on his fretless Jazz 'bass of doom'. His finger style playing, emphasizing on the (growly) bridge J pick up and use of rotosound round wound strings made the difference. The studio versions of 'Achilles 'and 'Nobody's fault' greatly benefit from the 8 string. If Jonesy recorded these key tracks off Presence with his thump Jazz, the result would be...less powerful. So yes, Jonesy moved into a more lead position after 76.
  14. New Mystery Soundboard?

    The 8 string BecVar/Alembic was only used on Achilles and Nobody's Fault, if memory serves me well. I think he used the fretless precision on In my time of dying and the Framus EUB on Bron-Y Aur Stomp and the three necked Manson on the rest of the acoustic set.
  15. New Mystery Soundboard?

    1975/1976 caused an earthquake in Bass guitar world. Jaco changed the role of Bass guitar. Stanley Clarke switched from Gibson EB to Alembic. John Entwistle and John Mc Vie switched to the Californian brand. Prior to the recording of Presence, Jones succumbed, much to chagrin of Jimmy "Who only had a few Les Pauls that could rival the sonic assault of his 4 and 8 string Alembics". In this interview Jones complained his equipment (Fender Jazz and Acoustic stack) sounded dead. Jones fell for the more articulate sound spectrum of state of the art Alembic. The SB and AUD recordings don't do justice to the power of the Alembic/BecVar gear. Maybe his sound techs didn't know how to deal with his new GMT/Vega (precursor to Gallien Krueger) and Alembic equipment. This said, I do love Jonesy on Jazz, but I understand he was in need of something new at that stage.