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  1. me too. .....PLEEEEASE (double, with cherry on top)😜
  2. duckman

    Bootlegs with prominent vocals

    Montreux (aud) and Vancouver (SB/FM), March 1970 both feature Robert 'up front'. Both classic early shows.
  3. duckman

    Dragon Telecaster Re-created

    Better...his new album is called Led Zeppelin L (50) with Chris Farlow and Paul Rogers on vocals, Pino Palladino on Bass, Kenny Jones on drums and Rick Wakeman on keyboards. Release date January 2019😉
  4. Thanks a lot, fellow Zep Heads. 🖖
  5. I don't know if this is the right forum, and being an avid Zep head since 1972, I read quite some books, magazines and fanzines on them. One blind spot remains: Robert's parents. I've seen pics of Jimmy's dad and found his attendance at Knebworth pretty cool. But what about Robert's parents? ...he grew up in a middle class family and they put their high hopes for Robert Anthony to work as a chartered accountant (H.Mylett's first book). That's about it...no photo's, no info on siblings or other tidbits. Anyone? thanks in advance
  6. duckman

    Can you list your top 10 LZ songs, in no particular order?

    Good Times Bad Times How Many More Times Whole Lotta Love Heartbreaker Immigrant Song Hey Hey What Can I Do When the Levee Breaks Kashmir Wanton Song No Quarter (Live TSRTS 1976 version)
  7. duckman

    Luis Rey 50th Anniversary Book

    I've visited the Abbotsfordbooks website and tried to contact them via e mail, but to no avail. The e mail adress on that website is not working.
  8. duckman

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    howde Neil! Brannon (BootLedz) has done a scholarly research on all available sources. I prefer to keep it simple: the old mono source referred to as Blimp/TMOQ. Until 1990 this was the most common and popular version thanks to the Neutral Zone volumes (and the European clones). The (real) stereo version is commonly referred to as the Cobla source (is in fact an amalgam of at least two different tapes) The 'fake' stereo is called Rubber Dubber (issued as a rubber stamped double LP in 1970 the remaining sources have been released after these three and are IMHO slightly inferior sources aimed at completists. Personally I prefer the stereo tape(s), but I know there are a lot of fans of the 'classic' mono version. Releases from the past five years are mostly culled together from more than two source tapes. So it becomes a bit of a gamble to pick the right one.
  9. duckman

    Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Just my two pence, but the Eat a peach was mainly the mono source, I've been told. Golden Eggs is clearly based on the two stereo sources
  10. Fresh on Bootledz, Eelgrass 929 HTEWWW has gaps between the tracks. Missed opportunity, if you ask me. Possibly a result of their incredibly fast reaction, two weeks ago?
  11. I do hope you're wrong. Selecting artwork isn't his prime concern. The designs for HTWWW, Mothership and Celebration Day IMHO were all less than overwhelming compared to the original LZ album art. A pity, but alas. The remaining multitracks have already being transferred to digital, cleaned up and mixed prior to the release of DVD/HTWWW ,.. Cherry picking from the Japan 71, Earl's Court or even Knebworth multi's is not a gargantuan task. So there's no excuse whatsoever to put out either a live compilation (HTEWW, Earl's Court,...) or a live anthology (RAH up to Knebworth) as an anniversary release. The Live LZ experience is something els. I think it will be more 'warts and all' streaming service aimed at fans an casual listeners But the band is still in need of a definitive Live album. Just my pennies worth
  12. duckman

    Guilty Pleasures

    Enlighten me, John...what or who is GWAR?
  13. Ah the new Zep book will reveal the Fender V mystery...At last. 😀 Amazon shipped my copy yesterday. Expected day of delivery, next Tuesday (together with Dave Lewis' Evenings with Led Zeppelin)
  14. thanks, but what I really wanted to know whether these engravings where specially made for the Houses of the Holy campaign? Seems unlikely