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  1. Thanks for clarification, Moby Dick Ale.... that bulltin board looks incredibly dated. And are these posts related to Black Beauty?
  2. https://8159.teacup.com/blackbeauty/bbs/820 That's a Japanese news site -I think- from the Back Beauty guy. Found it while google ing the new Empress Valley release
  3. Thanks Pluribus, Thankfully I already got Friends as a gift with Stairway this spring Some translation of the details from BBS (thanks to Google translate!) Regrettably, the songs recorded for "King of Major" / "Geisha" / "How the East was Won" released from EV remain at 10 songs (about 90 minutes). Even if you added STH and Friends (less than 14 minutes by 2 songs) among the three songs that were released earlier to this, 70 minutes or more have not been recorded yet .... It may be thought that the track released by the official release (delivery?) May have been pulled out, but in any case, unless a longer version is released from EV in the future, you can not listen to the full version of WLL medley with real SBD sound quality . Ultimately you may only be satisfied with "Arigatou Osaka". According to the liner inside the store, Friends is not included in this box set.
  4. Does anyone have a clue why this tk01 Friends is tagged after Dazed on disc 1 ????
  5. Wasn't that during the period Claude Nobs' tape archive was being transferred to digital (and one of those analog reels 'escaped' for a moment)? On the net there was a photo of a BASF tape reel (in a Kodak film box). Don't take my word for gospel though.๐Ÿ˜‡
  6. I don't understand the graph...SBD 1 displays the gaps of the old stereo 'multi track' dub...SB2 shows very small segments available from D&C, MD, WLL and snippets of the encores ๐Ÿ˜–
  7. I agree, Steve...it smells 'fishy' (sorry Eric S). Obviously there are tracks held back. IMHO (I hope I'm wrong) Dazed & Confused and Moby Dick probably still will cut out on this release nevertheless. Friends seemingly is on disc One, but why was Stairway ommited? Anyway, it doesn't make sense the gap between SIBLY and D&C... Stairway follows D&C, Celebration Day should be on the (hypothetical) second reel with the acoustic set. Friends precedes Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, What is, Moby Dick...gap...Communication Breakdown/Rock'n Roll. So Discs 1 and 2 must be relatively short discs...even if Dazed & Moby Dick are complete (which I doubt).
  8. Xolo, I'm still pretty convinced a (neigh on) complete 929 SB (like the N.America 75 boards) remains utopian. The unpredictable lengths of D&C, Moby Dick and Whole Lotta Love are a pain in the A** for any roadie/sound-tech in charge of changing the tape reels. Betty Cantor-Jackson had two sophisticated NAGRA decks (equipped with pilot tone) to record the Grateful Dead and she could focus on her recordings. Even if one of her decks ran out of tape, she could anticipate and charge deck 2 and still being in sync.
  9. Wow Steve, thanks for that wake up call (it's 7.30 here in Belgium and I just woke up). Did some digging and found the track listing: Disc One Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, SIBLY, Dazed & Confused Disc Two Smoke Gets in your Eyes, What is and what should never be, Moby Dick, Communication Breakdown, Rock'n Roll Very weird....what happened to Stairway and Friends???? and most of all, Whole Lotta Love ?
  10. duckman

    BBC Sessions Appreciation

    Hi there yes, the first part of WLL on the TMOQ boot, is from the same studio June session as Traveling Riverside. And it's during the theremin section you can hear Robert screaming 'Train I ride, Sixteen coaches long'. Mind you it's only the lyrics, the rest of the band is indulging in the orgastic part of WLL. At the time I didn't get it... the rest of the TMOQ album was stereo and that first section of WLL was mono and sounded different (haha because it was recorded in a studio, with guitar overdub)
  11. duckman

    BBC Sessions Appreciation

    As a teenager with little pocket money, TMOQ's Stairway to Heaven was the second boot lp I could afford (After May 24 'Earl's Court'). Mostly culled from the intimate 71 Paris Theatre show in sparkling stereo , the first part of Whole Lotta Love was replaced by the June 69 studio Beeb version. What a tremendous experience "Train I ride, sixteen coaches long". And of course Robert chatting with the audience and John Peel (I originally thought it was John Lennon ๐Ÿ˜ด). The Beeb sessions are an integral part of the Zeppelin canon.
  12. duckman

    Holy Grails

    Yep, the source for these better sounding tracks was a rare boot compilation LP on the Krishna label. However I thought there was a consensus that the upgrade (first gen?) Bath tape that got circulated a few years ago, sounded identical to the two tracks on the Krishna LP..
  13. Anyone else noticed this? Niwa has removed his upcoming Empress 929 SB announcement on Air Raid. Last year, Deus Ex Machina's release suffered from a delay, but I hope this one is not postponed or cancelled...my goodness, that would turn me into a very grumpy old man๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  14. Hi Mate, sorry for the delay but I had to wait for the weekend to guesstimate the reel changes. (FWIW I used my more or less complete Wendy 6CD 929 to do the timings). caution: With the exception of the 928 and 929 SB snippets, I reviewed the N.American soundboards to check the different editorial scenario's regarding the probable completeness of the upcoming 929 SB. (Immigrant, Stairway and Friends have been presented in complete and uncut form from the 929 SB already so these will act as references) So there we have three available SB recordings from N.America 1971: Orlando (110'), Toronto (50'), Hampton (96'). What we do know from the nineties, is that one (1!) reel to reel tape from Toronto got into tapers/collector's circulation (Stairway until Moby Dick-cut-so technically this would be a 'second reel' from a more complete set of tapes) and two (2)reels from Hampton (Cut into Immigrant until D&C (cut) and a second reel starting from Stairway cutting out on Moby Dick). According to Early Days/Latter Days' Andy Adams (who held the tape boxes in his hands ), these were 1/4" reel to reels, likely recorded at 7" 1/2 IPS. And last but not least, the earliest of three SB shows, a slightly superior and lengthier (110') SB of Orlando (released only during the Empress Valley SB revolution at the dawn of the 21th century). First and for all I'm with you hoping the sound tech had his act together by now and checked the regular set list before changing reels to capture 50 minutes of the show at once. Sadly, the inevitable pittfals 'remain the same'โ˜น๏ธ Considering one Revox reel to reel deck was available behind the mixing console and the tape length of each available reel, was technically limited to (less than) 50 minutes for each reel, these are the scenario's. And for my convenience I put -hypothetically -Clive Coulson as the sound tech behind the Revox, responsible for changing reels...Good Luck, Clive๐Ÿ˜ˆ. hypothetical 929 reel One: Immigrant-Dazed (50 minutes) First Cut will occur during -oh horror- Dazed and Confused (minutes before Pennies from heaven)....unless Clive already changed reels after 30 minutes (right after Black Dog) hypothetical 929 reel Two: Stairway-Friends, incl. Smoke gets in your eyes (50 minutes) ....unless Clive changed reels during Dazed and caught up during Pennies, (than we have a different story) hypothetical 929 reel Three : What is and what should never be-Whole lotta Love medley (NOOOOOOOOO....cut before Good Time Bad Times) hypothetical 929 reel Four (rest of WLL hopefully), THE encores including Communication Breakdown, Organ Solo/Thank You , Rock' n Roll (26 or 40 minutes.... if Clive changed reels during the last half ofWLL) Considering the show's generous 200 minutes length, the (optimistic) four reels scenario, the SB source can easily be transferred to three discs and whatever the end result, I'm ON September 29. Let's hope for some miracles, but in either way...929 SB will BE my LZ 50th anniversary cherry on the cake ๐Ÿ˜ด
  15. duckman

    New Mexico 1973 Soundboard

    Denver, Co I believe....remember that was a really short soundboard release. Salt Lake City has an interesting finale with Georgia On My Mind