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  1. duckman

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    Those weren't recorded by the Zep road crew, but by Bill Graham or KSAN radio. Those are two track recordings by the way
  2. duckman

    Which shows do we know were multitracked?

    Where did you find the confirmation that 5/17 and 5/18 of the EC's were also multitracked? Most here know 23 (partially) 24 and 25 were captured on multitrack. I always thought this sounded very plausible since the first two shows were added later to the itinerary (due to rapid sell out of the latter three) and the rental of the mobile unit for the two additional dates was not that simple. If so, the existence of (especially ) the 5/18 on multi would be a treat😛
  3. duckman

    Japan 1972

    Great news MDA... a few hours/days and you're teleported back to 1972: Budokan Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka Festival Hall...fasten your seatbelt and have some hot saké (or your favorite ale) ready. Enjoy!😛
  4. thank goodness we have Eddie Edwards who studied the what and whereabouts of TSRTS (and HTWWW, the Beeb sessions, Olympia 69) on his scholarly thorough (and still witty) The Garden Tapes website.
  5. duckman

    Nitpicking Page 1973

    thanks for the review Seattle July 17, maybe ? . Regarding Moby Dick, I assumed this was complete on the SB source ? Have to check my Watchtower disc (I always skip this track😇
  6. duckman

    Empress Valley Warning

    No...Eelgrass just rips off EV releases and puts them on the market at significant lower prices. I think Brannon mentioned one or two cases where EG titles had a different disc length, but most of the time they are directs copies. and rest assured, EV is NOT amused by Eelgrass' copy cat behaviour
  7. duckman

    Empress Valley Warning

    Wouldn't they produce much more fanfare to increase the 50th anniversary fever? For last year's 'Deus ex Machina' Seattle 75 SB they fired on all cylinders ...months before its release. Fingers crossed...hopefully the elusive 929 board will be released in september (and by the end of the year they throw in the SB/multitrack dub matrix😈 which is even more exciting, me thinks)
  8. duckman

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    Little to none... mobile recording technology was in it's infancy in Europe during the late sixties. In fact by the mid seventies there were only three established players capable of recording live shows in Great Britain and continental Europe; Pye, Ronnie Lane MS and the Rolling Stones Mobile. European radio networks worked with two track reel tot reel decks patched to a small mixing console. The recently released Yardbirds' Anderson show and the Who at the Fillmore (both from 1968)were recorded on a modest 4 track unit. The few 68 Zep live recordings (and they DO exist! Peter Grant needed them to work out the deal with Atlantic) were most likely recorded onto reel to reel. Don't expect the sophistication of MSG 73 or Earls Court. multi's. If those early shows will see the light of day later this year, they will sound raw and exiting
  9. duckman

    Empress Valley Warning

    For what it's worth, selling and buying bootlegs is not illegal in Japan. Apparently empress valley aquired these ' soundboard revolution' tapes for a hefty price tag. Before the decline of the CD market bootleg production was a very lucrative business. Labels such as Eelgrass, godfather/Eat a Peach and Scorpio are eating a hefty part of their profits. Not to mention the increasingly bigger flock of fans who rely on downloads. It has been said before on this forum, EV must be quite desperate to beg their customers not to upload, share and remaster their 'precious' products.
  10. duckman

    Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    The show at the Old Refectory wasn't even scheduled If you study the 72/73 tour itinary. Which leads me to believe Page saw an opportunity to document at least one of their shows during the lengthiest UK tour they ever did. Maybe Ronnie Lane or Keith rang him and told him the mobile unit was available that night. The refectory must have had superior acoustics compared to venues like Alexandra Palace and the Gaumont. They did a soundcheck at the Gaumont, no? Anyway Percy was suffering from flu and his voice was varying between mediocre and pretty good. So a hit and miss scenario occured.
  11. duckman

    How the East Was Won - My Japan 1971 Live Album

    Great idea and choice...thanks
  12. duckman

    Japan 1972

    Does anyone of the historians in this community have a clue about the what and whereabouts of these HOTH campaign posters? Genuine 19th century engravings? Do they depict illustrations from stories or news articles? questions questions😱
  13. duckman

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    Nope that was a professional press team from the Dutch Broadcast corporation, equipped with a 16mm camera and a Nagra reel to reel (pre video era). Rumor has it they filmed a complete Immigrant Song. Now I wouldn't call the old RAI a small venue. As the promotor explains to R.Cole, they had a full house (10000 people).
  14. duckman

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    ... and here's one of the Amsterdam RAI ( a basketball rig) 1972 afternoon rehearsal.
  15. duckman

    Hadn't seen this one before. What's the origin?

    Definitely Amsterdam, a pic from that photoshoot is in W.Ruhlmanns 1992 photobook. There's video footage including the band's introduction at the RAI and Immigrant Song and of course that hilarious 'cash in a suitcase scene' with Richard Cow (sic) and the Dutch concert promoter😎https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAc4GASTEGU
  16. In fact the two recordings have nothing to do with each other: the multi was commissioned by Warner Pioneer Japan and the new SB is most likely coming from the band's Revox reel to reel deck. The balance on the two recordings is completely different (Percy's vox is almost absent in the louder parts, cymbals are overwhelming). In my humble guesstimate, carefully martrixing the two sources would yield the closest thing to an unofficial How the East was won. The stereo separation, audience noise and hall ambience from the patchy multi track source and the detailed and well balanced music signal from the newly unearthed soundboard, together would give us a much more satisfying representation of the gig. Assuming the SB reels are covering most of the show (which I doubt, since the three North American 71 boards are incomplete) We'll see...
  17. I think I'm going to give that one a spin this weekend...indeed an incredible recording and an outstanding performance. A pity Jonesy is a bit low in the mix. Another one that is seriously underrated IMHO is the April 1970 Tampa show.
  18. duckman

    Items you can't convince yourself to buy

    A pair of swimming trousers like these, will turn a few heads on the beach: "Hey Mister, I think you accidently sat on your son's vanilla chocolate ice-cream". 😎
  19. Steve's comments are spot on. But what would like to ad is the fact that the Stones owned their own mobile studio, whereas Jimmy had to rent either Wally Heider's in the US. Or Ronnie Lanes, Stones or the Pye mobile for live recording. Which is expensive.
  20. duckman

    Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    Didn't they announce 3/12 Long Beach SB last year ? Supposedly to be released after Seattle 3/21 and (yet another) BBHill source. Of course everyone goes bonkers on 929 right now (myself included)
  21. duckman

    Am thinking Jimmy must be the sb source

    I know the famous 50 ' soundcheck featuring the Graffiti previews and the Rock 'n Roll covers is commonly attributed to May 1973, but in Dave Lewis' concert File' - LA forum 72, Percy is quoted " When we did the LA Forum we made some recordings of the rehearsal and we did about an hour's run through which ended up getting an echo set going. I think we played every number on Elvis' golden disc volume one...." Compare Percy's vox from HTWWW with this and I feel the little cracks in his voice do sound very similar. Spring 73 is possible, but the party atmosphere on the rehearsal makes LA 72 more likely.
  22. duckman

    VInyl Bootleg questions!

    With my modest adolescent pocket money I could not afford these exotic TMOQ double albums. In the Dutch record store I sometimes asked to listen to some of them and then buy something cheaper... But could you enlighten us on the inclusion of the Californian radio ad on BBirthday or 3 days after ? ( I have faint memories of hearing a commercial on one of the two the vinyl albums)
  23. duckman

    The Best LED ZEPPELIN Photo Ever? Please Post Here:

    Probably by Jeffrey Mayer ( he shot most of his forum 73 pics from this angle) but not in his rock music archive, so I can't be sure
  24. duckman

    The Best LED ZEPPELIN Photo Ever? Please Post Here:

    One of my faves, too. I also dig the color pic from Robert from this march LA 1970 show used as the cover for the Japan single release of Immigrant Song/out on the tiles but the Zep photo I think captured them best, is this one I first saw in a magazine....would love to have it in better resolution
  25. Thanks for this...I read James Brown's story several times, so I thought this was the exception to the rule. Especially since Warner Pioneer insisted on recording Zep's Japan 71 tour (repeated when Purple did Japan in 1972). Interesting to learn several live albums failed to sell when they were released. Can you name some?