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  1. Shirt Value

    The tag should say 'Spruce'; this was the original shirt sold at shows in 1975. Size matters, but $400 sounds about right considering the excellent condition.
  2. Six foot by four foot? The frame alone had to cost a couple hundred...
  3. Is it printed directly to the board or on paper with the board backing it? Either way, I am pretty sure it dates from the mid-80's and worth less than $50.
  4. The Warner logo in the fine print means it has to be from 1974 or later; I didn't realize they still had the 'Do what thou wilt...' in the runoff.
  5. Help needed on LZ II

    One thing to look for is if the fine print mentions WEA; that means it's from 1974 or later.
  6. Presence album cover

    I have been told (on this forum I believe) that the girl on the back cover was also the model on the front cover of 'Houses'.
  7. Physical Graffiti misprint

    It's somewhat uncommon; it might get a small premium from a collector.
  8. Led Zeppelin I Sealed LP

    0698 refers to the suggested retail price ($6.98). I will have to check my copies to see if any of them also have it.
  9. tshirt original or bootleg ?

    This is the online go-to for information re: vintage tees.
  10. tshirt original or bootleg ?

    Easiest way to know for sure is to look at the tag (if you can). Another thing is most T-shirt from the late 60's-early 70's were a polyester/cotton blend and the sizes were smaller. A 'large' tee from that era would be smaller than today's 'medium'.
  11. IS there a Buy/sell/trade section?

    You can make a post in the Master Forum.
  12. Led Zeppelin IV dust sleeve?

    We also need the code printed at the bottom of the label, e.g. 'ST-A-712285 MO' (or SP, LY, CTH, PL, etc.)
  13. Led Zeppelin IV dust sleeve?

    The white sleeves are a lot scarcer. I don't think it was a first press/later press issue; I think one or two printing companies just used the white paper. We may be able to deduct it by having everyone with a white sleeve enter the matrix information here.
  14. Out of the Tiles??

    Is the mistake on the album cover or label? The 19128 catalog number is from the 1977 reissue. The 7201 number is on the original from 1970, but WEA did not exist until 1974. It's possible someone switched out the original cover, or maybe they had some leftover 7201 discs when they printed the new covers. You can look here for more information.
  15. Out of the Tiles??

    We need details, specifically the country, catalog and matrix numbers.