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  1. For me, Ramble On, the way the whole song has been done and the whole melody and generally feeling it gives me is just beautiful.
  2. Such a rarity to hear him speak like this in the time period. Muni put on a record, woke up Jimmy, and completed the interview on the studio floor.
  3. There is no tape of Detroit 70'. I'm assuming you mean the 13th of July 73' show as it was incomplete
  4. Jimmy is a good one to start with. The engima displays quite a lot of only child behaviour.
  5. Come to think of it, this actually rings a bell
  6. I don't think they were able to teleport until after Jimmy purchased Boleskine.
  7. In other words we don't know.
  8. Well I assume it does take quite a while for a 73 year old to get "match fit". I don't have much else to do but sit around and wait. And for someone of his stature I have all the time in the world.
  9. Not anyone of any musical value don't worry. Seems like someone Robert took a lot of solace being friends with though.
  10. They all knew they were too big to get arrested or indicted. That was probably the last thing on his mind.
  11. It'll come.
  12. Writes of Winter was nominated for instrumental Grammy. He was also nominated for Best Newcomer at the Grammys in 1969, that I did not know!
  13. 30. However only because of the answers is wrong.
  14. Really is something about the wealth of the catalogue where fans go through phases of favourite songs/albums/shows. ALS & Walter's Walk. For the foreseeable future anyway
  15. Because that would tighten their margins heavily. They can release all seperately and the same die hards would buy each.
  16. He might be the most accurate tribute in the world. The movement and sound creates the same energy Pagey did. Sakurai's 77 style ALS are absolutely mind blowing he nails the movement on clone like levels.
  17. Jimmy Sakurai is Pagey reincarnated. There's no doubt about that.
  18. So Mote it Be was engraved on the early pressings. Do What Thou Wilt on later pressings. However the absolute first first white label promo/test pressings has both enscripted on each side of the vinyl. As more came out the words were removed on the vinyl all together
  19. Any chance of it being uploaded? Haha, my dream to be a time travelling fly on the wall remains strong
  20. This looks like a video still, not a photograph. To me anyway
  21. 42 years later and they still floor us like they still are releasing music. Which other fans get this? None. Will devour this show this week.
  22. WLL Dread Zeppelin Maureen's sister but that gets thrown about for a lot of songs
  23. You only got Count Massimo correct, I'll let others try
  24. None.
  25. Literally only Jimmy's footage from the yardbirds lol