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  1. Sorry bro. Bad day. I do not hate it at all, but it's my least favorite Zep song . Is that better?
  2. It's the only LZ track I could care less about. Wish they ended the album with HHWCID. Hats Off sounds like it should be a bonus track.
  3. Just listened to this show and I have to say it's the best Zeppelin concert I have ever listened to. Just amazing (esp. D&C and NQ). They are so on fire here!
  4. That's not Peart on Working man; it's John Rutsey (who did sound a lot like Bonzo)
  5. I am a sucker for Hurting Kind
  6. TSRTS>Rover into>Sick Again This!!!
  7. I love how the clown that started this post thinks he speaks for all of us. I love Presence, ITTOD, and Coda.
  8. Many guitarists will tell you it was Zeppelin and not Hendrix that influenced them to pick up a guitar. That alone is worthy!
  9. YES!!!
  10. That and the Black Dragon suit
  11. What tour was it?