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  1. Question Re: Concert Footage TSRTS

    The footage from E.C. is amazing! So I politely disagree with you. TSRTS is okay at best. The set list for E.C. is way better too.
  2. The Song Remains the Same - Upcoming screenings

    I hate admitting this. I thought this movie sucked when I first heard it. Raunchy voice by Plant. Lack luster drumming by Bonzo, and Page looking tired. Though when I grew up I found myself really enjoying some of the tracks on this soundtrack. Rain Song was pure magic, Celebration Day rocked, Black Dog was stellar, and Since I've been loving you, is Epic. Wish they would do the 1975 concert in Seattle live. I have been told that show kicked ass.
  3. different lyrics for (when the levee breaks)

    that would be Awesome! I tell you the version kick my ass all over again. WTLB is my favorite Zeppelin song. Zeppelin202@hotmail.com
  4. When living over seas in a country that frowns on VPN services it was hard to get information from Google about this issue. I was in Liwan district of Guangzhou (China). And heard "when the levee breaks" , playing out of a small little shop that sells soda's, candy, ect...ect.. At first I thought it was cool, "hearing zeppelin in china in the public" I could tell the older woman at the cashier wasn't paying much attention to the song. But I was. I noticed that the lyrics to this version were different and I stood their amazed how weird but awesome and a little bit racist the lyrics were ( Monkey Man) was in part of the lyrics. I was dumbfounded, why use such language? Well I did some research on the term "Monkey man" and it has nothing to do with race. It refers to a woman who has a loyal husband, but she just can't keep her dress down with another man. So that man is called a monkey man. That leads me to the main question. Where can I find the Outtakes of when the levee breaks.

    I don't see the point in doing a illustrated book, though I don't see the point in complaining about it. I am looking forward to the unheard music being released. I already have an illustrated book on Led Zeppelin.
  6. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Pink Floyd, Genesis (with Peter Gabriele) The Doors, Radio Head, The Beatles, Rush.
  7. Ten Years Gone

    Considering that the band has never shy'ed away from a challenge as {Led Zeppelin} this formation with Jason, they came out with nothing to prove. Only the fear of overwhelming expectations and not meeting them. Robert, Jimmy, Jones, & Jason. Kicked some ass that night.
  8. Led Zeppelin Mag

    I found this in my older brothers library. Thought it was kinda cool, just a simple background of major Zeppelin events. So the question is, has anyone seen this mag before?
  9. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    My Father was a classically trained pianist. He grew up in a different era of music. The Generation gap between men who served between the finish of WW2 and Korea. His taste in music was Classical, such as Mozart..ect.., Jazz, big band music. Never forget when he heard Kashmir. He knew that was a masterpiece.
  10. Zeppelin's official live recordings

    As a huge fan of Zeppelin, I began to understand that Zeppelin relevance lays in their awesome live shows that have become stuffs of Legends. I know some of these so called "special shows" have circulated between collectors, bootleggers, audio techies. What ever you want to call them. My question is this. How come Jimmy who owns the majority rights to Zeppelins catalog (what I am assuming would include live shows) still have not done a box set of Zeppelin 71-80 best of live shows.) Using the best of the best bootlegs, live in vault stuff( the recordings that Kevin Shirley) said was "not very good." asked during a rolling stones interview. What I've read on this form is that their is some great live recordings that can be "adjusted" to sound awesome on a home stereo. I guess I am still hungry for the raw live power of Zeppelin, done to the quality sound Page would be proud of.
  11. Watched entire video of Aug. 11, '79 Knebworth Show This Week

    You guys may disagree on this. I think there were a handful of good live tunes played at Knebworth. On both shows. I think Zeppelin came back with raw power during their tour over Europe. No thrills, or long sloppy solos, just plain hard raw Zeppelin. The energy was their, on most of their shows. I know that it gave Plant some renewed fondness of being in Zeppelin. Believe me I do enjoy the Zeppelin Knebworth concerts, but some of the songs seem bloated and outdated for 1979. Led Zeppelin 1980 concerts were something to witness. I just wish I could've.
  12. Robert Plant rearranging zeppelin classics

    I can count on one hand how many solo Robert Plant songs I would listen to again. 1, Slow Dancer 3. Calling to you 2. In the mood 4. Big log. Led Zeppelin will always in my view be Roberts best.
  13. Best Kashmir live version

    I know I am almost 4 years late to comment on this subject. Though what the heck. Led Zeppelin Kashmir with John Bonham is in my opinion much better than the 02 concert. Just do to the thunder that John brings that Jason doesn't. Some of the Tour over Europe versions are amazing as well.
  14. Live better than Studio

    Question about No Quarter. Why did they cut the middle section of the song in the remastered version of Song Remains the Same. I know it's in some other comments here. Just bought it in Hong Kong. Was sad....very sad.
  15. Seattle

    Yes. Not the safes place to go. Check out Bellevue, Kirkland. Some nice places to eat and some decent pubs.