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  1. How did Led Zeppelin change the music scene of the 1970s? Their music wasn't the same on every album, they didn't get stuck with one sound like Black Sabbath did. Furthermore they where a tight unit without the ego like John and Paul. I grew up with the Beatles and love Abby Road and The White album. Though their are some songs I have to skip on both of those albums that just don't fit. Led Zeppelin maybe had two or three songs that I would call a "filler" and that is pretty good considering that they only had 8 official albums. finally, the music of Led Zeppelin is as "dated" as the Beatles. anyways I thank the one above for both bands.
  2. It seems every year we hear news that Jimmy is going to release some music and get back on the road and tour. Nothing. I am beginning to think he is done, playing and just concentrating on Zeppelin reissues.....enough already. I've been a Zeppelin fan since my teens and now I am 45, I missed the Zeppelin touring days, but would love to see a Jimmy Page concert.
  3. Robert will sing his country zeppelin versions and put half the audience to sleep.
  4. I think I have bought every single Led zeppelin album twice maybe three times. I have never been a big fan of bootlegs because of the horrible sound quality. I have listen to a bunch of them, Listen to this Eddie, or Last stand in Berlin (1980) some great stuff but still it doesn't have the sound or richness of the official live stuff. My question is, why does Jimmy Page say he has new material but doesn't lay down some tracks on wax? I know he has been busy re-mastering the Zeppelin catalog still he could have embarked on a short warm up tour to get his chops back. Plus what kind of tour would he do? Rock and Roll only would be funny considering his age, I would like to see an acoustic set or something. So my question is, would it be wiser for Jimmy to tour in a more mellower setting or go for the bombastic approach if he toured?