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  1. ledzepfilm

    Where is this Outtake clip from? SRTS?

    Nope. July 28, 1973
  2. ledzepfilm

    Where is this Outtake clip from? SRTS?

    No. It's one of the menus off Led Zeppelin DVD.
  3. ledzepfilm

    Unofficial footage

    Yes, that's me!
  4. ledzepfilm

    Unofficial footage

    Go find the June 11, 1977 footage. It should have a full performance of Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, and a few other songs.
  5. ledzepfilm

    Unofficial footage

    Huh. If you do a simple search on YouTube for any of the Earls Court shows, Seattle 77, Knebworth 1979, or some of the amateur footage of the June 1977 NY shows, there should be plenty to hold you over.
  6. ledzepfilm

    Rare video footage on YouTube 75/77

    It's just footage shot by fans or rock magazine operators looking to make a quick buck. Film was scarce and (usually) silent, so they only shot small snippets of the shows.
  7. ledzepfilm

    Southampton '73 Multitrack

    Maybe I'm biased, as this was my first bootleg CD, but I highly disagree -- just because there isn't Kevin Shirley induced crowd noise doesn't mean there's no atmosphere. I clearly get the vibe of a club performance from Robert's interactions with the audience ("Whole Lotta Love!" "Wrong!"). While it isn't their greatest performance, it's very enjoyable to listen to because of the sound quality of such a laid back, stress-free show. The inclusion of Thank You and a very rare How Many More Times is icing on the cake. That being said, unless they're looking to release karaoke versions of live material, I highly doubt Southampton will see its official light of day.
  8. ledzepfilm

    MOVIE QUESTIONS: The Song Remains The Same

    www.thegardentapes.co.uk -- You are correct, however, that the first night supplies much of the show.
  9. ledzepfilm

    TSRTS footage

    I'm assuming the footage of Bonham dancing on the DVD credits is Pittsburgh? Sam, do you know how much of the concert they shot in Pittsburgh?
  10. ledzepfilm

    TSRTS footage

    The lowdown: 2-3 cameramen per night, with one guy shooting from center stage down in the front row and another roaming around; the 27th had a camera shooting the full stage and the 29th had a guy shooting from behind the stage and stage left from a higher vantage point. Most of the footage circulating can be sourced from The Song Remains the Same or the Led Zeppelin DVD, but your best bet for alternative material is in the 35 minute outtake compilation as mentioned above: Besides what shows up here, there's also excerpts from the ending of Whole Lotta Love (again, but with alternate footage), Since I've Been Loving You (with no new footage), the Dazed and Confused bow solo (again, but with alternate footage), and Moby Dick (with alternate footage and fantasy material). Audience-shot footage from all three nights exists as well.
  11. ledzepfilm

    1977 Close Up Behind John Bonham Drums Pic's

    Note the Giant Beat Ride alongside the 2002 Crash/Sound Edge Hi Hats.
  12. ledzepfilm

    Which two Led Zeppelin songs are exactly the same length?

    They are not from two albums, but You Shook Me and Dazed and Confused are both 6:28 long.
  13. ledzepfilm

    Mystery live Zep DVD 'Cosmic Clips'

    Doesn't appear to have anything that you couldn't find on YouTube.
  14. ledzepfilm

    MILAN July 5, 1971 8mm NEW FOOTAGE

    Synced to Montreux 1971.08.07 (no recording from Milan for this part of the show)...