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  1. My Ringtone

    Normally, I have my cell phone ringer muted when I'm in the office, but I neglected to do that today and my phone rang. I took me a few seconds to get to it, but in the meantime, the office got a blast of the first 15 seconds of When the Levee Breaks. I work in a pretty conservative environment but nonetheless, I got several positive comments and looks of approval from co-workers. When I decided to pick a tune for my ringtone, I looked at all the Zep tracks and came to the conclusion that WTLB was the best, what with that amazing Bonham beat. Does anyone else here use a Zep tune for their ringtone, and if so, which one?
  2. Who's got one?

    I can't imagine any photo in the book that's not already available for free online.
  3. This has come up before about JPJ and getting songwriting credits. I suspect that he lost out in getting them sometimes, even though he played a big part in song construction/development. I realize that getting a full credit can be a gray area and it's not always black and white. I can't help but thinking that what with Page's control, being the producer, and love of money, in contrast to JPJs easy-going and non-confrontational personality, those 50/50 decisions on who got credits didn't get shared.
  4. Oakland Incident?

    Touring was a cash business in those days and Zep were breaking records. Grant needed to make sure that he did all the collecting and expense payments. I think he trusted Cole, but only so much.
  5. 8 or 9 months later? This would be totally out of character for Led Zeppelin with respect to studio releases. As desperate as us fans were, it would completely go against their protocol of making the fans wait. We have to also appreciate that the mid 70s were notorious for the big acts of the time to release doubles.
  6. His arranging contributions to the song constructions was seriously under acknowledged. On one hand, had he had a stronger personality he would probably have received more writing credits, but then again, this would probably have caused consternation with Pagey who wasn't keen on sharing writing credits with anyone unless they contributed what he felt was actual words or music.
  7. Zeppelin behind the iron curtain?

    I know Elton John played in the USSR in 1979.
  8. Peter Grant's film archive of Zep?

    He just wasn't as well known beyond the industry and fans as to make a film about. Making such a film would simply not be economically viable. Anyway, I'd just rather it wasn't made as it would most likely be awful.
  9. Out of the Tiles??

    Unless you can provide better information, my money is on it being a fake, something that was fairly common in many foreign markets.
  10. Robert was very clearly in the drivers seat at this point and no doubt was very much behind the new leaner image. He had gained a great deal of power in the band following the death of his son. Remember, he was "talked into" continuing by Grant and set down some new rules about tour lengths, etc. You only have to look at his post Zep image to see how much he was dictating format on that last tour.
  11. With the assistance of hindsight, I have no doubt that there were varying degrees of decisions by each of the four surviving decision makers. I'm sure Plant was flat-out firm in his decision to call it quits. At the other end was probably Grant, who saw the fortune they would be walking away from. I think it was the Grant angle that fueled replacement drummer chatter. JPJ was probably his typical indifferent self, probably saying he would go with whatever decision was made. Page was probably somewhere between Grant and Plant, but probably more focused on scoring smack.
  12. Anybody been to Bron-Yr-Aur?

    In the pre-Internet days, it was pretty much a mystery. All was known was that it was a semi-derelict cottage somewhere in Snowdonia, which is a massive area. Obviously locals knew of it, as well as a few who had heard via word-of-mouth. Once the Internet came and Zep message boards started, word spread rapidly with photos and detailed directions. The pilgrimages started and unfortunately, some folks were less than respectful about the current owners, going as far as to remove souvenirs and even break in.
  13. Anybody been to Bron-Yr-Aur?

    I have. Until the age of the Internet, it really was almost impossible to find. It truly is a very beautiful setting. I went there knowing that I wanted to see it but had to absolutely respect the privacy of the owner(s). I kept my distance, but got close enough to see the place and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings.