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  1. mickey g

    Best RP stage outfit

    I'll take #2. I'd still buy shirts that look like that.
  2. mickey g

    Jimmy's amp "stacks"

    @paplbojo You better edit your picture ! 😎
  3. mickey g

    Jimmy's amp "stacks"

    always wondered why Jimmy never had his all his speaker cabinets stacked like Clapton did in the Cream. Instead he has them spread out horizontally.
  4. I guess you'd have to listen to every Stairway to know for sure. I've never heard the 6/22/77 show that I can remember, so I'll be giving it a listen soon. Thanks for the heads up !
  5. I sorta brought this up in this thread. My post is fifth from the bottom on Page 1. Hope it helps !
  6. mickey g

    My Solo Acoustic Version of Dazed and Confused

    Good job man ! I'm jealous ! ! !
  7. mickey g

    VOGUE : Why Led Zeppelin style continues to inspires us

    Where's the argyle sweater vest ?
  8. mickey g

    "The Rover" Outro Solo

    Ahhh... the mystery is solved ! All great points. Thanks for responding ! ! !
  9. I've been wondering about this, probably since PG was released : 1) Why does the solo go to fade so quickly when it seems Jimmy is just really getting into it ? 2) Any chance of the "whole" solo being on tape somewhere ? LOL...
  10. mickey g

    John Bonham vs Alex VH

    Not the biggest VH fan, but the only drumming that stands out to me is on "I'll Wait"...and I don't even know if that is the song's title.
  11. Sort of a silly question, but I'm mainly thinking of how different his "look" on stage would have been; i.e. Would he have looked as "sexy" ? We could also discuss his sound/tone too !
  12. mickey g

    Noel Gallahger on Jimmy Page

    And here I was thinking his brother was the asshole of the family...
  13. mickey g

    Jimmy with a 6 string SG ?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes !