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  1. 1977 Close Up Behind John Bonham Drums Pic's

    And the 'Always There' felt strip on the batter!!!!
  2. 1977 Close Up Behind John Bonham Drums Pic's

    Indianapolis January 1975.
  3. Bonham's Polar kit and article

    Thank you, Rove!! I still can't believe that pic's just been sitting there in that book!
  4. Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    That's definitely the foyer of the Kinetic Playground, and the other pic is the House Of Lewis location that was on the same block (around the corner - 1538 Lawrence Ave.). I went inside the space that was the Kinetic Playground a few times in 2002-2003 ish and got to look around and take some pics. The entrance was at the South end of the building, and that's definitely the foyer of it. When I was in there it was very dark in that part of the space, and some daylight was coming thru from Clark street (the entrance was boarded up with plywood). I distinctly remember the floor pattern and the metal grate. The foyer was located what is right behind me in this photo!
  5. Kinetic Playground - May 1969

    It is definitely the Kinetic Playground. Back in 2002/2003 I went in there a few times and took pics and a video. Although it was very dark, I distinctly remember that tile floor and the metal grate in front of the ticket booth. BTW: You can clearly see the reflection of the fire hydrant that is still across Clark street (as well as a little of the cemetery wall).
  6. Bonham's Polar kit and article

    I heard today from from someone who'd seen my video that the original resolution pic is in the book that came with the official LZ ITTOD deluxe package. He was kind enough to send me a link to the photo. The link also has 2 other pics that show one of JPJ's keyboards as well as the board in the control room. http://s44.photobucket.com/user/lcondo123/media/Polar%20Studios%201978%20Super%20Deluxe%20Box%20Set/In%20Through%20The%20Out%20Door%20Book%2005_zpsa3zdkt2a.png.html?sort=3&o=0
  7. Paul Allen was nice enough to stop in today on his way to LA to meet Dave Grohl. He came bringing 'the goods'! He's a super nice guy. I wish him the best!
  8. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    I hope you get a kick out of this! http://youtu.be/Sn8MFjXyb58
  9. 4 May 1973 - Atlanta

    You can see in a pics from this May 4 Atlanta show the 'Ludwig' logo on the front head of the brand-new Amber Vista bass drum. Right after this show they put the three ring head on.
  10. Starship 1975

    Those look like video stills. I'd like to see the video!
  11. That's very true! Even if that girl was 20 she's be 60 now! Isn't that crazy? When you see Larry Vaughn (thanks to Sam again) in the clips, he looks to be 30 years old let's say. That's 70 now. That's crazy..
  12. Thanks Sam! In the film he appears a few times. At the end of the movie, when the band is getting into the limos he's there too. BTW: do you know who the guy is that's with him (at the end when they're leaving MSG) in the hyper-70s outfit?
  13. Did this guy work for Showco? Does anyone know who he is? http://www.drumforum.org/uploads/1361761426/gallery_249_583_44444.png
  14. July 28, 1973 8mm synced up to professional footage

    Damn fine job! Thank you for doing this!