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  1. It Makes Me Wonder

    Dancing Days is played in an open tuning (DGBDGE I think, if memory serves) so it would have required either a re-tune or yet another guitar. Probably considered too much hassle for such a short song.
  2. Trivia On Led Zeppelin (31 Questions)

    The Kenneth Anger answer is definitely wrong. And.... there is an acoustic guitar on Presence. It's really difficult to hear, but if you listen very hard you can hear one strumming away in Candy Store Rock.
  3. Page’s amp

    It's not Jimmy's, it's John Paul Jones's. It says so quite clearly in the description. Still, interesting to see how much people are trying to sell these things for.
  4. What next? AGAIN

    You mean this: And you fell for it???? Wow. Those 'unpronounceable symbols' are Greek letters (it's kymeia 3 in the roman alphabet, which means 'chemistry 3' when translated from Greek to English). It was a blatant hoax, and I have to agree with original post on the topic - it was awful.
  5. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    True. But from the perspective of the buying public Let It Be was the final album of newly recorded music. I think Phil Spector's production set it aside from the rest of The Beatles' canon anyway.... but it was still the last album. Much as, like or loathe it, CODA was Zep's last album.
  6. John Paul Jones @ the unveiling of The Adoration Trilogy

    Fixed that for you.
  7. John Paul Jones @ the unveiling of The Adoration Trilogy

    He's only 2 years younger than Page, but looks at least a decade younger and is still out there playing amazingly well, being creative and obviously loving it.
  8. What next? AGAIN

    There is one isolated drum track from the ITTOD sessions doing the rounds on YouTube etc. that doesn't fit with anything that's been released so far. But I agree - they won't touch it with a barge pole. If the song wasn't finished at the time, there must have been a pretty good reason - most likely it just wasn't up to snuff or one of them didn't like it enough to contribute. Free As A Bird was awful really. It was a nice idea, in that it got all three surviving Beatles to work together again briefly, but it didn't add anything to the existing catalogue and the sound quality of the demo (from cassette tape I think) was very poor.
  9. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Er... Let It Be was released after Abbey Road. Or doesn't it count because they'd split by the time it was released?
  10. Look at him. He's relatively healthy (probably most healthy he's been since about '76), but he's really looking his age now. The O2 gig pretty much wiped him out, and that was a decade ago. I simply can't see him getting up on stage and playing for more than 30 minutes or so now, let alone touring. It's pie in the sky, same as it has been since the end of the tour with The Black Crowes, 17 years ago.
  11. Thanks to fans, Final concert

    The maximum capacity of the O2 arena is 20,000. I think the size of the stage reduced this to about 18,000 - in total - for the gig. There may have been a couple of hundred seats for celebs - but certainly not 8,000.
  12. Here's a particularly pithy quote from professor Brian Cox: "The problem with today’s world is that everyone believes they have the right to express their opinion AND have others listen to it. The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense!"
  13. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    He's definitely developed a lisp. It's apparent on at least one of the tracks on the album too. Sounds like he's having problems adjusting to dentures...
  14. True. But the sounds recorded for the mellotron libraries DO NOT include the sound of someone inhaling before blowing into the instrument, which you can clearly hear in the recording. You press a key, the sound starts - full stop. If they did have the breath sound at the start it would be a: virtually impossible to play in time and b: be the same bloody breath sound for every single press of a key - something that you can spot a mile off and sounds, frankly, awful. Can you seriously not hear that they are real recorders??? Apart from the nuance each note has, each recorder very audibly has a different timbre (relating to it's size) - both of which are elements the mellotron is unable to recreate. In fact even modern samplers struggle to get anywhere near the nuance of tone a human being can get by simply blowing a woodwind instrument. Plus, as has been stated a number of times, both JP and JPJ are on the record in many interviews stating that they are real recorders. Why are you even arguing the toss? Do you think they're lying? Add that to the fact that Zep didn't even get a mellotron until '72...