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  1. tmtomh

    Super Deluxe Box Set, TSRTS

    It's very confusing, but here's the key difference: The DVD and Blu-Ray both have the same lossless high-res stereo track. But because of space limitations the DVD's 5.1 surround track is lossy DTS (and/or Dolby digital), whereas the Blu-Ray's 5.1 surround track is lossless DTS-HD. Now in practice, can you hear the difference? That depends on one's setup I suppose. IMHO, the sonic difference will be small. Agree 100% with gibsonfan. The new mastering is just that - a remastering of the already mixed 2-track stereo and 5.1 track multichannel from 2007. The difference - as with How the West Was Won - is that John Davis has done a better job now, with a different mastering philosophy, than Kevin Shirley did back in 2007 (or 2003 in the case of HTWWW). The improvement on both releases is similar: less compressed (because this time around little or no compression was used in mastering - the only compression is what was already baked into the mix, which was Shirley's prior work); and somewhat different EQ choices that seem to create a less fatiguing, less artificially "modern/punchy," more laid-back and natural sound.
  2. tmtomh


    I can imagine! There are many, many first-person accounts from folks like you who were fortunate enough to see Zep live in '77, and the consensus seems to be that, as flawed as the performances can sound on the tapes we have, the actual experience was much better and on a whole different level.
  3. tmtomh

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    Thank goodness for the Heywood edition, right? Love that - it's my go-to.
  4. tmtomh

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    They have to release TSRTS - they're reissuing the entire catalogue and it's the only audio release remaining. It's not a cash grab or taking advantage of loyal fans, unless you thnk the entire 2014-18 reissue campaign is a cash grab. The problem isn't another reissue - 11 years isn't forever but it's actually a decent time interval for doing a reissue, especially as part of a comprehensive campaign. The issue is the edits in some of the tracks, particularly No Quarter and Whole Lotta Love (not to mention Celebration Day and arguably Dazed). However, as the new reissues of the entire catalogue all are straight remasterings - no new mixes from multitracks - the die was cast, and the mistake made, back in '07 when Page and Kevin Shirley butchered those tracks in the revised and expanded TSRTS. The new reissue, IMHO, will have benefits compared to the prior version that are modest but real, similar to the benefit of the 2018 How the West Was Won reissue: (1) Better mastering (Davis vs Shirley), and (2) More convenient playback options (whole show on a single Blu-Ray audio disc vs multiple CDs; Dazed on a single side of vinyl instead of split over two; and a high-res digital file option). Don't get me wrong: I'm not making apologies for this release or arguing that it's essential. In fact, it's the only album in the entire Zep reissue campaign that I haven't preordered and that I'm not even certain I'm going to buy at all. But I don't think it's accurate that this is a cynical cash grab. I think Page is doing this to complete the reissue catalogue and get everything in what he considers to be well-mastered, up-to-date shape with all modern formats.
  5. tmtomh

    I need help!! June 10 1972

    There’s an audience recording from Charlotte June 9 (great show, not-great tape). There’s no tape from Buffalo June 10 - or at least no widely circulating one.
  6. tmtomh

    I need help!! June 10 1972

    There is no Buffalo or Charlotte soundboard from June 9 or 10 '72.
  7. You are correct - and I too share your puzzlement about whether or not Black Swan is an expert, or just someone who makes confident-sounding assertions. I guess time will tell.
  8. tmtomh

    Led Zeppelin Quiz - Not EASY!

    I got stuck on that same one.
  9. I really doubt that. I agree with you RE Plant, but to my knowledge he's never out-and-out vetoed an entire reissue campaign or idea. I believe there are rumors that back in '81/'82 he vetoed a live compilation, forcing Page to do Coda as a studio compilation instead. And of course he's been against live reunions. But he didn't veto all the companion-disc material for the studio album reissues, or the added live tracks on the Complete BBC reissue, or the added tracks on the 2007 expanded TSRTS - or even the live LZ DVD for that matter, which was basically the live compilation Page had wanted to do back in '81/'82. So I don't think Plant will nix all new reissues. And while Page can exaggerate and delay, he doesn't outright lie when it comes to Zep releases. So when he said never-before-stuff will be coming out, IMHO you can bank on it. What exactly "never before heard" means, and how much or how little is coming out, and over what timeline - that's all stuff where I wouldn't take Page at his word on specifics, and I'd prepare to have modest expectations. But I really don't think the book will be the end of it.
  10. Somewhat credible rumors are circulating of a '68 release. Indications are that it will likely be studio material only - stuff held back from the 2014 Zep I reissue. In addition, the rumors are that a live release will be a compilation of tracks from multiple years, which I suppose could perhaps contain one or two '68 tracks, but I doubt that. (I suppose a '68 release could instead follow the Yardbirds '68 pattern and be a single-CD short-ish live performance with a 2nd, even shorter CD of studio outtakes - but if that were the case, I really feel that over the many years and decades some credible rumor or sign of an existing professionally or semi-professionally recorded '68 live tape would've surfaced.) As for the timing, all the press has been very clear about what is and is not part of the official 50th Anniversary "celebration." The TSRTS reissue is not part of that - the press release clearly says it's the final release in the reissue/remaster campaign of their back catalogue. And BTW, that tidbit strongly corroborates the idea that a live compilation will be coming out - because if the reissue campaign is complete, then the one thing that very conspicuously has not been reissued is the 2003 LZ DVD. And I would be flabbergasted if the Royal Albert Hall, Earls Court, and Knebworth performances on that DVD were simply allowed to die on the vine and not appear again in some form on some kind of reissue. Even in the context of Page/Zep's bizarre release decisions, that would make no sense. I'm certain (or at least as certain as one can be given that it's Zep we're talking about) that we'll see at least some of that material again in some reissued form, although who knows how long we'll have to wait, given that Page said in an interview that more stuff will be coming out over the next 10(!) years. The only 50th Anniversary release so far has been, as you noted, the book, which is coming out in October. My understand is that the original plan was to release TSRTS either earlier this year before HTWWW, or else this summer, with the first 50th Anniversary audio release coming in September. The TSRTS remastering job was completed a few (perhaps several) months ago. However, for whatever reason things got changed/delayed, and so TSRTS couldn't come out then. Most of the prior reissues have been released late in the month. The fact that TSRTS is coming out early in September - basically right after Labor Day when everyone in the US market will be back from vacation and paying attention again - strongly suggests that they're trying to get it out as soon as possible in the fall, in order to clear the way for a late-Sept or Oct announcement of a 50th Anniversary related audio release, to follow the book and come out sometime in the holiday buying season. This is all speculation, although I would say it is somewhat informed speculation and not totally random - and I don't think it's wishful thinking clouding my judgment either, since the above is far from ideal in terms what I would wish for! 😀
  11. tmtomh

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    Thanks - much appreciated! The 21st, then, is my favorite '77 version - and really the only one I seek out to listen to from that tour.
  12. tmtomh

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    Agreed - the keys need some serious reverb to sweeten them up. In addition, the band screwed up Kashmir with alarming frequency in '77 and '80, especially '80. In fact, I compiled my own Best of 1980 a few years ago, and I had a lot of trouble finding an error-free rendition of Kashmir. So for these reasons of performance quality and sound quality, almost the only post '75 live Kashmir versions I listen to are the fantastic one from Knebworth on the LZ DVD, and the version from the 2nd night of the July '79 Copenhagen shows. (There's also a version from either June 21 or 23 '77 that's great - I always forget which night. I only know that one night is great and on the other night they ran into trouble with it.)
  13. tmtomh

    1975 US Soundboards "Live Album"

    Wow, thanks so much for this! Like many others, I agree with most of your choices. I immediately found myself nodding "Yes" at several of them: Rock and Roll/Sick Again has to be from 3/21 Seattle since it's virtually the only soundboard from '75 where Plant doesn't start out really hoarse. Similarly, while reasonable people can disagree, I've always thought Baton Rouge 2/28 and In My Time of Dying is always where I really thing, "Man, they are intense on this night!" I also agree about Over the Hills from 3/19 (although the solo break on 2/12 is amazing), and of course Communication Breakdown on 2/13 is a no-brainer. Heartbreaker from 2/12 also intuitively makes sense, as it seems this song, especially Page's guitar, got more and more erratic as the tour progressed (I am guessing from Jack Daniels during the encore break). And of course TSRTS from Fort Worth - underrated show, and Bonham is the star of it both performance-wise and sonically, so TSRTS is an ideal track to use from it, I also agree almost entirely with your sources: Godfather's That's Alright NY is my favorite for 2/12, and Lirio and Grame have the best fan remasters when it comes to '75. The only modification I'd make - and it's not a big deal since it's only one song - is that Pseudonym did great fan remasters of 2/13 and 2/14. But the sources you used still are very good. I hear you on that, but March 11 isn't a top-tier '75 show IMHO, and March 20, while a great performance, unfortunately is a super compressed clipfest as released by EVSD. Dadgad has done a remaster where he basically declipped it, but still, the sonics leave a bit to be desired and the extended thereamin freakout in WLL is the only somewhat unique feature of this show that comes to mind. March 17 definitely would be a candidate for inclusion here, although I can't say off the top of my head which specific song(s) from that date actually are better than the equivalent songs included by ZepHead315.
  14. tmtomh

    Best Sounboards by Year

    Zurich and Frankfurt are the two best. It's become the conventional wisdom - but this is one of those times when the conventional wisdom is correct.
  15. tmtomh

    New 1968 Live shows for the 50th anniversary

    1977 was not multi-tracked. They were going to do a multitrack at the end of the tour, as they'd done in '73 and '75, but the '77 tour got cut short when Robert Plant's son passed away. As for '75, about 1/4 to 1/3 of the Earls Court setlist has been released officially, on the 2003 LZ DVD. But it would be fantastic to get a full audio-only Earls Court release.