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  1. What next? AGAIN

    Only partially true. On his 2015 tour he sang a good number of Zep tunes, like Trampled Under Foot for example, along with songs from his own catalogue, in the usual forceful manner. I do agree that he alternates now and is not full-throttle the whole time. And he also plays shorter shows than Zep used to.
  2. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    Agreed. And on a somewhat tangential note, Coda is a so-so album only because Physical Graffiti was such a great album. Had the seven 1970-72 outtakes on PG still been in the can and available for use on Coda in 1982, Coda would've been an incredible single album, or a very good double album, and to this day probably would be considered one of the two or three greatest albums ever released by a band after its demise.
  3. What next? AGAIN

    I can't believe folks still are talking about a Zep reunion. It's not going to happen. Page is years - years - away from being in any practice/shape to play well on stage. Plant is in great voice, but he's doing 90-minute shows with only about 1/4 to 1/3 of the songs sung the way he'd have to sing Zep songs. Even in 2007 with the O2 show, Plant admitted (in 2012 when Celebration Day came out) that they had to autotune some of his wails at the end of Kashmir because he was "running out of gas." And all of that is totally aside from the fact that Plant has zero interest in reuniting again, and that despite Page's and Jones' willingness at the time to do a tour, all three of them consider the O2 the final redemption for the flawed Live Aid and Atlantic Anniversary reunions - not to mention the period at the end of the sentence of the Page-Plant era. It's done. There's no bookend - the idea of a reunion to commemorate the 10th anniversary of a one-off show that was itself a reunion, makes no sense. Led Zeppelin will never take the stage again.
  4. Live better than Studio

    I love so many of the live performances too, but for me they're so different in feel from the studio versions that in most cases I don't necessarily prefer either one. For example, how could you choose between the live and studio versions of Whole Lotta Love and Dazed? They're too different, and both versions of each song are totally essential. The live tracks often excel because (as others have noted above) they're more muscular, and sometimes because they're looser and more fun. But I also think the band did suffer at times from being a four-piece and in particular from having only one lead guitar on stage. Jones very capably stepped up with the triple-neck in some cases, but for the most part their live arrangements lacked the guitar overdubs that Page relied on so often in the studio. So with that said, the only live versions I can think of at the moment that I personally find definitively better than the studio ones are: Communication Breakdown (the best live versions are just ferocious; studio version is great proto-punk but sounds like a wild animal caged up - live the animal was set free; and the Jam Sandwich breakdown adds a whole other dimension) Celebration Day (really opens up live, and also never loved Jones' bass sound on the studio version) The Song Remains the Same (don't like the sped-up helium vocals on the studio version, and the studio version lacks a little rhythmic oomph compared to the live versions) No Quarter (don't like the slowed-down quaalude vocals on the studio version, and the best live versions have fantastic solos)
  5. Plant's vocals on I'm Gonna Crawl

    Agree 100% with all the kudos for I'm Gonna Crawl. I've never understood why it's so underrated among Zep fans. I think it's a monster and a wonderful performance.
  6. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Glad you got yours, but lots of folks have not in fact received shipment notification emails.
  7. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Thanks for the tip! They've got some nerve, though, putting that notice after there before they've even emailed a lot of the folks who pre-ordered to let them know when their orders are shipping. Bush league.
  8. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Has anyone ever gotten a response to an email inquiry sent to the jimmypage.com site/team? I am not being snarky; I'm honestly asking. I am guessing the answer is No, but I'd love to be wrong.
  9. '75 soundboards vs '77

    One thing that doesn't help the '77 boards IMHO is that Jones' alembic bass sounds just dreadful.
  10. Thanks for these interview links! I have to say, the album grew on me very quickly and I'm really liking it. New World... and the title track probably are my favorites, but honestly I find myself just putting the album on and listening all the way through every day or two.
  11. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    Yes, I got those images too. But samples in their office on Nov 3 when they sent out the email doesn't necessarily mean the actual production run of the booklets was not delayed. The booklets might all have been printed up by Nov 3 but still needed to be assembled with the CDs and such. I'm just speculating of course. Could have gone into your spam folder.
  12. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    A delay with the artwork - or, I would speculate, the folks at jimmypage.com not getting the artwork to the manufacturer in time...
  13. Top Five Boots From Each Year 69-77

    Nice list! For 1971, I'd probably swap out 9-9 Hampton for 9-23 Tokyo (Flying Rock Carnival Complete or Flying Rock Carnival 2011 Remaster) - great audience source, and fantastic performance. I also think May 21 '77 Houston is overrated. The recently circulating 5-22 Fort Worth soundboard sounds better and is a better performance. Also the recent-ish 5-30 Landover MD soundboard sounds almost as good and is a great '77 performance too.
  14. Nice - thanks for the link!
  15. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    I too have noticed the lisp. Not sure what's causing it though.
  16. Available at Newstands (Nearly) Everywhere

    "Let's hold hands and contact the living. What else can you do, really?" - That, in a nutshell, is why I love Plant.
  17. Good points, and well said! These are the ironies of Steve's incessant Plant bashing: He's bored by the music but somehow hyper-interested and invested in making sure everyone knows over and over (and over and over) again that he's bored. And his main complaint is that Plant's recent music is monotonous and repetitive, which is exactly the tenor and content of his complaint.
  18. Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

    I agree - the snippet sounds great, and the very small vocal bits seem well-balanced in the mix, and if I am hearing correctly might also have had a touch of reverb added, though I can't be sure. But yes, the big question is whether Relf's rather dire and often out of tune vocals have been left warts-and-all, or have been sweetened (via reverb and/or autotone).
  19. Baton Rouge 2/28/75

    I love a lot of Liriodendron's work, but I'm not a huge fan of matrixes. The best-sounding version of 2-28 I've heard is a soundboard remaster done by Grame. Its probably findable "out there." YMMV of course - some folks hate remastered/fixed-up soundboards and would rather listen to a decent AUD source.
  20. Royal Albert Hall 1970

    That's interesting. I like it too - sounds very "rude," as Page has been known to say. And it's a nice variation from how his tone sounds on most other live Zep tapes. For some reason, though, a lot of the hardcore fans online say they hate his tone on this show - I guess they think it's too messy and fuzzy. I like it though.
  21. Cologne is a Festival set, though fairly long for one. The video is proshot. The audio is live-mixed-down for TV/FM broadcast, so technically a soundboard but a very good-sounding one. My personal favorite 1998 show, thinking of the balance between sound, setlist, performance quality, and overall vibe, is the 10-1 New Orleans one. The only truly official (and official sound quality) multitrack mixdown sources for live Page-Plant on tour are: 3 tracks from the 3-25-98 Shepherd's Bush show (available on a Japan CD-single/EP of "Shining in the Light") 4 tracks from a 12-10-98 multi-artist Amnesty International benefit concert (available on the DVD of that concert) In addition, there is a professional multi-track mixdown "out there" from an aborted official release, consisting of 5 tracks from the 04-01-95 Auburn Hills/Detroit show (note this is a '95 show, not '98). There's also a Westwood One source, which is a professional mixdown, of the 5-20-95 San Jose show but it contains only 11 out of the 17(?) songs performed that night. Of the three, the Shepherd's Bush tracks sound the best, although the Amnesty show tracks sound nearly as good. The 1995 tracks sound very nice, but the mix/mastering is a bit bass-shy. The Westwood One source sounds great, but just a notch below the sound quality of the '98 shows IMHO. It's really a shame that there never was an official release of a full 1998 show (or a composite show drawn from multiple dates). It would be great if Page would do one - and if Plant would let him do it - to mark the 20th anniversary of that tour.
  22. Oops, forgot about 3-30 Paris - yes, that's a great one. The New Orleans one is the 10-1 show I noted above. I think New Orleans is my absolute favorite, although it seems most P&P hardcore fans always point to 8-23 (Cologne).
  23. I would recommend you do a search here; there are some threads that have good lists. That said, totally off the top of my head: 2-13, 2-15, and 2-17-1996 Japan tour: Great Zep stuff, great performances, available in great soundboard quality 3-25, 7-14, 8-23, 9-23, 10-1, and 12-10 1998 US and European tour: Even more Zep-oriented, and Page is back to 1973 level of playing on some shows.
  24. Southampton 73- Why it's the best bootleg

    I think you make very good points. However, I have to agree with Strider: I like Southampton and think it's a great gift that we have access to it - and I love the How Many More Times/Communication Breakdown encore. But it's far from the best bootleg. Also, FYI the main reason the sound is as good as it is, is that it's not a soundboard. It's a mixdown of a professional multitrack recording.
  25. Bring It On Home from Coda Deluxe Release

    I too love this track/version, and for me it was one of the most pleasant surprises of all the companion tracks.