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  1. The least likely looking rock star ever, but that range and passion...along with a sick crunchy guitar tone and incredible backing vocals makes this an incredible performance.
  2. Stryder1978

    Maybe, just maybe...

    ...it never hurts to dream.
  3. Have you heard Greta Van Fleet? That’s someone with your throat right there.The guys from Detroit? Yeah, he’s pretty good. There’s a job somewhere for him, but how about Zepparella? Yeah, Louisville, look out for Zepparella. I mean, if ever I could see them play again. My goodness, what a frontwoman. I saw them last year...Robert has great taste!
  4. Stryder1978


    ...if Page has all these tapes, why is he a frequent visitor to the music shops in Tokyo scarfing up bootleg CD's?
  5. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Out on the Tiles" - Led Zeppelin
  6. Stryder1978

    Never Forget

    LMAO...my bad! I'll see what I can do to "get right" with the conspiracy nuts.
  7. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "The Song Remains the Same" - Led Zeppelin
  8. Stryder1978

    Random Thoughts v.3

    ZERO sympathy for those along the Carolina coasts calling in for rescue. Screw 'em, tell them rescuers will be there on Monday! They were TOLD to evacuate days ago!
  9. Stryder1978

    Random Thoughts v.3

    ..and if you blow the cartoon, you will also see that Naomi's skin tone is ALMOST as dark as Serena's but not as light as the umpire! So who's REALLY the racist with regards to the cartoon? It's not the artist!
  10. Stryder1978

    Random Thoughts v.3

    AT the 2018 US Open, Naomi's hair looked awful BLONDE to me!!! https://www.sbnation.com/tennis/2018/9/8/17835482/us-open-tennis-results-2018-womens-title-naomi-osaka-serena-williams
  11. Stryder1978

    Random Thoughts v.3

    "I would agree with the PC charge more if the cartoonist had not made the other woman in the cartoon blonde and white. Serena beat a Japanese player. If the cartoonist was satirizing Serena's conduct during the final, why change her opponent from a Japanese woman to a blonde barbie doll?" So the cartoonist was supposed to color Naomi's skin tone yellow??? Tell me you wouldn't have cried "Racism" then!! And Naomi's hair color IS blonde!!!
  12. Stryder1978

    Random Thoughts v.3

    ...it must be incredibly exhausting spending all your time looking for ways to be offended nowadays.
  13. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "In the Evening" - Led Zeppelin
  14. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Hot Dog" - Led Zeppelin
  15. Stryder1978

    Never Forget

    THAT explains why it collapsed so easily!! Mystery solved!