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  1. Earls Court - an eye-witness account

    AWESOME story...thanks for sharing!
  2. Random Thoughts v.3

    Jane Seymour is posing for Playboy...at age 67! Good for her (but don't objectify her!)
  3. Random Thoughts v.3

    ...typical liberal..."we need to be tolerant" (unless you don't agree with my position)...."we need to turn in all guns" (except the ones my private security has) ....."we need to save children" (except those blobs of cells in a mother's womb) and now, "I suggest we stop discussing this topic and others like it per the rules." (except when I want to bring it up again!)
  4. Winter Olympics in South Korea 2018

    My favorite moment of the Olympics! I literally jumped off the couch and fist pumped in the air! Congrats Jesse...well earned!
  5. The Rest in Peace Thread

    ...being vulgar is not amusing...especially when talking about the deceased. It's pathetic.
  6. Song Name Game

    "Fool in the Rain" - Led Zeppelin
  7. Random Thoughts v.3

    ...my condolences to the Canadian teams, but look at the runs you had in Men's curing and women's hockey!
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    ....congrats to the U.S. men's curling team! Going for gold!
  9. Random Thoughts v.3

    ...I wouldn't expect a liberal to understand facts...gets in the way of their "feelings". And the only filth I see on here are the "tolerant" snowflakes spewing their unreserved hate.
  10. The Rest in Peace Thread

    I knew liberals were heartless, but......
  11. Random Thoughts v.3

    "Broward County sheriff's deputies will now carry AR-15 rifles while on school campuses following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last week, Sheriff Scott Israel announced today. The new policy was implemented Wednesday morning. In lieu of gun lockers, the only time deputies will not be "slinging a rifle" is when the firearm is locked in police vehicles, Israel said. The rifles will not be fully automatic and will only be handled by deputies who are "trained and qualified" to operate them, Israel said."
  12. Random Thoughts v.3

    ...best solution suggested so far. Of course the liberal snowflakes forget to mention that the proposal is for people who are ADEPT at handling a weapon - and they would need to be volunteers and go through training. Most school shootings last 3-5 minutes. Police response time is 8-12 minutes - do the math liberals!
  13. Song Name Game

    "In the Evening" - Led Zeppelin
  14. Song Name Game

    "All My Love" - Led Zeppelin
  15. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    Sunday: 65 degrees and clear blue skies. This morning: -7 degrees and 5 inches of snow on the ground. Winter SUCKS!