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  1. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "White Summer/Black Mountain Side" - Led Zeppelin
  2. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "All My Love" Led Zeppelin
  3. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "The Song Remains the Same" - Led Zeppelin
  4. Stryder1978

    Does 'Coda' Count?

    UMMM....yea, that's the point. LZ1 through Coda WERE ALL contractually required albums...thus Coda IS an official LZ album!
  5. Stryder1978

    Best opening song

    My favorite song of all time...not just favorite Led Zeppelin song, but of ANY rock song...is "Rock and Roll". However, since Robert never seemed to warm his voice before those 73-75 shows, I'd have to pick "Immigrant Song" for this poll!
  6. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Out on the Tiles" - Led Zeppelin
  7. Stryder1978

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    I feel ya...I'm heading to Vegas this Wed for a LOOONG weekend!
  8. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Down by the Seaside" - Led Zeppelin
  9. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "In the Evening" - Led Zeppelin
  10. Stryder1978

    Five Places You Would Like To Visit

    Austria - They have four hour tours out of Salzburg that I took my Mum on. Really excellent!
  11. Stryder1978

    Five Places You Would Like To Visit

    I've been to 57 countries, all 7 continents and swam in all four oceans, but still need to go to: 1. The National Parks in India (specifically Kaziranga, Bandipur and Gir) 2. Egypt (when it's considerably safer for Americans) 3. A tour of the "Stans": Kazakhstan, Taikistan and Turkmenistan) 4. The interior of Kalimantan to search for rhino and additional population of Komodo dragons. 5. Kiritimati (Christmas island)
  12. Stryder1978

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    You cannot be serious! If they would have put in MORE audience footage (there was plenty in the actual film), you would have been crying that they weren't showing the band playing on stage. I didn't go there to see Brian May, David Gilmour and Jeff Beck in the stands. And the band CHOSE to perform most of the songs as close to the studio versions as they could - partially for the time constraints put on them from the O2 noise curfew. I for one was glad to hear the "Stairway" solo mimic the studio version for once - I know I am in the minority on these pages for that, but I liked it. And like Steve said, I'm not a fan of the "bootleg" 8mm footage technique and also not happy to see so many "Plantations" cut, but the film overall, like the performance, was excellent and a fitting "swan song" for their career!
  13. Stryder1978

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    I'm assuming that includes foreplay and clean-up.
  14. Stryder1978

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    Well said! I would not have wanted their final legacy to be "going through the motions" on stage whether it was to please the fans or for their pocketbooks. Enough great bands have tarnished their reputation doing this!
  15. Stryder1978

    The O2 In Retrospect...

    A "Kashmir" that rivals any version they did live through 1980, a COMPLETE version of "Good Times Bad Times" and a never before played "For Your Life" that is absolutely brilliant? I will GLADLY take that gift LED ZEPPELIN gave us, thank you!