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  1. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    Don't use automobiles crashes as a means to justify your argument.... it's lame. Unless kids are using cars to plow down other kids at schools... then there is no comparison! I live in Canada where we have drugs, broken families, mental illness, and guns too. But guess what, we do not have a lot of mass shootings. Why? We can't just go to the store and buy an automatic/semi-automatic or get one for free when we sign up for a bank account or buy a new car, etc. Automatic/semi-automatic weapons are not easy to come by. Most readily available guns in Canada are used for hunting and mainly consists of single shot rifles. It isn't easy to plow down a bunch of people with a shotgun. People do not need automatic/semi-automatic weapons to hunt! Other first world nations have the same social issues as the US but they have more gun control than the US? How does mass shootings in the US compare to where you are living Steve? ... I thought so! People can spin it however they want... until gun-loving dingbats and dirty politicians change their ways, this will never change!
  2. Song Name Game

    Put Your Money On Me - The Struts
  3. Word association

  4. Song Name Game

    Could Have Been Me - The Struts
  5. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Other than Zeppelin being my number 1 band: 70-80's Rock: Black Sabbath, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Aerosmith (Pump album and earlier), AC/DC, Overkill, The Rolling Stones, and Queen 90-00's Rock: Pearl jam, The Black Crowes, Guns N' Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Big Sugar 00-10's: Sam Roberts Band, The Trews, Sloan, The Sheepdogs, Arkells There are some great new bands that are getting added to my favourites: Greta Van Fleet, The Glorious Sons, The Record Company, Reignwolf, The Struts, Royal Blood
  6. What's the Next Concert You're Attending?

    The Sheepdogs on March 15. Their new album came out a few weeks ago. They are an awesome Canadian Band.
  7. Sloan

  8. Word association

  9. Song Name Game

    Nowhere With You - Joel Plaskett Emergency
  10. Song Name Game

    Get The Funk Out - Extreme
  11. Sloan

    I have always like this band. Their music is more heavier/rock when they play live. I seen them in Sep 2017 and they were just as good as always.