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  1. Here is a session on Sirius' Octane's really good. At the 13:22 mark the lead singer, Josh, talks about his musical influences, including Robert Plant obviously. They do a really good cover of Rolling In The Depp by Adele at the 15:28 mark.
  2. I was listening to an interview last week where they said they were putting out another 2 EPs digitally for a total of 3. Then putting out vinyl and other physical mediums a little later. The younger brother of the group was saying they have been writing for the last few years and have a lot of finished and unfinished songs. He figures about an album or two worth of material. I can't wait!!!
  3. Even on some of their live stuff the singer and guitar player do a matching musical interlude just like Robert and Jimmy. I listened to an interview where they said they were influenced by Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and other blues legends... but no mention of Led Zeppelin.
  4. This song is amazing as well
  5. These guys are phenomenal. I just found out about them a few days ago. The voice, lyrics, guitar and drums are all excellent. They are even great live. Check out some of the YouTube videos.
  6. Robbie offers his apologies to Jimmy Page,
  7. There is also one for the 25 Amazing Jimmy Page tattoos
  8. Thanks for the link. What an interesting read that was. I cannot imagine what Robert and his family went through during the later years of Zeppelin.
  9. Well said. I am surprised by the amount of negativity that some fans have against the band and/or members they love so much. I understand their frustration and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I agree with you that a little more respect should be given. Some of these so called "fans" are borderline abusive towards certain band members. I just don't understand it.
  10. I couldn't agree more. I have all the other SDBS of the studio albums and was hoping the BBC SDBS would follow suit. I was hoping the booklet from the BBC SDBS would also be similar to the ones from the previous SDBS. I am a recent vinyl collector, so the only other Zep album I have is the Celebration Day one which is what the BBC set is similar to. Other than that, I am extremely happy to have this re-release. Finally there is an official version of Sunshine Woman. I ended up playing the 3rd CD of unreleased tracks in my car for 3 days straight. Now I have moved on to the rest of the release.
  11. I think Ten Years Gone and In the Light are underrated. They are excellent musical works of art just like Stairway to Heaven and I feel they get overshadowed by it. I wonder, if Stairway didn't exist, would either of these 2 songs have received more attention?
  12. I calculated my order there as $147.55 with shipping (I wasn't given an option for shipping internationally). Since it is an American company, the price in American dollars unless otherwise stated. My Amex card converts to CAD later at a better rate (I save a few cents). That brings the total to $193.17 CAD.... so not much difference. The shipping option with Import CD is DHL/Fedex which leave your packages on your door step. Sometimes they notify you and sometimes they don't and sometimes they leave it on the door step when you're home but still say there was no answer. The free shipping option uses Canada Post which holds my parcels for pickup for 7 days.
  13. I ordered it in July for $175.88 CAD ($202.26 tax inc.) with
  14. Here is JPJ's