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  1. Song Name Game

    Never Enough - L.A. Guns
  2. Song Name Game

    The House Is Rockin - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  3. Song Name Game

    Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones
  4. Ten Years Gone

    I'm surprised there aren't many more replies on the 10 year anniversary of the O2 show. It was such an amazing show and experience overall. It was my first and only trip to London (I'm in Canada). It cost me a lot of money to go, especially after the change in dates.... but it was worth every penny. I've watched Celebration Day on blu-ray and listened to it in the car on the way to work. Tonight, I'll watch the rehearsal when I get home. I've been wearing my shirt all day (I usually only wear it on the anniversary each year).
  5. Holiday 2017

    I've always liked this version of silent night by Winger
  6. Greta Van Fleet

  7. Greta Van Fleet

    They have a new Ep out called From The Fires. It is essentially the 4 songs from their first Ep (Black Smoke Rising) with an additional 4 songs.
  8. Plant on Stern - 10/17/17?

    This is a great interview! A lot more was said here than the last few interviews combined. I loved how he talks about his artistic integrity and moves forward with news musical ideas. After hearing him say that he doesn't want to be a Vegas act just playing the hits over and over.... there shouldn't be any doubt that they will never be another Led Zeppelin reunion.
  9. Your first Led Zeppelin album

    I was introduced to Led Zeppelin via Page And Plant Unledded. In my quest to hear more fabulous music from these 2 guys I learned of Led Zeppelin. I took a chance and bought the Led Zeppelin 4 CD Boxset and from there my Zep obsession began. I purchased In Through The Out Door first, then the rest over the course of a year. Even though I have listened to each album in proper song sequence many many many times since then... sometimes when a particular album song ends my brain automatically starts off with the next corresponding song off of the boxset CD... even after all these years... that's how mind blowing and unforgettable Led Zeppelin was to me the first time I heard them. I rarely play CDs anymore, but still keep the 4 CD boxset in my card for nostalgia sake (plus I won't be upset if they get stolen instead of my remasters).
  10. Favorite Zeppelin Ballad/Melodic song?

    For me it's Thank You. It was used as my wedding song. We both love Led Zeppelin, but I'm the fanatic in out relationship, my wife however is a lover of music and lyrics. While the song wasn't chosen as our first dance, nor is it the first song we danced together when dating, she chose the song as the wedding processional because she loves it, especially the lyrics. The section below was listed our wedding invitations with a engagement pic of us holding hands and listed on our wedding photo book with us holding hands with our wedding rings on. And so today, my world, it smilesYour hand in mine, we walk the milesAnd thanks to you it will be doneFor you to me are the only one
  11. Favorite Song off of Physical Graffiti

    For me it's Down By The Seaside. It used to be my second choice behind Ten Years Gone, but within the last few years it holds more of a sentimental value for me. Since the birth of my first daughter I sing this song to her when she has trouble sleeping.
  12. Greta Van Fleet

    Weather or not the vocalist sounds similar to Robert Plant or that they are trying to emulate Led Zeppelin... there is no denying how good they are live. I can wait to hear more studio stuff and see them live. He's a full concert I found. Great stuff.
  13. Greta Van Fleet

    Here's something I found on from 2014. They must be 14-17 years old in this. Great stuff. There's no denying the Zeppelin influence. I'm glad they are currently going with their own look and sound. I love their 4 song Ep and look forward to more studio stuff. I'm really digging this group. Such a refreshing sound to a lot of today's rock music. I've seen a few website with voting for the best new artists type of thing and most of the time the other contenders sound all the same.... that crappy corporate rock with vocals that sound like Nickleback/Puddle Of Mud/Theory Of A Deadman/ etc...etc
  14. My Ringtone

    I use the opening of Rock And Roll for my ringtone and the Stairway To Heaven guitar solo for voicemail alerts. I have used Living Loving Maid in the past.
  15. Black Dog 2007

    I think they wanted make the songs sound closer to the album versions and mostly stay away from long solos and jams.