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  1. Robert Plant was asked what the "Any time now..." message means during his BBC Radio 5 live interview today. The host asked if it meant that new music is coming. "My dear, of course," Plant replied. "What else would there be but more new, beautiful adventures?"
  2. Could you be thinking of this?
  3. No, the only Led Zeppelin footage shown yesterday was an edited down version of the footage from 2003's "DVD." They had a look through the archives prior to the event and hoped to find some unseen footage, but weren't able to do so.
  4. Here you go
  5. Hello, I wrote the above article and was at the event earlier. I think you're correct in saying the footage has not yet been restored. The professor spoke about the possibility of a restoration in the future with current technology. The exact contents of the footage and how much was backstage was not mentioned. I know Dave has the professor's email address and is going to get in contact with him, I'm also hoping to be introduced to him and that's going to be my first question.
  6. The important thing is to be seen to be releasing a new soundboard bootleg.
  7. "Deus Ex Machina" is now being released in mid-June
  8. The initial rumoured release date was some time in May, then last week that was updated to late May or early June. It could be that EV had always planned for a late May release.
  9. It was a relatively offhand comment he gave in an interview with NME
  10. Here's a post I published a couple of weeks ago with a full history of the Jimmy Page/Robbie Williams feud
  11. Jimmy Page said in a Tight But Loose interview published in July 2015 that he might release Led Zeppelin material on Record Store Day "in five years time."
  12. The latest update we have is that it's coming this year
  13. Very cool. I got to see a screening of the film in the studio it was shot in. That was a surreal experience.
  14. Full release from the Royal Albert Hall below. Ticket link is here.
  15. The event page literally says "Alongside Whitehead’s footage, some of which has never before been screened publicly." I'd say that certainly implies " footage we haven't seen before." It's not yet clear whether that's going to be Led Zeppelin footage, but the RAH is certainly having a look (I've chatted to them about this.)