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  1. A Holy Grail would be Nick Drake's John Peel stuff 100% unedited and flawless.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I still say tats are for clowns. Real people don't wear bumper stickers, as we don't care to advertise our lives (sad or happy) or care how you feel about anything . This will likely go way over your collective heads. Lol. Page don't have 'em. Lol.
  3. Tattoos are fucking disgusting no matter what they "represent." And what they represent is low self-esteem.
  4. The dangerous mix in that is money. Not unlike our mentally retarded and 100% flawed US President Donald "pussy grabber" Trump. Morons with money are the most dangerous animals on earth.
  5. Don't you mean gray hair? That broad has grey hair unless I'm color blind. I'd still slit her in half though. lol.
  6. Who cares what some dumb old whore has to say? Waste of paper.
  7. U must be one ugly bastard. Plant looks like shit in every era. Bad teeth (he's English), crappy evertything. Just nasty in general. The English have always tended to be gross in hygiene. Pretty much like in the southern USA
  8. Agreed. Anything Grohl has done since a drummer boy behind Kurt has been garbage IMO. The "Pillow Biters" are just total pop crap.
  9. I so agree. I can't believe how those clowns got to be so big. Can't stand them.
  10. Ted Nugent? Why the hell would they put that right-wing douchbag in any book? Isn't he more likely to be out killing endangered animals than playing guitar?
  11. Not Elliot. He sucks. '80s hair band crap baggage.
  12. No. Lack of self control, self esteem and respect does that. It's as stupid as saying "guns kill," when anyone not brain dead knows they don't.