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  1. Polishing The Boards

    Which reverb do you use, and which delay?. I downloaded version 7, it supports flac
  2. Polishing The Boards

    which version of Mixcraft
  3. Polishing The Boards

    I would to try to make some these boots sound better, just for my own personal enjoyment. What program is best to use??
  4. 05/21/1977 How The Time Flies

    Can I please get a copy?
  5. 9/14/71 Berkeley Definitive version

    What is the best version of this great show??
  6. Definitive Blueberry Hill

    Does anybody got a copy of the Heavy Vibraphones version of this show?
  7. Definitive Blueberry Hill

    I would also like a copy, my vinyls all skip now.
  8. Best version of 3/21/75

    This is a awesome show. Looking for the best version. Any help as to which one??
  9. New soundboard for Montreux 3/7/70 ?

    Yes, can someone please pm on where to get this awesome show. There are really cooking on that night.
  10. Best Page & Plant boot

    What are some of the best performances of songs? Like to put together a compilation....
  11. Best Page & Plant boot

    Started collecting Page & Plant shows. They are actually pretty good performances. Any recommendations for some of the better boots?
  12. Best version of 6/30/1980 Frankfurt

    I've searched for that one too. With no luck.
  13. Best version of 6/30/1980 Frankfurt

    There is just something about the 1980 tour I like. Was looking for the best version from 6/30/80.....
  14. Best Of 73' tour

    The suggestions have all been great, but I was kind of looking for individual performances from good audience or soundboard sources.
  15. Best Of 73' tour

    I've been making best of compilations for some of Zeppelin's different tours. I have done 75' and 77'. Anybody got any song suggestions for 73'?