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  1. Ten Years Gone

    Friends for life ticket buddy
  2. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    I would be more than happy if this was done as I was at the show.
  3. Ten Years Gone

    I was in Canary wharf again on sunday *( 10 yrs to the day) and saw 2 of the boots stores. There was still no sign of Helen. Although she is due to arrive in the UK today.
  4. Ten Years Gone

    Pilot, brspled and other old boarders met up for a meal before the show. Quite a few of us met up the night before after collecting our wristbands n tickets. They were fabulous gatherings of people from around the world. And we are all still friends in real life.
  5. Ten Years Gone

    Hello you, and we are still very good friends of course xxx
  6. Ten Years Gone

    we waz there Pilot. I sent a message to Vince wishing him the happy 10th anniversary.
  7. Parents Comments About Zeppelin

    My dad never understood rock music, he was born in 1920 so he was very traditional in his musical tastes, UK military music post WW2 crooners and that was it really. He never got my tastes and knew who Zep were but always wanted me to turn the volume down whoever I played. I bought a good pair of headphones. My mum had more wider tastes and she liked Zep and Queen and quite a few other songs she heard during my teenage years in the 70's. Stairway was her favourite song. I remember she was disappointed that I hadn't taken her to see Robert Plant in 1988 when he payed in my home town. She would have loved that in hindsight. Both are long gone now.
  8. Nice one Pilot, by the looks of your pics I was just along from you on the far right hand side, not the best view of the shows I have been to so far but good to be there and even better to go to the after show do.
  9. I was there and fortunate to be able to meet Robert after the show courtesy of a very dear friend.
  10. Robert Plant Live: Birmingham Symphony Hall


    The bands and my final show of this UK tour.
  11. Robert Plant Live: Manchester O2 Apollo


    I will be there.
  12. Robert Plant Live: Sheffield City Hall


    I will be there.
  13. Some of my photos from Wolverhampton.