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  1. Pontiac 1977 - New Photos

    Great images! Thanks for posting.
  2. Led Zeppelin Photo Mysteries

    Not sure where else to post this but this is a mystery to me. I didn't know that Ticketron sold tickets for Knewborth 1979: http://
  3. I've been doing a little research of those dates by venue to see if the sticker was meant for another band touring at the time - no hits.
  4. Jeff Lynne's ELO

    nice! how long did they play? they are playing at the Hollywood Bowl in LA in September and we're thinking about going.
  5. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case. Thanks for saving me the expense.
  6. Random Newspaper Articles

    I tried google and couldn't find anything.
  7. Random Newspaper Articles

    anyone know more about this magazine?
  8. New Orleans August 29, 2971

    thank you for the reply.
  9. New Orleans August 29, 2971

    what have you heard about the Baton Rouge 1977 show? so it is out there in the inner circles?
  10. Earl's Court official release ?

    Hi Steve, I remember reading that it was as well. Wikipedia (I know not always the best source) show references to this in Dave Lewis's Celebration Book vol.2:
  11. Chicago 1973 - by Camille Davis Russo

    That was one of the BEST articles I've ever read on the band. Thank you for posting.
  12. If You Could Own A Piece Of Led Zeppelin...

    I'll play. In no particular order: 1. Pontiac Silverdome video tape 2. Houston Summit video tape 3. SBD for 06.21.1977 4. SBD for 7.20.1977 5. A complete set of all the backstage passes Zeppelin ever used
  13. so this turned into a real Zeppelin mystery!