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  1. There was an agreement between the guy who shared it and EV. EV asked him to not to torrent unless they started selling copies. He broke the promise.
  2. It won't happen, forget about it. Jimmy is too much of being a perfectionist to put out just a raw soundboard. Plus the market isn't much oriented in such production I feel. Anyway, if so, this would be the best choice for every serious Zephead we can only imagine. And they should let the people choose the shows we want to hear. Or at least master some great sounding boots and put them as official release.
  3. No upgrade, both are taken from previous releases of 3/17 and 3/21.
  4. Inside the set there's a layout with such info. Only idiot couldn't understand that.
  5. Why don't you buy a copy of this set altogether (spreading $$$ to few of you) instead of continuous gimme gimme attitude everytime the new stuff is out? It's always great to see that something new is on the horizon and I do understand the whole enjoyment coming around but with this statement is quite clearly to learn that without any kind of donating, the label won't be able to release anything new in the future. [ Sorry, mods if I said something that may affect the group's legacy, if so just please get my post rid off the forum then ;). ]
  6. So you have to stop listening to the bootlegs, mate ;). Of course the difference between great quality audience tape and great quality board tape is more than noticeable but what did you expect - if you're after a good quality professionally mixed tapes, the only way to get them are the soundboards or few multi-tracks, that's it.
  7. I saw it. So, we should expect fast rise of prices, if they will block Ebay, these items will be even more expensive as they won't be available online except for private mailing lists. They've only helped bootleggers to be more luxury trade mark now. A very adviced move from the authorities :).
  8. Because you've probably listened to 1) commercially released bootleg title, which is EQ'd and brickwalled 2) on modern budget gear, not on high quality analog audio from the past. Try to combine raw 1st gen and some good tube amp and good old speakers, the difference is more than listenable then.
  9. It's rather something related to the casual air raid that took place few weeks ago in the EU. The last was in 2014. All the Japanese stuff is still available plus some retired Euro labels too.
  10. They should be and bootlegs are the best proof of that, at least in my opinion. Some of them are collecting such products and only the record companies are still the only subjects not happy seeing that. Why? because they're trying to copyright literally everything that is recorded, and this including your own fuckin' tape. Look at these silly reissues with so-called bonus tracks, does it go in the right direction when you're about to pay again for something you know and just to get one or two "new" songs? The reality is that the only real new stuff, with a few exception, can be only found on bootlegs and this is the real reason for all that buzz around.
  11. It's all about the corporations ie big record companies, not the music anymore. People behind them wants to copyright literally everything that belongs to them due to contracts and this is the real way the bootlegs are illegal. Plus the egos of artists who became more popular and started to think they're something more than the others. That's my five cents to that discussion.
  12. It came out from Fisheads' mailing list, I saw that statement just a couple of weeks ago. Nothing new here though...
  13. I found these up here:
  14. Important question: how 'bout other dates that have been cancelled due to JPJ' father's illness? The 11th of August is reported to be cancelled (Charlotte), 12th of August (Jacksonville), 13th of August (Tallahassee), 14th of August (Boston). The first date we have a confirmation that the band performed is New Haven show from 15th of August. So, what's the clue of that weird break / cancellation between August 10th (now confirmed) and all these cancelled dates between 'til the 15th of August?
  15. It's because Eat A Peach uses TMoQ source and Winston uses other one (stereo source).