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  1. Seattle

    The Edgewater Inn
  2. I've been accumulating the following Zep radio interviews since 1988. It's an ongoing project that needs some editing and clean up. I thought I would share what I've accumulated, so far, with the forum. https://www.mixcloud.com/51965/playlists/zep-interviews/ https://www.mixcloud.com/51965/playlists/post-zeppelin/
  3. Hello from Kansas

    Hello Kane. Welcome to the forum. Stevie Wonder and Zep...good taste in music!
  4. Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Ah, that makes sense. I suppose I'd read this at the time he was quoted, but it escaped me since then, somehow. And I was hoping against hope that there would be alternate tracks of HMMT, D&C and YTIGC. I suppose the expediency with which that album was recorded didn't amount to enough material to include on the reissues. Thanks for clearing that up, Steve.
  5. Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    And now adding to the next logical question, JP chose to include the Paris 69 show instead of tracks from their first album on the Reissues set. We know BIGLY, YSM etc exist as alternate takes on bootlegs. Why would Jimmy not include this material?
  6. Helsinki 1970 - new photos

    Wow, 1970, my favorite year for Zep music and photos. Thanks, Sam!
  7. Love it, Robert. Nice job. Something like this has been long overdue. My only suggestion would be that the site should have a link for where the public could submit their our own items to be included on your site. Looking forward to seeing how the site develops in the future.
  8. Hot Pics of Robert

    You're welcome.
  9. Hot Pics of Robert

    My pleasure, Glad you like it.
  10. Hot Pics of Robert

  11. Hot Pics of Robert

  12. Hot Pics of Robert

    You're very welcome, Annie. My pleasure.
  13. Hot Pics of Robert

  14. Hot Pics of Robert