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  1. Hello I just joined

    Welcome to the forum, fellow Pennsylvanian!
  2. Hot Pics of Robert

    I'm not sure of the origin of the first photo. But the second is from a newspaper article from Iceland. There are a whole series of photos in the paper surrounding their June 1970 visit to Iceland. The third photo is from 1975, perhaps Earl's Court (?) The image is reversed at JPJ appears to be playing the bass left-handed.
  3. Hot Pics of Robert

  4. Hot Pics of Robert

  5. Hot Pics of Robert

  6. Hot Pics of Robert

  7. Hot Pics of Robert

    You're very welcome.
  8. Hot Pics of Robert

    You're welcome. She's the woman who made the shirt Robert is wearing. From what I recall of the accompanying article, she made the shirt then ran into a friend of a friend of Robert's who brought her backstage to meet him.
  9. Hot Pics of Robert

  10. Hot Pics of Robert

  11. Led Zeppelin Clothing and Whatnot.

    At last count, I had 84 Zep t-shirts, over 1,000 books and magazines, hundreds of boots and various collector's items including all of the framed memorabilia from attending the O2 concert. I've been a collector since 1983 and it's an addiction that I call "Zepilepsy"
  12. Hot Pics of Robert

  13. Hot Pics of Robert

    The more I look at this photo, the more I see the resemblance to Robert. And at age 15, he may not have begun growing to where he'd be taller than the other guys. Hmmm. It would be great if this was a previously unseen photo of Robert.
  14. Hot Pics of Robert

    I see what you mean. Although, Robert is much taller than the man in this photo, even at this younger age.
  15. Hot Pics of Robert

    I've never seen this photo. I don't believe that's Robert.