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  1. Which Zep 'Epic' Is Your Favorite.

  2. My Ringtone

    My ringtone is from a section of "Dazed and Confused" from 3/20/1975. I took like a 12-15 second section right after the bow solo where the band comes in and kind of does that tease before they go into full force.
  3. I hate Zeppelin tribute bands

    I would pay money to see this guy live.
  4. New Mystery Soundboard?

    How about a screenshot from the Zurich '80 show?
  5. What are the best live bands of all time? (apart from Zep)

    The Who (1965 - 1976)
  6. YOUR favorite of N.A. 1977

    I know for a fact it was not 4/27. My first '77 bootleg was Destroyer and I have listened it to a million times. Did not have the Bonzo disco beat he throws in there during the middle section that I quite enjoy. Also Page is a little sloppy on the 4/27 version. The one I heard his playing on the solo was more fluid. I will listen to 5/21 and see if that was it. I will also listen to the 4/10 show to see if they sound familiar.
  7. YOUR favorite of N.A. 1977

    I know you may think I sound crazy, but about three-to-four years ago I was listening to my local classic rock station in Chicago - WDRV (The Drive). They were playing all live songs during the weekend pulling out a lot of nice gems which is rare nowadays and even three years ago. I was in my car to run some errands I guess, turned on radio and BAM! it's the middle section of live Trampled Underfoot. Man the boys were on fire! Page's solo and Bonham's licks during that section had me bobbing and weaving in my car I was so pumped but the recording was clean and clear just like it came from a soundboard. I have listened to all the 77 soundboards and that was one I have never heard before! After the song ended, the DJ stated that TU was from the 4/10/77 at Chicago Stadium. I know there is no soundboard recording of the show so I don't if a Chicago radio station recorded part of the show or what. I think I will write an email to them and what kind of response they come back with. I still think about hearing that song coming out of blue and wonder if my mind was playing tricks on me.
  8. I hate Zeppelin tribute bands

    I saw one Led Zeppelin tribute band in the late 90's... I believe the band is called No Quarter and they are based in Milwaukee. They were good but I could not get into the music. They took a little break/intermission so I bolted to my car and left listening to some of the 2nd show from Mannheim 1980 toking a a fat spliff which made me feel a whole lot better. One day, My Dad suggested we check this cool band he discovered on Facebook called Led Zeppelin 2... obviously another Zep tribute band that had no affect on me whatsoever. He plays a promo video for their upcoming appearance at Rosemont theater (how the fuck they can play a venue that big for a cover band is beyond me) and he is telling me how cool it would be to see these guys and they we should go together. I immediately flashed back to my experience to my one and only admission to a Zep tribute act and cringed at my split-second of reliving the whole thing. I never ever seen any tribute band since and while it may be fun to play Zep songs live in front of an audience, Zeppelin should charge some insane licensing fee to cover bands playing their songs so eventually the band could not afford to play them live ever again.
  9. Wearing & Tearing, Darlene, and Ozone Baby

    Everytime I listen to Darlene, I focus on Bonham. He's the reason why I enjoy the track.
  10. Earls Court mental block

    The Earl's Court shows are great but I am always compelled to listen to the US shows from 75. There is a certain magic in those US shows that wasn't quite captured in Earl's Court.
  11. after the 1977 tour?

    We all have problems. I just thought a better way for you to alleviate your stress from the election would be to "wank off" to a bro mold Michelle.
  12. after the 1977 tour?

    Or you could "wank off" to the current first lady who has more dude like qualities than the current President.
  13. Jimmy's Live Guitar Solos

    My favorite live version.
  14. No Quarter live

    I was just listening to the 3/25/75 first show in LA on Saturday night and Jimmy's playing on No Quarter is so fast and fluid it has flashes of his form from the March 1973 European tour. Your top 10 is very similar to mine. The No Quarter from 3/25 is neck-and-neck with the 3/21 Seattle spectacle.
  15. Hots on for Nowhere

    Presence is my favorite album of all-time and so it's possible for me to leave that song out of my mental playlist.