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  1. Best Stairway

    For me the How The West Was Won version is by far my favorite - and not just because it is from an official release! The little vocal interjections Plant does during the would-have-been "makes me wonder" parts are melodic and really cool and Jimmy's solo is so fluid and calculated and has this flow to it that I think he lost after 1972 - the solo section is just more energetic from the drums down to the guitar licks than for example the versions post-73
  2. I haven't learned it verbatm but based on my memory from listening to the tune it is in the key of C so the guitar is tuned in a way that has the low E tuned to a low C. I will have to listen to it later to see what tuning is used but the chords themselved are essentially just a twelve bar blues form I am guessing the tuning is the same as Roy Harper which is C - G - C - G - C - E
  3. "Tracks will be used for remastered Led Zep reissues in 2014, as long as John Paul Jones gives the OK" Article in the Guardian dated 18 October 2013: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/oct/18/led-zeppelin-unreleased-tapes-plant-jones
  4. Robert Plant - Santa Barbara Bowl 6/28/13

    Cool review thanks for sharing! Another video:
  5. Robert Plant - Santa Barbara Bowl 6/28/13

    Absolutely! Yeah Going to California was a real treat, you could tell everyone else thought so too because as soon as they started playing it would could see a sea of cell phones amongst the crowd ha I didn't watch any videos of this band before the show so I could go into it not knowing what to expect, and man what a pleasent suprise that was, Robert still has "it"!
  6. Anyone else go to this show? It was phenominal! First off Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened and I was already big fans of them but they totally rocked it! Grace reminds me of a female version of 1972 Robert Plant when she does the more rocking stuff Robert and the Sensational Space Shifters were incredible. They started off with a cool version of Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You which drew large cheers when the drums kicked in. Highlights for me were Going to California, What is and What Should Never Be, The Enchanter, and Whole Lotta Love. Robert's voice was on point all night My favorite quote was when Robert introduces the band then afterwords exclaimed quite enthusiasticly "and where would we all be without oatmeal?!" I do think the audiece was taken aback by how rocking these guys are - the people in back of me were happy to see him but before the show they were talking about how they wished he would quit the bluegrass country stuff. They were in for a pleasent suprise! If anyone has any audio of the show or finds audio - let me know! Does anyone know if the gigs will appear in iTunes like the 2012 dates??
  7. One thing I have always wondered is if Plant was/is an avid Christian and if that is what inspired this tune? Or rather is he just using Jesus in a thematic symbolic way? It just sparked my curiousity after hearing the song and for the first time really payed attention to the lyrics and trying to decipher its meaning and origins There really aren't that many religious themes expressed in Zeppelin's tunes although a lot of spiritual themes are.
  8. GnR forums are Hijacking a poll a Ultimate Classic Rock...

    http://ultimateclassicrock.com/guns-n-roses-vs-led-zeppelin-2013/?trending Who would have thought so many people perfer GNR?!?
  9. Celebration Day Movie - Forum Reviews

    Just got back from seeing the film, it was incredible! A few notes on the film itself: - The audio quality is fantastic, a great balance in the instruments and everything is clear and discernable - Plant's voice is suprisingly powerful and consistent throughout the show, which wasn't as evident in the audience recordings due to Plant's voice not being as up-front in the recordings - There isn't a substantial amount of overdubbing. Yes Dazed & Confused is fixed plus probably some minor things here and there but overall the audience recordings showed that this was a pretty consistent show to begin with. - I know people say "Jason is not John Bonham, Bonzo will never be replaced blah blah blah" but here is the deal: Jason rocked it, plain and simple. I was astounded at how well he fits with the rest of the guys, the songs were done justice and he really helped kick the overall energy of the songs into overdrive. - For me the highlights were Trampled Underfoot, SIBLY, Stairway, No Quarter, and Kashmir. Kashmir was the highlight of the show for me, and I can honestly say I consider it one of the best performances of the song I have heard - it is heavy hitting and Plant really nailed the intensity of the vocals. All in all I am soo glad I was able to catch it on the big screen! If anything this film just further solidifies how awesome a full tour would be but hey such as life right? At least we have this incredible footage to rock out to

    Just got back from seeing the film, it was incredible! Night well spent
  11. Thank you guys for the in depth responses! These will keep me busy for a while haha Oh and to the poster a couple of replies ago, I actually quite like the Listen to this Eddie boot, but I just didn't know if there were any AUD sources that were as good or even bettter, not that it isn't good. I acutally love it, it really captures the band at a energetic and creative peek live
  12. I was listening to the Earl's Court May 24th 1975 show and even though the quality is fantastic Robert's voice is pretty shot and is a rough listen. Comparing that to the Listen to this Eddie show where the quality is not super great as it is an audience recording but the performance is amazing. So I do realize that there are a whole lot of bootleg request threads out there and I was hesitant to create this one, but I am curious as to what the shows are that have Robert's vocals at its best, the band playing tight, AND a great quality soundboard (or REALLY good AUD) recording. So far I have 5/24/75, the Supreme Destroyers 1977 show, and the LIsten to this Eddie recordings