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  1. Best cover of a Led Zep song

    This is one of my favorite covers of The Rain Song. What's cool is that the cover was done by one person.
  2. Houston,TX- The Summit- May 21, 1977

    Awesome pictures! I like listening to this show a lot, so it's fun to imagine the audio going along with these.
  3. I Can't Quit You Baby vs. You Shook Me

    I Can't Quit You Baby. The live versions are awesome!
  4. How the West Was One

    Eighthed. It definitely shows what made the band so special live.
  5. I'm hoping the CD releases will sound just as good as the Mastered for iTunes versions and not something brickwalled to death.
  6. Earls Court

    The book has been panned by the surviving members of the band. That alone should give some warnings about the book.
  7. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Ah, such an excellent concert. The band definitely enjoyed themselves that night.
  8. I'm 23 and I've been a fan since late 2007. I remember seeing clips of the O2 concert appear on YouTube right after the band performed and became really intrigued by them. Musically, this is one of the best things I've experienced.
  9. I was listening to "The Rain Song" from July 7, 1980 and am still amazed how well Robert's voice sounded on that tour. If only that North American tour took place afterwards.
  10. Celebration Day movie audiences young or old?

    This was about the same at the theater I went to. It sucks that room wasn't crowded or anything.
  11. Celebration day trivia

    It wasn't just you. I also noticed that throughout the movie. I wonder what's the meaning behind that.
  12. LED ZEPPELIN - CELEBRATION DAY (official announcement)

    I just came back from the movie and loved every bit of it! It was great to see the band members smiling and laughing a lot throughout the concert. One of my favorite parts was during Misty Mountain Hop, in which Robert makes a funny gesture after he said "Hey boy, do you wanna score?" I cracked up so much!
  13. LED ZEPPELIN - CELEBRATION DAY (official announcement)

    Man, seems like everyone had a great time! I can't wait to see the movie tomorrow evening.
  14. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Pre-order

    It should be. I highly doubt it will be changed for shops.
  15. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Pre-order

    Or just buy a Blu-ray player. They're quite cheap nowadays.