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  1. the chase

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    Funny.. Robert has said that JPJ's sense of humor is an acquired taste. As far as taking Richard Cole at his word.. I wasn't there, so who knows.. Didn't sound to me like he made it up, but again who knows.
  2. the chase

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    Who knows. They're very different people. Pure speculation on my part, but I remember reading something Richard Cole said claiming John Paul Jones told him if he was going to see Robert's solo band "to get there early because it goes straight downhill after the 3rd number". (from memory) I can imagine that bothering Robert if he caught wind of it. Robert himself said JPJ's critique about Pictures At Eleven was "I thought you could have done better than that old chap". It might be something simple as that. Jones was probably sick of Robert referring to everything Zeppelin related as "Page and I" "Me and Page" etc...
  3. the chase

    The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    Again... what a difference home court makes. The Celtics shot 36%, played some sloppy ball and still won by 13 points. You nailed it Sean. The Cleveland supporting cast disappeared tonight and Boston’s defense was fierce.
  4. the chase

    The NBA 2017-2018 Thread

    Crucial Game 5 tonight. Amazing what a difference home court can make. It's kind of maddening to see one of the best ever not get anything called against him. He doesn't need the help.. Goaltending, Traveling, Offensive fouls...? On King James.. Will never happen! I didn't watch a minute of game 4. Knew the outcome well before the game even started.
  5. I agree 100%. I meant he moved on musically.
  6. But he won’t give the green light. The 02 was it. Tribute to Ahmet. It made up for Live Aid and The Atlantic 40th. A thank you to us fans perhaps. But that’s all folks.
  7. It would be a lot more shocking than ABBA doing it. Not an expert on ABBA and their workings at all, but Led Zeppelin were very much a closed shop. The 4 of them made the music happen.. I couldn't name the Drummer for ABBA if you paid me.. unless I looked it up. Robert Plant will never do it.. Not a doubt in my mind. John Bonham was more than a friend and bandmate to him. Robert has said countless times how John and his wife Pat helped him and his Family get through the darkest period of their lives. Constantly there for them. Plant recently described Led Zeppelin's 50 years as "38 Years of darkness for a Family". He's not going to budge on this. He's moved on. I think Jimmy and John Paul have accepted it as well..
  8. It is funny how some bands can show the obvious influence of another band or artist and get praised .. while others get barbecued. Greta Van Fleet... nice band, catchy songs... I think there’s more to it than the singer though.. Production for starters. The Drums are tuned and recorded much like John Bonham’s were. Their Producer went to the Zeppelin studio how-to manual. Distant miking? Check.. Reverb panned hard right? Check... etc.. And more power to them.. The public is going crazy.. Kingdom Come had the same “holy sh*t they sound just like Zeppelin” factor as GVF for about 2 months ... then it seemed the public turned on them.... And fast. Something they said? Possibly. Greta Van Fleet seem like a grateful and talented group .. so good for them..Let’s see what they do with it. The Heart comparison to start the thread is imo accurate. Drummer Michael Desrosiers had the Achilles gallop down pat. The light and shade etc.. and Heart never caught flack..People are still going ga ga about the Kennedy Center tribute. Billy Squier didn’t catch much either... more for his wimpy videos... But Kingdom Come, Bonham, Whitesnake etc... caught alot.. It’s similar to “Hendrix Disciples”.. I won’t single any out. Some got away with it and were admired for it.. some didn’t.. Not sure why.
  9. I might be in the minority, but I’d loved to have heard what John Bonham could have done with 2 Bass Drums. Not all the time, but a song or 2, absolutely. He had some of the strongest feet in the business. His left foot was amazing. It’s a little weird that they would tell him not to do something, seeing Page and Jones played pretty much every instrument under the sun. Maybe it was a mess. Who knows. Bill Ward has said Bonham loved getting on his kit and said JB would say to him that “those bastards won’t let me have any drums” I remember reading how when LZ and VF toured together, someone said how they’d take down one kit and put up pretty much the exact same kit. Pretty sure Carmine Appice said this.
  10. the chase

    Jason Bonham Asked to Change Band Name to "LZ Evening"

    I've been wondering if they more have a problem with him using "Led Zeppelin" in his band name.. Why would they care about Experience... ? To tell them because he doesn't want to change "JBLZE" because has a Vanity plate and a backdrop seems a little odd.
  11. the chase

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    He was a great Man. He stuck to his guns. True to The Word all the way through. Rest In Peace Reverend Billy Graham. Who said anything about it being a shocker? I didn't think this thread was intended to be shocking, but to show respect.
  12. the chase

    The Rest in Peace Thread

    Rest In Peace to Drummer Pat Torpey, age 64 due to difficulties from Parkinsons disease. Pat is best known as the Drummer for Mr Big. He also toured with Robert Plant during the Now And Zen era. He filled in on Drums while Chris Blackwell was recovering from a hand/ arm injury and was playing more of a percussion role till he recovered. Pat was a great drummer who bravely did what he could for as long as he could. Sympathies to his Family, Friends, Bandmates and Fans. Rest In Peace also to longtime Foghat Bassist, Craig MacGregor due to lung cancer. Craig played on the classic albums, Night Shift, Foghat Live, Stone Blue and Boogie Motel. He was 68. Craig is the third member of this great, and often overlooked band to pass on. Vocalist, Guitarist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett died in 2000. Lead, Slide Guitarist Rod Price died in 2005.
  13. the chase

    2017 NFL Thread

    I agree. Tom Brady doesn't have the strongest arm by a long shot, but he's very smart and sees everything on that field.. John Elway had the most powerful arm I've ever seen.. His receivers couldn't catch his throws because he threw so hard. Broncos fans booed him early on for throwing too hard. Drew Bledsoe gets overshadowed these days, but he also had a cannon of an arm. His problem was he tended to hold the ball too long.
  14. the chase

    2017 NFL Thread

    I’m over it now Rick. I Didn’t sleep great and had a bad attitude all morning at work. My Wife is still pissed at me for something I yelled last night... at the TV. But I’m ok now.. you’re right... They’re pros who make a lot more money than I do. After Game 6 of the 86 World Series, no loss stings for too long. Nothing could ever compare to that.
  15. the chase

    2017 NFL Thread

    Responding to Rick. ^^ Come on man. It’s total chaos after a Superbowl. I agree It’s odd he didn’t seek him out, but you’re assuming the worst. Brady never talks trash and always speaks respectfully of his opponents. I’d like to hear his explanation before I criticize. He’s been getting crucified for all types of stupid shit... the Tom against Time series, what he wears, what he eats ... I’m amazed he doesn’t just lose it once in a while. He doesn’t. The Butler benching is pretty much the main topic all over Boston Sports Radio. What did he do? I’ve heard a few different theories. He missed cerfew, He was caught with weed. He was the leak to the press about all the supposed bullshit squabbling between Belichick, Brady and Robert Kraft. He was openly complaining about his salary and how he could get more cash somewhere else..He’s a troublemaker in the locker room.. He was sick and not 100%. etc. Who knows? maybe it’s all true, maybe none of it is.. Whatever the reason, I think it was a stupid move to bench him. See Rick I call em like I see em..