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  1. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Rest In Peace to Drummer Pat Torpey, age 64 due to difficulties from Parkinsons disease. Pat is best known as the Drummer for Mr Big. He also toured with Robert Plant during the Now And Zen era. He filled in on Drums while Chris Blackwell was recovering from a hand/ arm injury and was playing more of a percussion role till he recovered. Pat was a great drummer who bravely did what he could for as long as he could. Sympathies to his Family, Friends, Bandmates and Fans. Rest In Peace also to longtime Foghat Bassist, Craig MacGregor due to lung cancer. Craig played on the classic albums, Night Shift, Foghat Live, Stone Blue and Boogie Motel. He was 68. Craig is the third member of this great, and often overlooked band to pass on. Vocalist, Guitarist “Lonesome” Dave Peverett died in 2000. Lead, Slide Guitarist Rod Price died in 2005.
  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    I agree. Tom Brady doesn't have the strongest arm by a long shot, but he's very smart and sees everything on that field.. John Elway had the most powerful arm I've ever seen.. His receivers couldn't catch his throws because he threw so hard. Broncos fans booed him early on for throwing too hard. Drew Bledsoe gets overshadowed these days, but he also had a cannon of an arm. His problem was he tended to hold the ball too long.
  3. 2017 NFL Thread

    I’m over it now Rick. I Didn’t sleep great and had a bad attitude all morning at work. My Wife is still pissed at me for something I yelled last night... at the TV. But I’m ok now.. you’re right... They’re pros who make a lot more money than I do. After Game 6 of the 86 World Series, no loss stings for too long. Nothing could ever compare to that.
  4. 2017 NFL Thread

    Responding to Rick. ^^ Come on man. It’s total chaos after a Superbowl. I agree It’s odd he didn’t seek him out, but you’re assuming the worst. Brady never talks trash and always speaks respectfully of his opponents. I’d like to hear his explanation before I criticize. He’s been getting crucified for all types of stupid shit... the Tom against Time series, what he wears, what he eats ... I’m amazed he doesn’t just lose it once in a while. He doesn’t. The Butler benching is pretty much the main topic all over Boston Sports Radio. What did he do? I’ve heard a few different theories. He missed cerfew, He was caught with weed. He was the leak to the press about all the supposed bullshit squabbling between Belichick, Brady and Robert Kraft. He was openly complaining about his salary and how he could get more cash somewhere else..He’s a troublemaker in the locker room.. He was sick and not 100%. etc. Who knows? maybe it’s all true, maybe none of it is.. Whatever the reason, I think it was a stupid move to bench him. See Rick I call em like I see em..
  5. 2017 NFL Thread

    No kidding.. Tom Brady has been to EIGHT Superbowls.. win lose or draw that's an unbelievable achievement.. especially in this era.

    I was talking about the tv announcers being awful. I don’t feel that bad about them losing their 10th trip to Superbowl .

    It was awful .. unless you wanted to hear the total game yardage before each down.

    Couldn’t do it.. I had a bad feeling all day. Oh well.. they’ll be back. Eagles won. They played great chewed up so much time and didn’t run out of gas..
  9. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Here we go again.. I was as guilty as the next in this debate.. But this is how I see it now.. It's a pointless argument.. Both bands were and are as big as any 2 bands can possibly get.. If you are talking "who's bigger Styx vs Kansas or Boston vs The Cars".. you might have something.. These 2 are only second to The Beatles as far as cultural impact.. IMO Zeppelin made the better albums.. The Stones have better singles. Keith Richards wrote some of the greatest riffs in the history of Rock and Roll. To say he can't play guitar is kind of silly. He plays well enough to get his point across. Jimmy Page was the greatest Producer in the history of Hard Rock.. Mick and Keith were no slouches behind the board either.. Led Zeppelin got to keep more concert money, not because they raised ticket prices, but because Peter Grant insisted they get a larger % of the gross. Big difference.. The Stones can charge hundreds for a ticket these days and get it.. If Led Zeppelin reformed tomorrow, they could write their own ticket and become Billionaires by the end of the year.. it's a tie.. I'd give my eye teeth to be in a band 1/10th as big as either of them... so wouldn't you..
  10. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Sorry to hear that King. May your Grandma Rest In Peace.
  11. 2017 NFL Thread

    No game will ever be called perfect.. You put everything pro NE under a microscope.. I watched the whole game and it was fair as far I was concerned .. and don't say it's because I'm a Patriots fan either.. That helmet to helmet hit on Gronk was vicious. He said it wasn't intentional and apologized... move on.. Another thing .. you and your "refs took us out of our game.. they knocked the wind out of our sails" .. Come on, they're pros.. New England are in The Superbowl again without having Edleman all year... not having Gronkowski most of yesterday.. They win because they don't get rattled.. They win against bigger, more physical teams because they don't let the wind get knocked out their sails.. They play for 60 MINUTES... They stay focused.. They don't worry about hot dogging when they're up.. they just keep on coming.. It's a game of inches.. They're all great athletes in the NFL .. The mental toughness, not talking trash, not running out of gas, smart play making, coaching and staying focused are the differences..
  12. 2017 NFL Thread