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  1. As far as the song goes... it's pretty cool. The drums have an obvious heavy Eastern feel.. He's into the world music thing and in his own words trying to combine the old and new. His voice sounds very good. A for effort. Ever onward.
  2. I get it. I'm not thrilled either.. But certain people here can't go a day or two without throwing an insult at Page.
  3. I thought it was odd to get on someone for making a negative comment towards Robert's new album with "why say anything?" ... then turn around and make a negative comment about Jimmy in the same post.. is that ok with you? Jimmy's lack of output has nothing to do with Robert's new album. Page also recently said he's NOT putting a time table or definite release date on any new material..
  4. Released 38 years ago today.. August 15, 1979.
  5. "Get" "over" "it"
  6. Thanks. You as well BledZabbath! Been a fan a long time. They're still one of my favorites
  7. Rest In Peace to Haruo Nakajima. 中島 春雄 (January 1, 1929 – August 7, 2017) He played Godzilla for twelve consecutive films, from Godzilla (1954) to Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972). From B Movie Mania on fb
  8. The vast majority of lyrics were written by Geezer. Ozzy usually came up with the vocal melodies. Geezer would write words to Ozzy's melodies.
  9. Man that's weird.. that was originally a thumbs up .. not a question mark..
  10. Tough crowd.. Holy shit. go easy.. When I was around 13-14, a girl and I that were going out argued constantly who was better Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin to the point we broke up.. Didn't make world headlines either, but still kind of funny..
  11. Yep. Sounds great too.
  12. LPMan's talking about the All The World's A Stage live version with Neil on drums. You're welcome, first I'd seen Neil mention JB as well.
  13. Here's one..... Interview: Rush's Neil Peart talks drum solos "Take John Bonham, who's a drummer I greatly admire: I watch some of his drum solos and they're fantastic, but you know, it gets long and self indulgent" Please read the interview before you pounce... He's talking about how certain drummers like Ringo and Stewart Copelanfd hate to play drum solos..