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  1. Bonzo_fan

    Recordings that have "that special something" for you

    There could be some truth in that. I'll admit, I've never listened to 6/8, and have only listened to parts of 6/14.
  2. Bonzo_fan

    Black Country Woman 1977 - Missed Opportunity?

    Right, yes I don't remember harmonica on it. That's fair about the bootleg ears, but I've always felt that 6/19/72 is one of the few where the performance demands fighting through the inferior sound quality.
  3. Bonzo_fan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Yeah, I feel like it was in '73 too, but I wasn't going to guess one of the MSG shows. Was it one of the European shows? EDIT: Just flipped through every '73 show on TYOLZ, and he doesn't make any mention of either thing happening in any of the posts, which doesn't mean they didn't happen in '73...
  4. Bonzo_fan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I feel like I've heard it once before, but I forget where. Same for Plant skipping "does anybody remember laughter?"
  5. Bonzo_fan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    The 23rd & 25th do indeed have great Stairway's, but I've gotta go with the 22nd for Stairway for two reasons: 1. Plant doesn't sing "does anybody remember laughter/forests?", and; 2. Jimmy jumps straight into the solo, rather than staying on the 12-string neck for an extra bar compared to the studio version.
  6. Bonzo_fan

    Black Country Woman 1977 - Missed Opportunity?

    Well, at least they played it all the way through once, in Seattle on June 19, 1972... But yes, I wish they had played it all the way through before BYAS in '77. I'm not a big fan of shortening songs like that in general--sort of like how they bastardized WLL in '77 (& '75 to a certain extent)...
  7. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    May 18, 1975 - London -- I don't think I've listened to it since May 18 last year, which has been a huge mistake! Easily a top-five '75 show, probably top-three! Jimmy is on fire--can't wait for gibsonfan159's nitpicks of the Earls Court shows...
  8. Exactly! Although maybe it was for the best--we were spared hearing Jones play the Alembic on it!
  9. For me, the faster tempo and overall energy (especially from Bonham if it was a night where he was "on") make up for only having the one guitar. I agree with those who have said "The Battle Of Evermore". I will also nominate "Ten Years Gone". I love the song, and like a lot about the live versions, but always find myself missing the bass a lot. I'm not sure if having Jones play an acoustic guitar on it was the most effective thing they could've had him doing for it.
  10. 😂 If that happens, we're all egging Jimmy's house!!
  11. Bonzo_fan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    I think so 🤔
  12. Bonzo_fan

    Nitpicking Page 1977

    Nevermind, just checked and Thirty Years Gone does have the proper TYG. I'd share Second Night At The Forum with you, but I don't know how! I got it from Black Beauty and put it straight in my iTunes. Every song on it is available on Black Beauty, except BB is still not fully up-and-running 😕