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  1. Just because one hasn't come out yet from outside of those time periods, doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have anything. People probably thought that they didn't have anything before 2/12/75 until 2/10 Landover came out...
  2. That was assuming they have the soundboard for every '75 & '77 show.
  3. "Dazed And Confused" - 9/29/71 Osaka
  4. Yeah, for sure. 3/25 is definitely unique for how Jones teases just about all of the grooves from the past two months before finally settling on one, in addition to him switching back to the electric piano during Jimmy's solo.
  5. That's fair. I also wish they didn't skip the Mars section.
  6. I love those too as well. What do you think of 3/24/73 Offenburg? Might be Jimmy's best Dazed ever...
  7. Yeah, 3/27/75 is my favourite version ever precisely for that reason; the piano solo is perfect, then my favourite piano & drum section before Jimmy comes in, and then Jimmy's solo sort of tells a story, if you will. I'm not sure how to properly refer to the section that I'm talking about, but at about 18:54 (on Deep Throat III at least...) Jimmy repeats this little pattern several times and the crowd goes nuts--one of my favourite Zeppelin moments. I'm sure Strider can attest to what it was like in the flesh... I have it set to start at 18:05. The part I'm talking about starts at 19:09 on this version.
  8. True, shame :/
  9. I find that version grossly overrated. There are easily 15 other '75 versions I prefer, including each of the four other Earls Court versions.
  10. Haha, true dat.
  11. Digging up an old thread...I think March 25, 1975 gets unfairly lost in the shuffle sometimes. 4th-longest version at 39:10, has an excellent "lead-in to the bow solo" as it's referred to on TYOLZ, one of the coolest "San Francisco"/"Woodstock" sections--"Spanish Harlem" in this case, one of Jimmy's best/most fluid performances of '75 in the main jam in the middle, and one of the best outro jams at the end. Not my favourite, but definitely deserves mention.
  12. Yup. Page should release a live album comprised solely of every Europe '73 "Dazed And Confused" & "Whole Lotta Love" lol--one disc for each show.
  13. I have an idea for EV: rather than releasing new shows packaged with an "upgrade" of a previously released show, release two new ones, packaged together, but make it one great one and one not-so-great one. For example, 3/12/75 & 1/29/75, or 6/22/77 & 4/6/77. That way, they would get the crappy shows off of their hands, and get more $ for them than they would if they released them on their own, and we get more great shows sooner. If my numbers from yesterday were correct that they have 40 good/great shows left and 20 "meh" shows left, then halfway through we'd be done with having to buy a crap show with a great show and there'd only be great ones left. Just a thought...
  14. The way I see it, the release of 3/21/75, a "top of the wish list"-level show, means one of two things: 1. They're almost out of ho-hum/boring/middle-of-the-road '75 & '77 shows to release, and so we can expect most subsequent releases to be ones we've been wishing for for a long time, or; 2. They sensed that we were getting jaded with their recent releases, and so they put this one out in an effort to renew faith in and enthusiasm for the "revolution". I obviously hope it's the first one, and I don't think that's an unreasonable possibility. Let's look at what's left to release for '75 & '77: 1975: Warm-up shows: 1/11 & 1/12 First Leg: 1/18 thru 2/8 -- 14 shows, of which Minneapolis and the three Chicago shows would be by far the most interesting from my perspective. Second Leg: 2/27 Houston, 3/10 San Diego, 3/12 Long Beach, 3/24, 25 & 27 Los Angeles -- all of these would be great to have (I'd rank 3/24 last), the L.A. ones mostly for the possibility of doing a matrix with the Millard recordings. Earls Court: 5/17, 18 & 23 -- all of these would be great to have 25 shows remaining, 17 of which I imagine would be at least somewhat highly sought-after. 1977: First Leg: everything but 4/27 Cleveland -- 16 shows, includes 4/10 Chicago, 4/28 Cleveland, 4/30 Pontiac, which we know were excellent, as well as 5 currently unreleased shows. Second Leg: 5/18 Birmingham, 5/19 Baton Rouge, 5/31 Greensboro, 6/3 Tampa, 6/8, 10, 11, 13 & 14 New York, 6/19 San Diego & 6/21-23 & 25-27 Los Angeles Third Leg: 7/20 Tempe & 7/23-24 Oakland 35 shows remaining, 23 of which I imagine would be at least somewhat highly sought-after. So, by my count, 40 of the 60 remaining '75 & '77 shows to be released on soundboard would be releases that would garner a fair bit of excitement. So even if the second possibility I listed at the top is closer to the truth, we should be able to expect about 66% of future soundboard releases to be fairly exciting ones. This is good news for us all
  15. I'd be happy with either of those! Greensboro would have my vote since we don't have anything for it.