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  1. BBC Not quite complete sessions

    Don't let anyone tell Jimmy or he'll reissue it again.
  2. Not at all, they were heavier than ever. Kashmir from the official DVD is enough evidence to prove this. Achilles Last Stand!!! Ten Years Gone... The list goes on and on. The Song Remains The Same is brilliant but I prefer the later albums (HOTH onwards) so Knebworth is perfect.
  3. We need Knebworth! The best officially recorded Led Zeppelin performance of all time in my opinion.
  4. Coverdale/Page

    I think the biggest mistake Jimmy Page has ever made was getting back together with Plant in 1994. Coverdale Page is without any doubt the best thing he ever did after Zeppelin. I even prefer it to many Zeppelin records.
  5. We need to see Earls Court and particularly Knebworth released in full.
  6. Any time now.....

    More tremolo pedal T Bone Burnett guitars and country knock off. Can anyone imagine what it would be like if Robert could work with a big rock guitarist again? For example I've always wondered what Plant could have done with Steve Vai. I would also love Jimmy to do something with Ozzy Osbourne. How epic would THAT be? Not as epic as Coverdale Page II obviously but still.
  7. That's because they didn't market it well enough the first time around. And then Page fucked off to do the sub-par No Quarter Unledded video with Robert. Thank god they redeemed themselves with Walking Into Clarksdale. If you listen to the Japan 1993 Coverdale Page bootlegs, you'll hear an incredible live outfit. They should have stuck it out longer in my opinion.
  8. Why RP frustrates me.

    Zeppelin should have gone on with Cozy Powell in 1980.
  9. I honestly think Page should get back with Coverdale.
  10. The 4th show is an incredible show with a terrible monitor mix. You just have to listen to the tracks on DVD to realize the sheer majesty of that show! What exactly do you mean?
  11. I really want to see Knebworth released in full! It's a sin that they haven't released what is arguably the best gig of their career (4th of August, not the 11th).
  12. New Bath '70 Video?

    Whatever happened to differing tastes?
  13. New Bath '70 Video?

    Don't get me wrong. The Early Years is incredible.
  14. New Bath '70 Video?

    Bollocks! We Floyd fans are still waiting for the Animals soundboard recordings and the Wall 1981 footage. The Early Years was a step in the right direction but we haven't had anything like this before. At least there's a lot of Zeppelin footage in bootleg circles (Earls Court two nights complete, Seattle complete, Knebworth two nights complete) and a shitload of soundboard audio also in bootleg circles. The only professional Floyd concert footage from 1973-1977 currently circulating is a badly synched three minute clip from Knebworth 1975. The only professional audio from 1973-1977 is Wembley 1974 and half a soundboard recording from San Diego 1975. What I really find a wheeze is when Who fans complain about not having enough material...