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  1. Who started the Earls Court rumor again ? And is it a reliable source ?
  2. Looking Ahead: the Next Three Releases - Presence ITTOD and Coda

    Strider, where did you find this ?
  3. Looking Ahead: the Next Three Releases - Presence ITTOD and Coda

    That's my birthday. A great gift that would be.
  4. Just took a trip over to amazon, looks like the current CD of Physical Graffiti is out of print and can only buy them from a private outlet. Good sign yes ?
  5. Look at this thread title that Sam posted this video in. Now please stop being a kill joy and enjoy the new year.
  6. This week, it went from the drawing board to reality with the launch of live.brucespringsteen.net. The site is offering downloads of most shows from the 2014 High Hopes Tour, a complete performance of Born To Run from a recent show in New Zealand and, in the first volume of their archival series, the launch of the Wrecking Ball tour at New York's Apollo Theater on March 9th, 2012. The shows are available via MP3 ($9.95), lossless ($12.95), HD-Audio ($19.95) and CD ($23). This new live series was put together by nugs.net, an organization that's previously worked with Pearl Jam, Phish and Metallica on their own live downloads. In an interview with Backstreets, the site's founder and CEO Brad Sterling said he initially reached out to Springsteen's camp in 2009 and got turned down, but when he tried again this year, they were suddenly interested. It turns out that Springsteen changed his mind when he realized just how many of his shows were available on YouTube. "He was like, 'We can do better than this. We own the masters!" said Sterling. "What's great is, he wasn't saying, 'Fuck those guys. Take that stuff down. Screw YouTube.' It was, 'If this is happening, we should be doing it officially.'" The archive series may be starting with a relatively recent show, but expect them to dig deeper into Springsteen's history with future releases. "It's very exciting to think about the different eras that will be covered," said Sterling. "And what's really interesting is where the tapes are coming from. What's in the vault; what isn't. Not all of it is in their archives, so they are sourcing material now." Future plans are vague, but Sterling indicated they are likely to offer famous 1970s shows that have circulated for decades. Those will presumably include Philadelphia 2/5/75, Passaic, NJ 9/19/78 and San Francisco 12/15/78. While most shows will likely be sourced from soundboard tapes, multi-track tapes and radio broadcasts, Sterling indicated that audience tapes have been used on past Nugs.net projects and they might be used again at some point for a Springsteen release. It's also possible the series will release music that predates Springsteen's 1973 debut album. "I had a whole other career as a heavy-metal guitarist that never came out on record anywhere," he said earlier this year when asked about the possibility of releasing archival material. "There's tons of music. I never close the door on any of it." In addition to concert recordings, the new website also offers high-resolution downloads of every album in Springsteen's catalog. Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bruce-springsteen-launches-archival-concert-download-service-20141118#ixzz3JSuAMBeP Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/bruce-springsteen-launches-archival-concert-download-service-20141118
  7. Okay....since Physical Graffiti will likely be out Feb. 24th....who wants to take bets on when it will be announced ? November maybe ?
  8. Regardless, does anyone have a link to the Mojo interview where Jimmy talks about PG ?
  9. The tracklisting looks uninteresting, I've heard two teasers and they sound no different from the album versions. So far not so good. I pre-ordered the single disc remasters for now. I'll wait until all samples are released and by the great sounding ones from itunes.
  10. Good. It will make up for the disappointment that was IV & HOTH
  11. On November 17th, Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings will release Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984, a boxed set comprised of remastered editions of the first seven albums recorded and released by Bruce Springsteen for Columbia Records between 1973 and 1984. All of the albums are newly remastered (five for the first time ever on CD) and all seven are making their remastered debut on vinyl. The seven albums are recreations of their original packaging and the set is accompanied by a 60-page book featuring rarely-seen photos, memorabilia and original press clippings from Springsteen’s first decade as a recording artist. Acclaimed engineer Bob Ludwig, working with Springsteen and longtime engineer Toby Scott, has remastered these albums, all newly transferred from the original analogue masters using the Plangent Process playback system. Albums included: Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. (1973)* The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle (1973)* Born To Run (1975) Darkness On The Edge Of Town (1978) The River (1980)* Nebraska (1982)* Born In The U.S.A. (1984)* *denotes first time remastered on CD ‘Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1 1973-1984’ is available for pre-order at iTunes. CD and LP pre-order at Amazon coming soon.
  12. RELEASED NOVEMBER 10TH 2014 Three previously unreleased Queen tracks featuring late singer Freddie Mercury spearhead an exciting new Queen album, Queen Forever, due November 10th 2014 on the Virgin Records label. PRE-ORDER QueenOnline Store* Store - http://smarturl.it/QFSTORE 1CD – http://smarturl.it/QFSTORE_STD 2CD - http://smarturl.it/QFSTORE_DLX *Pre-Order now to be added to the Queen mailing list for all the latest news on releases and live events… PRE-ORDER International 1CD: http://smarturl.it/QueenForever_1CD 2CD: http://smarturl.it/QueenForever_2CD The tracks include a long anticipated track from Queen and Michael Jackson, There Must Be More to Life Than This, a previously unfinished Mercury-Queen track Let Me In Your Heart Again originating from the band’s The Works album recording sessions, and a scorching new stripped-down ballad version of Mercury’s first solo hit, his Giorgio Moroder collaboration, Love Kills. The rest of the package brings together Queen hits, classic tracks, and new takes on well-known songs, matched with band recordings Brian May describes as “things that we have collected together that are representative of our growth rather than the big hits” in a collection immaculately assembled by May and Roger Taylor themselves. The tracks are all linked to represent a definitive collection of Queen’s timeless love songs. Queen Forever is available as a 20-track single CD and as an extended 36-track, two-CD set, and celebrates the extraordinary musical path of one of the world’s greatest rock bands. Anticipation for these new Mercury tracks has been high since May and Taylor first hinted earlier this year that new tracks featuring Mercury were being explored. Speaking at the press conference to launch their North American concert tour with singer Adam Lambert earlier in the year, May said: "There was a little bit more in the can that we had overlooked for a long time, so we have a few songs which we're working on right now. Freddie sounds as fresh as yesterday." On the subject, Taylor said: “We’ve got some great new tracks that haven’t been heard and there’s an interesting selection of older stuff.” The Queen and Michael Jackson duet, There Must Be More to Life Than This, began as a song written by Mercury during sessions for Queen’s 1981 album, Hot Space. The band recorded a backing track, but the song was never completed. Mercury visited Michael Jackson at his home studio in Los Angeles where he recorded Jackson singing the song for an unfinished version. Queen revived the track during sessions for 1984’s The Works, but again it was not finished. A year later, Freddie’s own version of the song surfaced on his debut solo album, 1985’s Mr Bad Guy. This new production of the powerful ballad fuses Queen’s original backing track and Mercury and Jackson’s distinctive vocals, and has been produced and remixed by celebrated Madonna/Robbie Williams producer William Orbit. Talking of his involvement, Orbit say: “I had known Roger for many years, now he was on the phone asking if I would get involved in this musical adventure. “When I first played it in my studio I opened a trove of delights provided by the greatest of musicians. Hearing Michael Jackson's vocals was stirring. So vivid, so cool, and poignant, it was like he was in the studio singing live. With Freddie's vocal solo on the mixing desk, my appreciation for his gift was taken to an even higher level. “The musicianship of all four members of Queen is phenomenal. Roger, an extraordinarily multi talented man I've always admired. John Deacon's original bass part with its lyrical fluidity that made it easy for me to know where to put the odd reinforcement. Freddie's original piano carried most of the song's musical DNA. Brian, one take for the solo, a blur of fingers, and the spirits of MJ and FM fully present, in the moment, sending shivers down the spine.” Perhaps the biggest revelation on Queen Forever is Brian May’s composition, Let Me In Your Heart Again. The song was first recorded by Queen for The Works album, but not completed at the time and has remained overlooked since then. An authentic, live-in-the-studio track from the same golden age as Radio Ga Ga and I Want To Break Free, this never-before-heard Queen track shows off Freddie’s timeless vocals and features newly recorded guitar parts and new backing vocals from Brian and Roger. This thrilling track finally reaches us nearly 30 years after Freddie first laid down his original vocal. The third new track, Love Kills, was composed by Freddie Mercury and famed German producer/songwriter Giorgio Moroder for the soundtrack to Moroder’s newly restored and tinted version of Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic silent movie Metropolis in 1984 to which he added a pop soundtrack featuring various music artists. Mercury recorded a high-energy dance version of the song that became his debut solo hit in 1985. However, it is less well known that all four members of Queen played on the original track. Prior to Queen embarking on their recent tour with lead singer Adam Lambert, Brian May proposed performing an acoustic ballad version of Love Kills, which became one of the most memorable moments of the current Queen & Adam Lambert shows. This new Queen-Freddie studio version is shaped in the same ballad style and revives the Queen original with some newly recorded guitars and drums by May and Taylor, becoming a glorious showcase for one of Freddie’s most adrenaline-charged vocal performances. Alongside this new material, both the one and two-CD versions of Queen Forever feature songs that spotlight the band’s songwriting prowess, studio experimentation and remarkable development. It’s a timely reminder that, almost uniquely in the world of rock and pop, all four members of Queen were accomplished songwriters and superlatively gifted musicians. Queen Forever reaches back as far as 1974 with fan favourite Nevermore, a Freddie Mercury song originally included on Queen II, the album that first saw Queen use the recording studio as an instrument in its own right. From the same year comes the dramatic power ballad In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited, once the grand finale of any Queen show, and since revived by Queen & lead singer Adam Lambert on their 2014 tour. Meanwhile, the upbeat single, You’re My Best Friend, written by bass guitarist John Deacon, showcased Queen’s poppier side and was released as the follow-up to 1975’s Bohemian Rhapsody, becoming a Top 10 UK and Top 20 US hit in the same year and gave John Deacon his first Queen hit single. Elsewhere, 1977’s Long Away remains the only Queen single to feature Brian May on lead vocals; and the same year’s B-side Drowse includes a rare Queen performance from Roger Taylor on guitar. Queen saw out the decade with a run of hits that included the gospel-flavoured Somebody To Love, memorably performed by Queen and George Michael at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992, and finished on a high with ‘79’s US Number 1 hit, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, an exuberant rockabilly pop song composed by Freddie Mercury in the bath in Munich. By touching on prog rock, gospel, acoustic balladry, Elvis-style rock’n’roll and more, these songs alone encapsulate Queen’s diversity in the 1970s. However, the band threw out the rulebook completely in the decades that followed, embracing funk, hard rock, soul and pure pop, but always sounding unmistakably Queen. The band used synthesizers for the first time on 1980’s Play The Game single; Freddie sang some of his vocals in Spanish on the 1982 hit Las Palabras De Amor, and 1986’s One Year Of Love featuring unusually a saxophone. The album is completed by latter-day Queen hits, including ’91’s no. 1 These Are The Days Of Our Lives and ‘95’s Too Much Love Will Kill You, together with the poignant A Winter’s Tale, recorded during Freddie Mercury’s final Queen recording sessions in Montreux in 1991. Queen Forever is both a showcase for these exclusive new recordings, but also an enduring tribute to the extraordinary musical achievements of John Deacon, Brian May, Roger Taylor and the late, great Freddie Mercury whose singular talent we can again get to marvel at with the arrival of these previously unheard tracks. Queen Forever. Forever? Who can tell? But for now we can be certain that this highly rewarding collection of Queen new, rare, and at their most accomplished, more than serves to uphold the band’s indisputable place in music history and is certain to earn a prized place in music collections for a long time to come. Queen certainly rates in the top among Britain’s favourite bands. The UK’s Official Charts Company earlier this year confirmed Queen’s 1981 Greatest Hits album as Britain’s best-selling album of all time all after surpassing the 6 million sales milestone. A staggering one in three British households now own a copy of the iconic act’s original best-of collection. And if 6 million sales isn’t enough for the band, Queen’s follow-up, Greatest Hits II, which was released in October 1991 also rides high at Number 10 in the all-time Official Albums Chart, having notched up a further 3.9 million UK sales to date. ******* Queen Forever – Track Listings Single CD: Let Me In Your Heart Again Love Kills – The Ballad There Must Be More To Life Than This (William Orbit Mix) It’s A Hard Life You’re My Best Friend Love Of My Life Drowse Long Away Lily Of The Valley Don’t Try So Hard Bijou These Are The Days Of Our Lives Las Palabras De Amor Who Wants To Live Forever A Winter’s Tale Play The Game Save Me Somebody To Love Too Much Love Will Kill You Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2-CD SET CD1 Let Me In Your Heart Again Love Kills – The Ballad There Must Be More To Life Than This (William Orbit Mix) Play The Game Dear Friends You’re My Best Friend Love Of My Life Drowse You Take My Breath Away Spread Your Wings Long Away Lily Of The Valley Don’t Try So Hard Bijou These Are The Days Of Our Lives Nevermore Las Palabras De Amor Who Wants To Live Forever CD2 I Was Born To Love You Somebody To Love Crazy Little Thing Called Love Friends Will Be Friends Jealousy One Year of Love A Winters Tale ‘39 Mother Love It’s A Hard Life Save Me Made in Heaven Too Much Love Will Kill You Sail Away Sweet Sister The Miracle Is This The World We Created In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited Forever www.queenonline.com
  13. The Rolling Stones are once again opening the doors of their archives, with Eagle Rock Entertainment, this time releasing From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981 and From The Vault - LA Forum – Live In 1975. This is a simultaneous release on SD Blu-ray, DVD, DVD+2CD and DVD+3LP. The first release will be on 3 November 2014, From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981 by The Rolling Stones. This is the first salvo of From The Vault, a new series of live concerts from The Rolling Stones archive which are getting their first official releases. This is a simultaneous release on SD Blu-ray, DVD, DVD+2CD and DVD+3LP [Cat Nos ERSBD3016, EREDV1052, EAGDV037, ERDVLP083] and boasts a full length 2½ hour concert of The Rolling Stones performing at their very best. The set includes ‘Under My Thumb’, ‘Let’s Spend The Night Together’, ‘Shattered’, ‘Beast Of Burden’, ‘Tumbling Dice’, ‘Miss You’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Jumping Jack Flash’, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ and many more. The Rolling Stones American Tour in 1981 was the most successful tour of that year taking a then record $50 million dollars in ticket sales. The tour was in support of the critically and commercially successful Tattoo You album. There were fifty dates on the tour which ran from Philadelphia at the end of September through to Hampton, Virginia on the 18th and 19th of December. The show on December 18th, which was also Keith Richards’ birthday, was the first ever music concert to be broadcast on television as a pay-per-view event. The footage has now been carefully restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show. TRACKLISTING: 1) Under My Thumb 2) When The Whip Comes Down 3) Let’s Spend The Night Together 4) Shattered 5) Neighbours 6) Black Limousine 7) Just My Imagination 8) Twenty Flight Rock 9) Going To A Go Go 10) Let Me Go 11) Time Is On My Side 12) Beast Of Burden 13) Waiting On A Friend 14) Let It Bleed 15) You Can’t Always Get What You Want 16) Band Introductions 17) Happy Birthday Keith 18) Little T & A 19) Tumbling Dice 20) She’s So Cold 21) Hang Fire 22) Miss You 23) Honky Tonk Women 24) Brown Sugar 25) Start Me Up 26) Jumping Jack Flash 27) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones are a band like no other and with more amazing released on the series set to follow “From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981” their fans are in for a treat. The Rolling Stones – Shattered (From The Vault – Hampton Coliseum – Live In 1981) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj96Tau44OA On 17 November 2014, Eagle Rock Entertainment releaseFrom The Vault - LA Forum – Live In 1975 by the Rolling Stones. This is the second release From The Vault, which is a new series of live concerts from the Rolling Stones’ archive which are getting their first official releases. This is a simultaneous release on DVD, DVD+2CD and DVD+3LP [Cat Nos EREDV1053, EAGDV038, ERDVLP084]. This is a full length 2½ hour concert of the Rolling Stones performing at their very best. The set list includes ‘Honky Tonk Women’, ‘Gimme Shelter’, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’, ‘Tumbling Dice’, ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Midnight Rambler’, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ and many more. The Rolling Stones’ “Tour Of The Americas ‘75” was the band’s first tour with new guitarist Ronnie Wood. Even before the dates started there were dramatic scenes in New York City at the official tour announcement when the band unexpectedly turned up on a flatbed truck to play “Brown Sugar”. After a couple of low key warm-up shows in Louisiana the tour took in 44 dates between the 3rd June and the 8thAugust 1975. They settled into the L.A. Forum for a five night stint from July 9th to 13th and this concert film features the show from July 12th. The footage has now been carefully restored and the sound has been newly mixed by Bob Clearmountain for this first official release of the show. TRACKLISTING: 1) Introduction* 2) Honky Tonk Women 3) All Down The Line 4) If You Can’t Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud 5) Star Star 6) Gimme Shelter 7) Ain’t Too Proud To Beg 8) You Gotta Move 9) You Can’t Always Get What You Want 10) Happy 11) Tumbling Dice 12) It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll 13) Band Intros* 14) Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)* 15) Fingerprint File 16) Angie 17) Wild Horses* 18) That’s Life* 19) Outta Space* 20) Brown Sugar 21) Midnight Rambler 22) Rip This Joint 23) Street Fighting Man 24) Jumpin’ Jack Flash 25) Sympathy For The Devil *Not available on LP The Rolling Stones are a band like no other and From The Vault – LA Forum – Live In 1975 shows just why; this is two and a half hours of the best musical entertainment available anywhere.
  14. LZ Official just changed their cover photo to ZOSO....I think it's coming this fall !!!